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Exclamation 1300 AD Kensington rune-stone in minnesota

Kensington rune-stone

The first I heard about this is with the History Channelís 2 hour special: Holy Grail in America (Google search: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&e...ry.com&spell=1

The Kensington rune-stone Google search:

Wikipedia page:

As you view the show and understand that the geology of the stone is older than the founding date 1898; It could be as old as interpreted on the stone of the early to mid 1300ís. The Stone has a hooked-X rune that can be traced back to churches of post Viking Europe of the North American exploration age. As if they were running from somethingÖsuch as the politics of England and the Scotland war against England (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wars_of...h_Independence) and (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_W...h_Independence) as loose citations as common knowledge. Also this can also be connected to the knights templar trying to flee the grip of the church (Roman Catholic Vatican) and (England) and (the mercantile banking intuitions of medieval Europe is infamous for) With so many enemies, where could the keepers of the holy grail go? How about to the west where Viking settlements and alliances with Scottish backing? Sounds like an adventure to escape the craziness of Europe.

With the recent projectcamelot.org post of the Anglo-Saxon Mission; I must ask this question of what about the Knights Templar and how they tried to flee or help the Vatican/English forces wanting what they had (possibly holy land artifacts?) What about the trail of the hooked-X rune? This must be investigated to add more evidence of centuries old maneuvering by powers that want to be to have power. Was America used to protect the artifacts? (Constitution and all (since England did colonize the east coast of North America, and France had the Louisiana territory (I donít know if the French called it this, but basically territory around the Mississippi river.) Anyway, I am sure there was a real explanation of this somewhere; and warrant further investigation for us truth seekers and preventers of diabolical schemes to rule the world.

Good luck and keep looking up
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