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Default Theyre Here.. In Katy Tx.. And Getting Closer..


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Default Re: Theyre Here.. In Katy Tx.. And Getting Closer..

Hey R34TT- well shoot where to start...I have seen what seems to be the same thing here, over my house, flying from basically north to south. They too fade in and out, and pulsate with each other. 1 sighting, there were more than 12 flying kinda drunk-like I guess is a good way to put it (like you have said) and they seemed to be communicating color pulses and movement with each other a few at a time. I have a witness for this one, and we watched them for a long time together. And another time, it was a single one that I thought was a star 1st, then a helicopter, it pulsed in colors, then as I switched windows to continue watching it, the color stopped and I could clearly make out a perfect sphere, kinda charcoal-ish grey, (matte, not shiney) in color and it just floated over. All of them I have seen also had NO sound. I suppose their size would have to be about the size of an average car, squashed into a ball. Another time and in a totally different part of the sky, I saw what looked like a huge wedding cake,(best way I can describe the shape) flooded with lights, and pulsing, which was so weird because it was in the direction of an airport, and it was in plain sight, and I watched a bunch of planes fly by it. I also saw lights come out of it, go over by the airport and go back to it again. It pulsed on and off many times. There were alot of witnesses to that one, but they all pretty much seemed to be too busy, on their ways, to stare at it anymore when a bus came to pick them up. This is putting it short in soo many ways, but I wanted you to know I have seen them too, and they do seem to be very similar to one anothers sightings, the weird thing is, Im not in Texas, Im far away from you, and we have both seen these things! I think that if youre interested, we should keep up "the journal" with one another. I can tell you I know what a plane is, and a drone, and these lights are by no means one of those, nor hot air balloons, or, or, or... I, like you have seen them, they are most definately Something Else!!! But what? Your guess is as good as mine! I havent always had the same feeling with each sighting either, we could go into that aspect another time maybe, I do think discernment should be used!
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