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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
Did you even consider why he did not want to have a conversation as to what I posed to him?
Yes I did. In my view you didn't really appear to ask a direct question, the majority of your posts appeared to me to be more concerned with rendering your opinion on what Abrax is/is not. That's ok, but it did not appear to solicit the desired response.

I was also actually "nice" about it and not as confrontational as you put it.
Mea culpa. I apologise you are correct. The sense of confrontation I get is because you are "going up" against Abraxasinas and his agenda - unlike others here, I am free to admit my intuition is not always allowed by me, enough freedom to function and I therefore should not make judgmental statements without taking more time to think - bad habit. Things to do, so much pressure. Bad excuse.

I have seen other way more confrontational comments in this thread but you never even mentioned any of those.
Again, some prejudice based on our private email exchange on the kinsuemei matter - I must have unjustifiably had some prejudgment of the outcome of your posts here and let that cloud my judgment. I am really sorry.

But since it would appear that I am near attacking this Dragon and someone you feel more in alignment with, anything I say is going to be more amplified in your mind. Why is that Anchor? I'm just curious as to how you play this game.
You are correct. For the reasons stated above, it was more amplified in my mind. I am trying to be neutral, but maintaining the balance in neutrality in this case appears to have eluded me.

One thing, though I claim no special alignment with Abraxasinas.

I have stated neither agreement nor disagreement with the generality of Abraxasinas's posts - one or two I may have expressed appreciation for, particularly the answers to my own questions - answers to which I deeply appreciate. I have stated that I find all of the posts that I have read of his uniquely interesting.

So, although it has been stated that I do, in fact I do not "support" him beyond the right for him to answer the questions he is asked in a manner congruent with the forum guidelines. I admit also extending some license to the allowed length of the posts and quotes, which is an unusual way of working on this forum - and regrettably has annoyed a few members.

I have been consistently amazed at the attacks he has drawn. If he is who he says he is, he needs no special support from me - except to stop him from being banned for any reason other than a genuine and serious forum guideline breach - yes as you have seen there are those gunning for him to be banned. I hope he wont be banned unless he does anything seriously wrong. In that respect I have supported him - a lot.

I see Abraxasinas as interesting and a great contributor - especially as he does it the way he does - non infringement. This is highly resonant with my favored approach to the way forums could work.

The problem seems to be that his answers have made people come out and paint him as evil incarnate - seemingly on the basis that they can't even start (or won't even start) to understand what he says, or find his data challenging. My conclusion thus far is that this is fear of the unknown. I don't have that fear, so I don't resonate with it and it is a bit bewildering to see.

As far as what I know, I am not the only one who knows. However I do bring something to the table as to a soulution and for the most part none of you who have this new alignment with Abrax here see that. Now that tells me there is a spell on you. And I can not write what some of my scans have shown me about this thread and some of the participants.
I hope my statements above have clarified the matter. You have my explicit permission to reveal the results of any "scans" against me in the matter of me being deluded by a spell, however, in so doing you may not reveal my real name, place of residence, place of birth or place of work; nor may any numeric data pertaining to my life be revealed - but you may scan it.

I agree that I have not seen the soulution you bring to the table, I beg for an elaboration. My real difficulty is that I do not see the problem you claim to want to solve, so if you were to elaborate, that would be my requested focus.

Sadly you also say:

The reason why I don't say it all out and put it on a silver platter for you is that you also have your free agency I must respect that and I have given enough big clues here so that you can actually go validate it for yourself. Again don't take my word for it, but go prove it. If you want the real data, go prove it. I am not here to spoon feed you or anyone else here. That would be disrespectful and would lack integrity if I was to do so. Get the data in the first hand so that no one has to convince you other wise in the second hand. In other words, get real. I really thought you of all people could handle that. But that is not what I see is being reflected back in this thread.
Which means I won't be getting what I want. Mind you, does it not count that I am asking you a direct question in this matter? If the issue then is that I do not speak for all present (which is true) then perhaps we just have to let this rest - or if you are so inclined, a private exchange.

And by what responses and energies I am picking up, apparently I am not the only one here and many don't really want to say what they really feel because they seen from the past what kind of reactions they will get back. And it is because they care and know what side of the fence they are on. Not the lukewarm like Jesus spoke of as he would spit that out first as compared to knowing if it was cold or hot.
I concur with your assessment. I think those others are all answerable for keeping quiet as well - its equivalent to walking away from a road accident without helping. This is why I appreciate you responding in the manner you have, you have perceived a problem and you are trying to help. You are the only one so far that has come close to outlining the problem, but you didnt finish the job, So it is not straightforward but I really appreciate the effort you put into it. You have done it in a way that others fail to do and so they end up in a direct attack that if serious has to be prevented by the moderators. I salute the moderators for their tolerance for this thread - albeit through gritted teeth in some case.

I may have said I know but I have never said to take my word for it. I always say don't take my word for it because I want everyone to find that validation for themselves. You've taken that way out of the context of what or where I stand, for the record. Everyone who really knows me here will also tell you that. So where the hell did that come from? Fact is I want people to know what is going on and it isn't a game here as some type of fictional drama between polarities that you just read about. The ones that only want to see love and light are blanketing their horrific memories. They are in essence the most wounded and I really don't blame them from everything I have seen. But always remember there are different domains of knowing in a soul's life. I guess the Arch types refer that as cycles as well.
Thank you for clearing that up. Again, sorry I took you out of context. It did appear to me at the first reading that you were stating it like it was a fait-accompli - again I rushed. Should read again. Did not obey my own rules.

Point is I am in the now and have done much work in remembering who I am. I am not going to deny who I am because someone has a prejudice and think that warriors suck. If it wasn't for a lot of the warrior cast I am aligned with, many things would be much worse. Look at the records and see it for yourself. Personally, I hate war. But I defend what I love and if anyone has a problem with that, tough. I have paid my dues and I don't need to be disrespected because I chose to defend that. I don't need to be spat on because I have served the Creator. At least I know who I serve. Which leads me to a question as to some here and who they serve. I also don't have to point fingers as some of you here have already pointed your own finger onto yourselves and if you think no one noticed that, then you are blind. To think just because we are not all Einsteins here, you are smarter, is one of the biggest jokes in this Universe. And that joke is on you. Intelligence is just an aspect of Creation. It isn't the whole ball of wax. Do some tuning work on that.
I am not sure that part is addressed at me particularly, I have not intentionally disrespected you, and if anything I have said is considered as such then I am again sorry. If my summarizing of your position was seen as disrespectful or overly distorting, then please know it was not meant to be.

Problem is that many are still sleeping. And you may think what I have spouted off as a dream. I am not here to take you away from dreamland. It is your choice what you do with that or as you define it. And you will surely be limited if all you can see is 3D data. It will keep you asleep. That is how the second hand information highway has been used.

As far as young Dragons go, was not said in disrespect. Just an observation as compared to other Dragons I have known. Just be what I had written in the construct of that sentence. Ask him.
Well it looked pretty testy to me. Again, thanks for clearing that up. I express no opinion about what you believe - in fact I wanted to know more about it, but that silver platter remains empty

Well then, Anchor, you haven't tested your fear in this other domain of knowing. I always have tried to keep people from it, but you know what, to hell with that from now on. The door is opened and you choose to open one of the door and keep it opened here at this forum. If you are as good as you try to convey with your subtleties , then by all means step on through. Just make sure you bring an extra pair of britches.
I chose to open the door ? You mean by unbanning abraxasinas in the first place and then preventing the re-banning? Ok, now what?

I hope I have not tried to convey anything about being good at something or otherwise. I am confident of what I know, but I am well aware of my imperfections and some of my weaknesses. I am certainly no warrior - and you obviously clocked that right off the bat. If you don't know it yet, I will tell you that I understand my main specialty/mission purpose is that of a manifestor - a kind of reality technician. I can elaborate more if necessary but I don't feel like doing it here. In any case I don't yet possess the kind of recall that you evidently have achieved.

I don't walk through open doors unless I have too, or unless I have a fairly good idea what is on the other side. In this case, its academic, because I don't even know about the door you are talking about.

What shocks many here is the double standards and who it suites. I have seen other threads closed for much much less. And although I am not into slamming threads closed as I do support free speech, I am really surpirised by the past history here as compared to what you all are allowing now. It doesn't seem like your normal ways of doing things.
I don't run this forum, I contribute to the running of the forum. More often than not the moderators function well as a team. One of the strengths of our current mix is the degree to which we can disagree to some serious extremes yet still operate effectively. It is one of the best and most rewarding moderating experiences I have ever had - which when you take a look around this forum, you can see it needs to be.

I agree that there has been, and probably will be some inconsistency. I don't think it can be helped, all we can try to do is do our best and keep each other honest. Closed threads can be reopened. Bans can be lifted. Most mistakes can be rectified. There is established case history for this. I speak from experience - I made a few of those mistakes myself. It happens. Never said or claimed I didn't.

All other things unchanged, if I understood Abraxasinas correctly, this thread will self terminate if and/or when people stop asking Abraxasinas questions - or shortly thereafter.

As far as starting my own thread, that idea is a dead horse on life support. Let me just put it this way and you can read between the lines if there are any lines. I did start one thread and it got slammed closed. I learned my lesson. Now I appreciate you suggesting that I should start one again. As that would take the pressure out of this thread if I took myself out of this one. But all you had to do was ask. So this is what I am going to do. I am just going to bow out of this one as I have only asked for a fair handshake as to integrity, and I didn't get that despite my efforts. Good luck with this thread. May you all learn many valuable lessons from it.
I hope I have undone some of the disrespect you have perceived from me. I have addressed the matter of the thread closure in a private message.

I know when to detach.
Seems I don't really yet

God Bless
Thanks, you too.


PS: I respect your desire to bow out of this thread, but if you make a response here I hope that you wont feel like I forced that - alternatively a private message works - especially on the scan thing.

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