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Post A word or two of encouragement

A word or two of encouragement

humanity aint totally shut down not all are a sleep, this forum and many others like it proves this, for each one of you there is a hundred thousand other points of light all over earth who know the truth, who know we are all being lied to, not only about the hidden technologies that would free us as well as heal our home mother earth of centuries of abuse, but also the truth as to who and what we are and to the galactic and universal family we belong and are part of, and most important the four basic laws of human becoming it is this essential information that is denied you but not for long my brothers and sisters not for long

Although everything has and is done to keep you from the truth, the truth is all there is, think about it.

The time is near your spirit will shine brighter than any star it will dissolve any lie and only truth will remain a new humanity a new earth a new galactic family heaven on earth will be realised denied no more.

My love to you all

What more need be said than what I read from the phoenix journals. Is this not our society our beliefs isn’t this the norm for all humanity and I quote:

1. Remember, Satan most often comes in the sheep’s cloth to kill the lambs and he also comes forth proclaiming himself “the prince of light”. False prophets? Oh ye blind lambs awaiting thy slaughter. I beg and petition that ye open of thine eyes and ears that ye see and hear.

I shall not mince of mine words with thee for ye are in most critical and serious times and circumstance. Thy planet is ready to blow apart in the hands of the evil ones. Can ye not see of it falling all about thee?

2. This is the most putrid cover of the most influential power in the name of a false and deceptive love which literally speaking walks over dead bodies without thought or compunction, devoid of conscience.

3. Further texts of truth are “safe-guarded” in hidden archives or blatantly destroyed to further withhold from the people of the earth the truthful reality and continue to let them suffer the consequence of their erroneous thinking and to let them starve and decay in misery. Because only in this manner can man be exploited to the last drop of his blood most especially by governments and cult religions. (End quote)

My love brothers and sisters love light and truth shall prevail over what we are all led to believe is life see you all on the other side.

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Default Re: A word or two of encouragement

Originally Posted by firstfruit View Post
1. Remember, Satan most often comes in the sheep’s cloth to kill the lambs
I hear he's finding sheppards cloathing even better.

Peace from Paul
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