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Default Wwoof in Austria

Hi all
I'm moving now to Austria as a wwoofer:
I don't do it to scape for the improbable unknown future events, but rather for something that i wanted to do years ago, to connect with nature, learn to be self-sufficient, to find myself ,looking for a great experience and to be away of society. Since i do not agree, don't like the way things works in this society, world or reality, i want to find an alternative in which i don't have to depend on the system, the one that everyone helps to maintain (i include myself), and thats why some people have so much power and control this days . I dream with a world, in which everyone respects each-other happily and in real contact with nature ,no money, and with new technology of course, i believe there is technology out there, suprese, that could change completely the way we live in a much better way... no pollution.... but till then it should be an alternative.

is a dream of course , dreams are free, and i'm trying on this one as best as i can.

Fight against the system is not the solution, just give it your back.... and the system will fall, Find the way....
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Default Re: Wwoof in Austria


I´m impressed You´re searching all that in Austria.

Austria is a quiet tense inhabitated area with little

space for freedom (whatsoever) style living.

Don´t get me wrong: I like the place of my birth but

I would not move here for seperation. Its simply

too small and to crowded.

Anyways, ,

My the Sound of Music be with You,


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