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Default Is the California Quake just around the corner??

Found this on my travels...


Cosmic Awareness is some sort of channeled entity, something each person must evaluate for him/herself. Personally, it really resonates with me, and this broadcast in particular. It isn't just a prediction of a major quake, but it is coupled with an explanation that makes a great deal of sense to me. But, if you want to know what that explanation is, you'll have to listen to the audio yourself!

For those who want "just the facts, ma'am," the specific prediction is for a massive quake on the West Coast, centered in Northern Calif. / Southern Oregon within one to two months (which would be no later than April 13, 2010). Based on this prediction, I am updating my own prediction made earlier today (http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/b...eline-for-marc...), so that I now believe the event that will "kill" the US on March 20, 2010 will be this quake and not a New Madrid quake.

Channeled Message from "Cosmic Awareness" (@42 minutes. Additional messages on tape not transcribed), Feb 15, 2010, Cosmic Awareness Session, (Will Bruengha, Interpreter)
(The countdown and the Law of Love have been given.)
00:30 (time counter): This Awareness has an Opening Message: That due to certain accelerated events in the movement of energies that were shifted at a time prior to their being released normally, a event such as the earthquake in Haiti, where much energy was released prematurely, other energies have now been accelerated to a point where it is seen that there is immanent a major event, that will have far reaching consequences. That at this time, it is seen that this event will be an Earth event, an earth quake event, that will have a major effect/impact on the people of the USA. That when this Awareness says that event is eminent, it can only speak to the energies that are visible to the here-and-the-now of this moment. And it is seen by this Awareness, and by others, that there is something that is to occur; this, the energy seems most focused on and Earth event, an earthquake event, that is indeed imminent.
2:36: This awareness is aware that it has in the past, spoken of such matters and yet did not occur, as this Awareness explained at that time after the event not occurring; that this event had yet had not occurred because a shift in focus had occurred; and the event was moved from a region of Northern California, southern Oregon, to a region in the Pacific Ocean off the shore of the USA. That there had been a major EQ, but it had little impact on the continental USA.
3:30: With the release of the energies, the premature release of the energies of the fault line in the Caribbean between the North American Plate and the Caribbean Plate, energies have been accelerated, and refocused to the opposite side of the continent; where that energy became unbalanced; due to new pressures put on the plate from the energy release in Haiti, and the event in Haiti, that now need to be readjusted and re-balanced. This was not seen as immanent when this awareness made it's forecast in 2010. This is not to say this Awareness was not aware of possibilities; it chose however, not to delve into the matter at that time, for nothing was guaranteed, or written out in stone that it "must be so".
When certain agencies acted to cover their tracts of deeds they had done; evidence that was hidden in the country of Haiti; and released the powers of Telsa (Tesla) harmonics to release the earthquake. What was not understood by them, was that they would then also be releasing a counter measure at a time down the road; a measure that to would seek to balance UP the tensions once again, of those huge tectonic plates.
5:48: This Awareness feels the need to give this warning at this time; so that there is an awareness that if this event does occur, it IS as it needs to be. For it is seen by this Awareness, that the forestalling of certain drastic events of this nature in USA has long been delayed; by many who do not wish to have this experience, many who have sent their energies to forestall this occurrence. This matter was somewhat taken out of their hands when those agencies initiated the Haiti earthquake, and that what is seen now, is that the energies must re-balance themselves, even at the cost of many human lives.
6:55: This Awareness is not here simply to predict natural disasters, but to help in the understanding of why these disasters sometimes occur; the hidden reasons as well as the obvious reasons; the spiritual reasons as well as the mundane reasons. In this case it is seen that the energies of the peoples of the USA, especially in their political and social economic 'fields of experience' are out of kilter, out of balance. It has grown to such an extreme that nations the world over are now threatened by these out of balance energies of Power Elites who have gone mad. Who are so far out of touch, that they feel they are able to carry out any actions they wish, in order to perpetuate their hold on power and their control of the US, and the world indeed. That this is part and parcel why there needs to be an adjustment of the social political environment of the USA. It is not simply a malicious act that will be directed to the people, towards the people, at the people of the US; but rather an act that is designed to commence a process of re adjustment, where the people once again, due to the adversity, due to extreme challenge, the people will once again begin to find themselves both individually and collectively. That this event and others similar to it, will begin to shift the attitudes of many Americans. They will begin to see, that those who they placed in power, are not men of high integrity and design. They will understand that the men and women they have placed in power, do indeed need to be accountable for their actions. That there are just too many actions that occurred where there is no protest against that which IS evil and corrupt, That a certain degree of insanity rules the US; an insanity that is termed normal and proper, and that is disguised by words such as "patriotism" and "progress". That the dictates of the USA were once grand, and aloof, and ideal in nature, for they came from a grand, ideal level of Consciousness.
11:17: The Constitution of the USA is one of the finest documents for the Rights of Human Beings that has ever been written; and yet many of those dictates are being abandoned, and trod upon. It is therefore time to readjust, to recreate, to reconnect to the essence of the true American Spirit; and that this will be initiated thru events of cataclysm and destruction; not to simply swipe down the American people to knock them down, but rather to help them find themselves again. That enemy is within the gates, and the enemy has been undetected for so long, that many no longer understand what has been lost; or where they are being directed to. That the events this Awareness has seen, and that others are seeing, that many, many of the Light Workers are starting to feel, and pick up energetically on are those events where those who decide to pass-over will do so to liberate their nation, once again, will help free their own people, once again; will help show the way, the way that was once so clear to so many, once again. As in many such events, those who will choose to cross-over will do so will do so because they have agreed to do so, they have given themselves to a higher purpose; and if this means that they will exit the physical, to integrate themselves back into the fabric of Divine and the Soul, then they will do so willingly and voluntarily. This is what is hardest for so many to understand when there is great loss, death, and destruction; that those who give themselves do so voluntarily and willingly.
14:15: This will mark the beginning of the Transition period, the final transition; towards that which this Awareness calls "The Ascension", and that which is also known as the ascension process. That it is an event that can still again be forestalled and alleviated; but as this Awareness has spoken in the past, it is time to redefine the energies of the USA, and indeed of the World. It is time to release the hold, the strangle hold that the corrupt ones, the dark ones, have held for so long. It it time for Spirit to move actively to the plane of Consciousness, and to help create the shifting of energies that will lead to the final shift, the final Ascension. Be not afraid of those events that are to come. Be not afraid, for God Almighty that which is the Creator and Divine Source of All, will move through this experience with you; with One and All. And All will be well, in the end.
16:00: That the event this Awareness is speaking of is expected within the next month or two months Prepare yourself for a major event for it is one its way. That it may even come quicker than the one to two month period, if the accelerated energies continue to accelerate beyond control. This Awareness is giving this message to help those who need to prepare for that which is coming.QUESTION by Interviewer: Could you give a clue as to which part of the US, or will there be several parts, and also is it extends into Canada?
17:00: It is primarily seen that this event is primarily seen in being Southern Oregon, Northern California. That it is seen that there may be other related events as the shifting of the plates occis in other areas withinh the US, causing other events to come forward. Already it is seen that the tremendous storms in the Eastern US are somewhat related to the surging energies, the misaligned energies seeking to correct themselves. That at this time, tremendous snowfall is occurring in Eastern parts in the US, yet in western coast extending, indeed up to Canada up the west cost to west coast to British Columbia, there is no snowfall at this time; a time a season where there should normally be snow; especially where it is needed in the Vancouver region where the Olympics going on. Yet there is snow happening in regions where there would not normally be this type of weather. It shows and imbalance in the energy of things, a climactic imbalance in this case, but that this is also happening at the sub levels; the levels below the surface of the planet, where there is much activity, much tension, that is building up, building up, that will be released. When that the initial events it is seen that it will radiate outward and other trigger points will be released.; other parts of the fault lines further in Southern California may well also be released, It will be as if the King pin has been released, and all the coils of the chain are coming detached, coming apart.May also extending inwards into the central parts of the US ,where other events will occur also the to the central part of the US like flooding, tremors, an weather conditions that are quite abnormal. It is seen, that there will be an extension North & South of these events, as though portions of Canada and Mexico will partially be affected, but not so extreme, as Mexico and Canada will not be so affected as the regions where there are active events (where active events are occurring).
20:30: QUESTION from Interviewer: Is this the result of HAARP energies, or is this particular to Mother Earth itself? There is seen first, a triggering of the initial event in Haiti through such technologies of HAARP technologies. But it is to be reminded that where weather patterns are being manipulated on a regular basis; that technologies/science now exist, through HAARP, ELF, and other unnamed technologies that can affect weather, that can affect the earth, seismic activities can be triggered; all of this does exist, and has been used; the earth is being tampered with. But that this lacks vision and understanding; that is so often the case when mankind tampers with nature... he/she/it creates events down the line that are unexpected and unplanned for. There are many examples of this... How certain animals are brought into a region to control a problem, then they themselves become a pronblem, begin destroying a region, taking over, destroying the natural flora and fauna, becoming a pest themselves. Even that which is something of beauty, such as the Rhododendron in the country of England, when brought over from India (garbled audio: ADLIB: to beautify English gardens), but this beautiful plant escaped the gardens and now threatens many stretches of the English countryside. Rabbits were brought into Australia, there are tremendous problems with wild rabbits in Australia. There are countless examples of how mankind, in ignorance, has tampered with the natural order of things, to cause upheaval and imbalance.
23:20: This also occurs at the psychological level, the emotional level, the political social-economic level. It is seen that is because of the power structure, where those in power have started to use their technologies and science against others to gain their own wishes, to make so that which they wish to be so; creating such conditions that Mother Earth can no longer tolerate. That even though an event may originally triggered thru HAARP, or ELF, or Telsa (Tesla) technology, this event this Awareness is seeing is a backlash by Mother Nature that is a backlash against intrusions, against such invasions of her body. It is her way of re-adjusting herself, re-balancing herself as she herself, Mother Earth, Gia prepares herself for her own Ascension process. It is as if she is shaking rattling rolling, to wake herself up in preparation for her ascension. And in her shaking rattling rolling,Those who are on the surface where that area of her shaking, rattling and rolling, will be ats devastating effects, and will suffering through her reactions...
25:00: It is as if Mother Earth is throwing off the poison, the toxic energies; the toxic enemies that have invaded her for so long. Those technological scientific weapons that are calloused used on others, that have affected her deeply are no longer tolerable to her, it is for this reason that she is starting to react to this , which is inintolerable to her so she is shaking, rattling rolling. QUESTION from Interviewer: What about Hawaii, Vancouver, and other off shore areas; will these other areas be affected? It is not seen that island of Hawaii will be adversely affected at this time. It is seen there will be swelling water, tidal waters along on the West Coast of Canada, Mexico. Vancouver Island will have huge tidal surge; but it is not seen that a tsunami will occur that could threaten major ports/cities in Canada or Mexico. That there may be some tidal waters on the west coasts USA, but it is not seen that they will be tsunamis as devastating as the tsunamis that were seen on Boxing Day on 2006. Does this answer your question? (Interviewer: Yes, it does. Do you have anything else to add?) Leave it at this... This awareness chose put itself out on the branch (out on a limb), so that even though these events may not occur, those who read the words of the this warning, or hear other warnings for other sources, will become more and more aware that the changes are online, and immanent. That the changes are necessary because of the polluting of the energies of Mother Earth, the body of Mother Earth, because actions taken against innocent humans on all continents, all lands, all countries, are no longer appropriate, and will no longer be fully, completely tolerated. That the changes that are coming are meant to expose those who have held hidden power for so long, who have operated from their dark echelons of power. And that this is to change now. That as the country experiences these dramatic events, it will begin to question it's own soul, it's own status as a once great nation, for it is seen that the US will collapse as a world power. That while this is intolerable to many Americans for they are so used to considering themselves the major power of the planet, it will help many redefine themselves, rediscover themselves, and find their true path towards their own salvation. That America can become once again a great spiritual leader as it has been in the past, and as it is meant to be once again in the future. But it will no longer be the most dangerous nation on the planet, because in its arrogance it believes it is the only planet player, the only nation that counts. There are many, many, many, on the planet who would disagree with the majority of Americans as to that which is the status of the US.
30:40: This is not to sat that the country itself, and the people itself are not great, it is to say that there has been a loosing their way, and many know it to be so; and many are trapped by the action of their leaders, those who hold power, those who will take the nation, the once great nation down a very dark and forlorn path. That this is the reason why the changes are coming; it is time to rediscover the truth of the soul of that which is the USA; the greatness that lies within, that has been forgotten because of the misalignment of energies over the last several decades. That this Awareness is aware that what it speaks of is very hard for many to read and hear, and that the USA is but a mirror of events hat will occur globally, that changes will occur around the world; major upheaval will occur in many nations, as the fabric of the old ways comes undone; and that which others have also held as the way of things, disappears.
32:30 But this Awareness reminds one and all, that it has long talked about the ending of things , as Ascension is a point of departure, to a new reality, a new consciousness an anew way of things. Some may experience a continuance, for it will be their choice to create such a new reality; but none the less, major changes are now underway. Hold tight, have faith, believe, that all will be well for you, and your loved ones, and it will be so. That even if you are in those areas this Awareness has talked of, even if you experience events that are cataclysmic in nature, hold to the trust and belief that you are going through this and that you and loved ones will be well, it will do much to help you through these times. Those who choose to leave, know that they will integrated back into the fabric of the Soul itself; no loss, ever, simply a change of status, a change of direction. Hold strong, Trust and Believe, and this will help you thru those difficult times.
34:35 COMMENT by the Interviewer: "It was bound to happen, it just that it is seems sooner, rather than later; and the 'heads up' is appreciated." Indeed it is slightly sooner, but this is due to the pilation of forces that never should have been tampered with; due to the arrogance of those who hold power. It is yet another indication of how lost they are, how out of touch they have become. That those in power who think they can even tamper with the very fabric of the body of Mother Earth in impunity, and without redress, without recoil to their actions. It is this arrogance that this Awareness finds most abhorrent. It is this arrogance that will be addressed now, is being addressed now, and will be brought down.
35:55 Those who are what this Awareness would call ordinary peoples, although they may find themselves in the middle of such huge events, must always remember their true purpose and essence. And that this purpose and essence is to be all that they can be, to the highest level possible. By aligning to this, many will find their way through the times coming. By abandoning this, and simply falling into the chaotic energies may find many loosing their way. For those with awareness of these times, this Awareness will ask you to help guide the many thru these times, to hold the beacon high, to be strong, to be to clean and clear in their energies, for this will help many who are adrift in the chaos that this Awareness is seeing, and that others are also seeing strongly and clearly now. There is a role to be played by those who have a higher level of awareness and consciousness. It is not a time to stand back and say "I told you so"; for this achieves nothing. It is a time for those who have understanding and awareness, and to do as much as they can to share with others those understanding and awareness. To provide comfort and support however and wherever you can. It is seen that events will be so catastrophic, that even organizations that were set up to help in times of disaster, even organizations like FEMA, will be ineffective to assist the majority of people. It will come to be that one will have to help ones neighbor, put the hand out to help the stranger up. And to ensure that as much comfort as possible can be provided, and that all people come together during adversity. For that is one thing about adversity and challenging times, it does bring people together. And in the bringing of all together, the most important essential things to the American Spirit will be brought forward once again: the sense of helpfulness, the sense of hospitality; the sense of common purpose, one and all. All peoples coming together to help; to help one another in very troubled times.
There is a way through, this Awareness sees the light at the tunnel, at the end of these events. It asks all to remember that these events will pass; it asks all to look for the light and ask others to seek the light also. And to know that while these events may be catastrophic in nature, extremely challenging personally and collectively, still they will bring forth a much better situation down the road. Keep an eye open to the goal. Look for the light, at the end of the tunnel and you will make your way through. You will help one another make their way though, and all will be well. 40:30: Comment by Interviewer: Thank you that is encouraging. Thank you again for your opening message. Channel: This awareness is prepared to move on to other topics.
I encourage you to listen to the audio recording, and to the remaining 18 minutes of the session as much important info is intertwined (Subjects: Politics Infiltrators in Orgs, Power Elites, Enslavement, Duality, Ascension, Troops in Afghanistan, Potential of Civil War in the USA, Self Protection, Perspective, Change, Reactions, The Path, Inspiration)
Keynotes: Resist not, go with the flow... the flow that is found within oneself. Accept know it leads to something much better, much greater... that it leads to your own launching point of ascension; a great merit to one and all that at first seems catastrophic.Change is coming, be apart of the change, or be undone by it. It is your choice to each individual. Allows one and all the freedom to choose how to react. Be of faith of heart of courage, know that God stands with one and all, is ever present, will always holds one hand and lead you ahead, follow the light!


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