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Default DO Something why dontcha!!

Sitting here as I usual do, my thought process often returns through the veils of imagination and "futuretalk" to one focal point that i find myself telling myself:

It is one thing to try, it is another to DO.

"Easier said than done," I interject quickly within my mind.

I am most definitely one for making a difference and putting myself out there for others to grow positively from. Be the Change you want to See. Taking a quick glimpse at my life I have always had some pretty remarkable talents when in comparison to others. From being an avid rock climber and yoga practicioner, to being an accomplished musician and able to "speak from the heart through sound", as i like to put it.

I just came back from a life altering journey. going to meditation centers up in the highlands and learning precious things about the sciences of agriculture, and understanding nature. Yet here i am, twenty three and at mom and dad's, just spending my time reading things in the day, practicing meditation and yoga. I feel that i am using my time rather wisely, but i feel that my parents depiction of what "you sir" should be doing at this age in this age, should be different. Furthermore, from what I am reading of what people talk of (not that it really even changes anything), I want to use my time as efficiently as i ever could.

"GO do something," They tell me every single evening.

"But I'm learning to develop myself," I reply.

*Arguing continues*

I like where i am in life, yet i do not. I want something, yet what is it? I want to make myself the best i can be at helping others, whether thats through learning medicine, or putting more music out for the ears of others.

I feel so out of place.

Even though i have all essentials at the folks, no money or nothing anymore, I still find myself getting edgy and wanting to just pack up the backpack and duck out for half a year.. What the Heck Is Going on?!!?!
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