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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default Solar system breaking out in Spots

Jupiter got hit by a comet/asteroid recently, and now Venus is showing a similar symptom. NASA also recently decided not to disclose meteor info to the public. Are these the signs of the debris from the galactic center or Px coming into the solar system, both of which would indicate more to come?


The Solar System is breaking out in spots
Posted by harbinger on Jul 21st, 2009 and filed under Photo Gallery, Space Doom. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

The Solar System is breaking out in spots. First Jupiter took a smack from a passing asteroid or comet, manifesting as a dark scar in the Jovian atmosphere, and now Venus is sporting a brilliant white spot in its southern polar region.
In an alert to fellow amateur astronomers, Venus observer Frank Melillo reports on his images captured on 19 July: “I have seen bright spots before but this one is an exceptional bright and quite intense area.”
He suggests that it could be explained as an atmospheric effect, but could it be a sign of volcanic activity at the planet’s surface? Venus is covered in a thick cloak of clouds which prevents any visible observation of the surface. Instead, radar is used to map the surface, but volcanic activity has never been observed directly.
“A volcanic eruption would be nice, but let’s wait and find out!” says Venus specialist Dr Sanjay Limaye of the University of Wisconsin. “An eruption would have to be quite energetic to get a cloud this high.” Furthermore, at a latitude of 50 degrees south, the spot lies outside the region of known volcanoes on Venus.
Melillo comments that the spot will not be seen again as intense as it is now, thanks to the rapid rotation of the planet’s atmosphere. “I hope that someone will image Venus on Thursday when this part of the atmosphere is facing us again,” he says.
Further observations will help shed light on the genesis of the bright spot and how it evolves as the atmosphere churns over.
We have to remind you that all incoming Space Rocks are now classified!

Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified

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Default Re: Solar system breaking out in Spots

Whatever is happening, it is fascinating nonetheless.

I am sure they are hiding something like they always do.
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Default Re: Solar system breaking out in Spots

indeed they are.

and im going to focus all my energy i have left (which is not much)
to get these 'rocks' to start pelting Earth as well.

start in washington dc..
from one into a million disperse.

this world needs to be uprooted.
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Default Re: Solar system breaking out in Spots

Check this out, folks!

Below is a link to a Spanish ?blog where folks who claim to be scientists are discussing this strange sphere (and other) on the LASCO3 shot. A very interesting read even if the automated translation isn't so hot.

Could someone who speaks spanish confirm (translate better) to help me (us) comprehend what's being said here? I think it may be very important.

For example, in regard to one of the recent LASCO3 shots where there is a strange object near the sun "beaming" light rays, the post says:

An intelligent agent used a extremely powerful proton beam to deviate an object back to its orbit, ultimately impeding this object to interact with the Sun in this present time, delaying 2 years same object trespassing our Sun gravitational boundaries.


Peace and Good Will!
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