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Default A Suggestion for Ground Crew Activity in Norway

According to the latest news from our host, I find the following thread to be appropriate. The point here is to establish a ground crew as such. Therefore I will at least request that this thread be held in English where possible - that way the administrators can understand what is going on. I do believe that some of the suggestions here may be appropriate for other countries as well.

I propose the following:

1. Knowledge is everything in this sense. People need to know about the following:
A: How to use their personal resources as spiritually enlightened. That means an alignment with conscious, subconscious and higher conscious resources in good working order.
B: How the greater society has fragmented most useful information in such a way as to mis-inform, confuse and hold back necessary information about how our society really works and why it is this way. This helps wake up some of the sleepers.
C: Our connection with the rest of the universe, ET-intelligence, their role in what is happening - how the universe really works energy wise.
D: A basic knowledge of the Mayan calender and how it works in connection to the compression of events in time.
E: A basic understanding of alternative methods to keeping our immune system online and working best - Colloidal silver - Hydrogen peroxide, PH balance, how to use Baking soda - vitamins and supplements.
F: Basic survival skills for those who find it necessary to leave their homes.
H: Personal/spiritual skills and insights to cope with the times ahead.

2. People will need to be gathered into groups so this information can be spread.
3. Someone has to take responsibility for doing the work.
4. We need some sort of common database from which to communicate. That means coordinating the other groups of similar intention to one spot on the internet.

i have been preparing for this the last four years. I have three books that will be of great help- in English as well as Norwegian. Being a therapist and hypnotist - I can contribute to a number of the issues that deal with information on mental, emotional and physical health. I am also pretty well informed as to the other issues as well. I have a collection of films which I have intended to show publicly for what I call a Consciousness Revolution - these include:
In plane site
Crop circles
The horizion project
UFO- the greatest story ever repressed
Nassir Harimans DVD series on new physics
The electric Universe
plus more

These films serve as good documentation to go along with a presentation of the information that ties all this together. I am also working on translation of the RA material into Norwegian.

My website is: www.acnlp.no

I can't do this all on my own. I can't do this for free. What are your comments and suggestions?
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