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Default N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE"

can you guess which one? ...STARWARS

ive been flabbergasted by mr george lucas's parable of whats happening today
in addition he's produced/written etc movies concerning Nazi's/occult (indiana jones raiders of the lost ark) mayan temples/ufo/crystal skulls ( IJ and the kingdom of the crystal skulls) he even produced a movie concerning interdimensional experiments and negative presences emerging (bad movie howard the duck-good subject though) one of my favorites of his is one concerning a future underground society police state with regulated emotions (the future of us on our way to being "greys") in THX-1138 (great movie)
heres the trailer


but take a look at the starwars story

the story of a republic manipulated by a cloaked dark figure (illuminati-ish) masquaerading as a benevolent politicion.
he manipulates the republic using trade and banking clans to produce artificial WAR and conflict , meanwhile he's breeding and army of mindcontrolled CLONES (that appear to be on the "good" side) until they implement the new world order which they do when he gives them order 66 (add another six, you get the idea)
in the end the people clamor for CONTROL out of CHAOS and freedoms are erased in place of a dictatorship.

also ill mention that credo mutwa has said the reptillians (if you believe in them, not sure i do) look alot like darth maul. indeed the emporor darth maul and eventually anakin when he goes to the darkside all have those yellow reptile eyes.

fast forward 20-30 years--luke skywalker defeats the emperor despite him trying to feed off his "anger and hatred" by using the meditative techniques taught by both physical and spirit guides using "love" for lack of a better word, and throws down his light saber and refuses to give into fear anger or agression, by doing so his father saves him and balance is restored to society and they go celebrate on a green moon with a tribal race that lives in balance with nature.

its basically the story of spirituality (balance,love light,energy) vs materialism (greed,power,control)

granted its mythology from lots of sources and historical tales but i think its a great mirror to whats happening today,kudos to Mr Lucas for a powerful message...all in a "kids movie"
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