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Default Psychedelics: Experimental Facts and Results

The purpose of this post is to share with the community some data coming from academic research about Consciouness and Psychedelics.

These data are definitive scientific evidences from western science that the potentialities of consciouness if far beyond what most human are experiencing in their daily life and by "far beyond" one can understand "considered impossible" for the materialistic paradigm.

It is also my belief that the framework of this particular experiment shows only a narrow portion of all the abilities of consciouness.

Furthermore, this experiment proves that the process leading to these states of conscioussness:
  • is repeatable
  • is universal
  • is rather easy to achieve in the right conditions.
  • has concrete applications ("physical" stuff: industry, business, creativity...)

Source: overview of the paper: Harman, et. al., in Psychedelic Reports 19, 211-27, 1966, Willis W. Harman and James Fadiman.

The project started in the early 60's at the International Foundation for Advanced Studies, used modified states of consciouness induced by mescaline. The aims of the project were to answer these questions:

1. Can the psychedelic experience enhance creative problem-solving ability, and if so, what is the evidence of enhancement?
2. Can this result in enhanced production of concrete, valid, and feasible solutions assessable by the pragmatic criteria of modern industry and positivistic science?
3. Working with a non-clinical population and with a non-therapy orientation, would there nevertheless result demonstrable long-term personality changes indicative of continued increased creativity and self- actualization?

The answers to them were all postive.

An outline of the protocol is given by the following schedule:
8:30 Arrive at session room
9:00 Psychedelic material given. Mescaline sulphate (200 mg).
9-12 Music played, subjects relaxed with eyes closed
12-1 Psychological tests administered
1-5 Subjects work on problems
5-6 Discussion of experience; review of solutions.

The field of abilities that were enhanced:
1. Low Inhibition and Anxiety
2. Capacity to Restructure Problem in Larger Context
3. Enhanced Fluency and Flexibility of Ideation
4. Heightened Capacity for Visual Imagery and Fantasy
5. Increased Ability to Concentrate
6. Heightened Empathy with External Processes and Objects
7. Heightened Empathy with People
8. Subconscious Data More Accessible
9. Association of Dissimilar Ideas
l0. Heightened Motivation to Obtain Closure
11. Visualizing the Completed Solution

Long-term Results
The practical value of obtained solutions is a check against subjective reports of accomplishment that might be attributable to temporary euphoria. The nature of these solutions varied; they included: (1) a new approach to the design of a vibratory microtome, (2) a commercial building design, accepted by the client, (3) space probe experiments devised to measure solar properties, (4) design of a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device, (5) engineering improvement to a magnetic tape recorder, (6) a chair design, modeled and accepted by the manufacturer, (7) a letterhead design, approved by the customer, (8) a mathematical theorem regarding NOR-gate circuits, (9) completion of a furniture-line design, (10) a new conceptual model of a photon, which was found useful, and (11) design of a private dwelling, approved by the client.

This post in not an incitation to use illegal drugs, internationally banned from any rational and legitimate uses, since the conditions, motivations and informed usage are extremely important.
However it is also important to put into perspective the role of the modified states of consciouness and some of their inducers (the psychedelics) as I've tried to do in this post: http://www.projectavalon.net/forum/s...ead.php?t=1054

These facts cannot be denied by the mainstream propaganda since they had consequences in industry and businesses.
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One 66
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Default Re: Psychedelics: Experimental Facts and Results


As for my self, I had eaten mushrooms back in 1999, the experience woke me up from my trance and views on reality. I realized then and there who I am, why I am, and where I am...in the infinite moment. Everything else around me is just an illusion. The only thing I know to be real is that which we feel as Love. Any idea I had was nothing/not real...

Over all, because of me taking a 'Psychedelic', I finally broke out of the prison of my mind which I didn't even know existed until then. I walked away with a totally new outlook on life, and most importantly, why I am here... experiencing 3rd density reality.

One 66
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Default Re: Psychedelics: Experimental Facts and Results

if you want some more info on the spiritual benefits of psychedelics then research Terence Mckenna, he is a true legend and highly knowledgable on this subject.
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Default Re: Psychedelics: Experimental Facts and Results

some drugs of that kind are like microscopes, or macroscopes of consciousness.
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Default Re: Psychedelics: Experimental Facts and Results

Originally Posted by One 66
Everything else around me is just an illusion. The only thing I know to be real is that which we feel as Love. Any idea I had was nothing/not real...
There is also a constant powerful theme in the NDE reports about the Infinite Love. In one of the first experience of Jim Fadiman with psilocybin, he reports:
At that point there was what might be described as songs of jubilation throughout the heavens: ďanother jerk wakes up!, Not jubilation at the realization of who I, Jim Fadiman, was, but who I was part of What a relief!
I moved into a space of feeling that I was not Part of everything but that everything was part of everything, and I was clearly part of that.

Suddenly, it was obvious there is no death, and that the fundamental waveform of the universe is best described in human terms as love.
This was all incredibly obvious.
And I believe that this kind of experiences can be partly seen as a way to transform a person. If the transformation succeeds, it becomes a reverse image of the mind control techniques - what I mean here is : it is partly like "white magic". The transformed person if she/he achieves to integrate the experience into the physical reality, becomes greater than what she was before.
To cite few examples, I believe the transformation (not necessarely through psychedelics) had good results for the following people: Ram Dass, Stan Grof, Jean Morzelle, David Icke, Krystle Cole on neurosoup.com ...

However the experience can be a poison if the experiencer don't know what to do with the experience. Sometime she/he can forget but often the power and reality of the experience cannot be erased nor put in harmony with daily reality, thus becoming a center of deep nostalgia.
Isolation is also frequent since the society usually reject the reality of these kind of experiences, again from Fadiman:
The next day I emerged, wondering what I should do, now that I knew what I knew, and given that Iíd been reincarnated as a first-year graduate student at Stanford, in a world not hostile, but totally oblivious, to all of this.
So these kind of experiences if well managed can turn someone into a hero (McKenna, Icke, Cole...) or a waste product of society.

To go back to the subject, it is clear to me that on one hand the scientific evidences of the benefits of a well managed and informed usage of psychedelics are overwhelming, on the other hand this usage is banned at the international level of authority on this planet.
Not only was it banned and confused with other addictive dangerous drugs but also the structures to revive it are not here.
As a consequence a good visible chunk of the current illegal usage is for bad or recreative purposes therefore maintaining the hugly distorted image of the psychedelics in the consciousness of the mass.

The situation is staggering for me since one of the scientific way (repeatable, universal) to pass through the "firewalls" of the prison of the mind is literally cast into the mud and denied.
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