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Default Protecting yourself

I thought it would be nice to have a thread discussing the different ways people protect themselves as they go about their spiritual pursuits. I've seen several people asking in different threads.

Here is something I have been doing lately and it seems to be working very well!

I first envision myself in a golden bubble. This bubble radiates bands of golden light- right to the walls in my room. Then I think about my house, all the wiring in the house. I envision that the wires aren't carrying electric current, but this golden light. I can see my own light connecting and running rampant all over the house. I can it spreading through each room as my mind wanders from room to room. I see my children sleeping and in their bubbles with the light radiating all around them as well. It almost looks like the room is protected with lasers. I give each child a protective kiss on his/her forehead as I move through the house. I do the same for my husband. When I'm done w/this exercise I can see my entire house "glowing".

I then reach out to all of my guides, nature spirits and loving beings who have the highest intentions which are in alignment with my own and ask that they help protect our home and everyone in it from any being or energy that does not have the highest intentions and aren't supportive of our souls' purposes.

So that's my favorite. There are others I use from time to time but I had to share that one because I just started envisioning the electrical wires as golden light conductors and it has really helped I think. I just thought of it randomly (or maybe my guides helped with that one) last week. It seems to give the entire house a wonderful, peaceful energy- especially at night.

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