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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default Yesterday,today - Tomorrow...

When all the words are spent, when all fights are done, when all hunger for information is over, what happens next?

I had enough of everything here and now on Earth.
Endless bickering, endless wars, endless pain.

Endless chasing of our own tail...spinning and spinning around...

I heard that this next phrase was attributed to Einstein;

How do you call a person who does things always on the same way ,yet always expect different result?
A fool.

Are we all fools?
Humanity - everybody?

We try this and try that for eons, we think this and that but we are fools from Einstein`s phrase.

There is no real progress on Earth for eons.

Cosmetically only,real -NONE.

What you will you say on the day you meet your maker?
All things falls down on that very moment.
Religions,politics,governments,ideas, technology ,thoughts,acts,deeds,wars,peace,love,hate,darkness ,light-everything.

All falls down in shame then when you are alone before your maker,all.

And then if you are questioned : "why?"

Just that - WHY- ...what will you answer your maker?

That is why I am emptied as a battery now.
All this that I see and feel in world and on this forum leads me to question myself why...

I sense the feeling heavy as a planet in myself now, I sense the feeling that everything we experience in life does not matters, because we gave it our very energy signature from the very beginning, the "I " factor.
Look where that " I " factor led us?

Of what use is my all knowing tomorrow when I can not help anyone for real?
Of what value is all this here when tomorrow you face Almighty and Almighty show you all that you did in life in one speck ...

I want to know , to see ,to feel ,to create and yet I am fully neglecting the prime Creator. Even if I try my best, I still have residue of my fallen body and this life that spears my soul with evil thoughts and pride that I am somebody when actually I am not.

I surrender my self to Almighty , and I hope he will deliver this soul from all this wickedness in eons...
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