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Post Electromagnetic Radiation in the Home

Hello Everyone,

The purpose of this link is to discuss and share knowledge about Electromagnetic radiation (commonly called EMFs) found in the home, and solutions to reduce our exposure.

This topic can get very complicated, heavily technical, and sometimes a bit “woo-woo”, so let’s try and find a happy balance that’s solutions-oriented. My approach to this subject is as a Natural Health Specialist and a Building Biologist. If there are any electrical engineers or others with professional experience in this area that can jump in and contribute, you are most welcome.

I’ll post an “overview” on EMFs in the home as soon as I have more time, but I did want to reply to Carmen for now.

Carmen, in response to your posting on Questions for Athena asking about protecting your home from nuclear radiation by using copper sheeting or copper-based paint, I’m afraid this is beyond my experience at this time. If anyone else has knowledge or experience with this, please post here.

What I can suggest is for you to do a Google search on “copper sheeting” or “copper-based paint.” There are a couple of sites that come up, one being http://www.applegate.co.uk/company/11/78/394.htm. I can’t endorse this company, as I’ve never worked with them or their products, but you could contact them and see what you can find out and maybe let us all know.

Obviously, depending on ones “proximity” to a nuclear event and the “type” of event, there may be nothing one can do to protect ones home.

However, depending on where YOU are should a nuclear event occur, the best solution may be to approach this from a personal health standpoint. Based on past research I’ve done regarding possible solutions for nuclear radiation exposure, I can offer a couple of ideas.

Consider having a pure source of calcium bentonite clay on hand to use on your skin and to ingest, along with having a source of potassium iodide. Rather than make a long post here, let me provide a link to go to for those who would like to read more about this. There’s a 28 page downloadable pdf entitled Surviving a Dirty Bomb Attack that contains some interesting information. If you follow this link, you can download it for FREE. Go to: http://www.aboutclay.com/clay_info.htm. See Clay Articles. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and find Surviving a Dirty Bomb Attack in pdf.

Hope this is helpful.
Very best wishes,
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