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Default Inter-persoal Relationships and the new energy

Some believe that we are well into a Great Shift for the earth, for humanity, for our part of the solar system, etc. One perspective is stated as such: We are transitioning from 3rd density to 4th density, [Law of One paradigm].

3rd density is about self-awareness.
4th density is about love.
5th density is about wisdom.

Thus, 3rd density is about demonstrating self and learning love.
4th density will be about demonstrating love and learning wisdom.

Inter-personal relationship is a vehicle of expression and learning, possibly the most profound. Thus, as we shift, the role of relationship will shift, is already shifting. Recently, I have been observing this shift and have been given (from spirit) information about what is happening. I am not just passively observing those I serve and relate to, but have been experiencing (either through my own development, empathically or both) the very same situations. [I am told that the relationship between what I am experiencing and what those around me experience is holographic and not just empathetic. In other words, I am not just feeling what others feel, but am experiencing in my life the same as others are in theirs.]

I am continuing to process the information I am receiving and building a class around it. After that, I hope to write about it on my various web sites. In the mean time, I wanted to offer some of this information here.

As we build these new communities, it will serve us to consider the new and approaching role of relationship, the relationships within the communities and the relationships among them.

If we focus only on survival, we will miss out on an opportunity.

In 3rd density relationship, we are learning about love. Sometimes the greatest learning is from conflict, from experiencing the lack of love. These lessons are painful.

In 4th density, having "graduated", we will have at least a base understanding of love and thus our relationships will be a vehicle for demonstrating that love. But we will be learning about wisdom and will possibly (at times) be learning through the lack of it.

This means that the role of relationship will be for us to work through situations where we don't understand the wisdom behind what was created. But with love, these "lessons" should not be painful per se. At least they need not be.

As you build your communities, look for ways that you can demonstrate your love (and not just your self expression). Look for connection, and not just use. Two people may be equally qualified to provide a particular need, but which is more open-hearted?

In 4th density relationship, we are called to take responsibility for our selves, our reactions, our feelings. This does not mean we are alone or need to be perfect. We will not be perfect and neither will the others. But how will we work with each other to resolve the issues that come up?

The better we can keep our hearts (heart chakra) and voices (throat chakra) open, the more we can see and feel that same openness in others.

4th Density will not be about being fully healed. We do not need to fully heal to get there. We just need to have a minimum of self-awareness and willingness.

Love your inner being first and foremost. Through this self love, you will have more to give and you will better be able to speak your truth in all situations (pleasant and otherwise). This self love will also open you up to receive. As we traverse the Great Shift, we are all being asked to receive directly from spirit as much as possible. This can and will more than make up for any apparent "lack" in the outer world.

Next, love the inner being of others. Love who they really are, not who they are showing you in the moment. At the same time, with open throats, we can speak our truth when the human person showing up is not acting from their higher self.

Then work through the more physical mundane issues within relationship including all forms of energy exchange.

I get to ask, you get to say no. You get to ask, I get to say no.

The goal is to have these conversations and negotiations with open hearts and open voices.

I hope this is helpful to all who happen upon it.

Blessings to all,

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