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Default The Greatest Story Ever Told (by me, to date)

Just looking down the current list of threads here, and WOW!

I heard a quote last night; I think it was from the musical, “Hello Dolly”

“Come on Life, I’m going to give it another go”

Just take a couple of seconds and read that again – “Come on Life, I’m going to give it another go”

So what have we all learned here on this forum? – For me I got to realise that my story, so far was not really my story at all, the majority was always written by someone else. Now I know I AM my story – Like an artist with a blank canvas, a songwriter with a new score to write, a photographer with an empty memory card, or a writer with a new book to scribble down.

Before my story was full of outside influences controlling the way my story went. Now I see a different ending which is really just a new beginning in a world of extreme beauty, filled with so much love. No pollution, free energy, come on it’s an open book guys……….. Get writing.

Your story has to come from within, where it’s always been. It’s all there, deep in your heart but before you were afraid to look and have been looking outside – and look at what happened!

Some of what you see is not good – not good at all! – But really that is not what your story was, was it? Come on, you can do better than that, you know you can.

What you truly have on the INSIDE is what is your OUTSIDE….Totally ALL of it is your responsibility – that is the KEY - So if you don't like what you see "out there" just change what is going on inside of YOU - Remember it's ALL an illusion!.

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