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Default Re: Fourth Kind

It can be difficult to accept fear..... for some....

but who is anyone to tell anyone else what to believe?
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Default Re: Fourth Kind

I can assure you Happyhollergal that I know you are on your spiritual journey and this is wonderful. I celebrate this.

There are false teachings that can help us awaken to a higher reality. For me the path is to always be willing to come up higher. What used to work for me a couple of years ago, I have moved well beyond now. Always being willing to surrender and come up higher is the key for me .

Here, I will share some of my understandings of the Anunaki, Niburians and the ones that Stitchin claims are these supposed wonderful creator gods:

Zacharia Stitchin is niburian. His translation of the tablets is specifically designed to trap spiritual people into connecting with the fallen beings that the Anunaki are instead of the true spiritual Beings that are well beyond the ET interference.

The niburians are currently in control of many of our governments in this world. They have planned disclosure coming up and they are completely aligned with the dark side of the force. The anti-christs, if they do come about, will come through their reptilian lineages (as do the current monarchies and satanic bloodlines of our world).

The same Anunaki and niburians that Stitchen claims are supposedly are creators, are in reality those who attacked earth under stealth a few hundred thousand of years ago, caused the fall on Lemuria, dumbed down the DNA of humanity and have trapped us in bodies where it is much more difficult to connect to spiritual truth. That's because they are master geneticist and they worked out the pineal gland and other God centers as much as possible. When we awoke in these short living bodies with limited spiritual capabilities, they quickly sold us that they were our "creators" and our gods. In reality, they are the serpents who feed off the light of the children of God (you and me).

I would guess that when people get really into Stitchin's stuff, will come to the conclusion that these Anunaki are our wonderful creators and 'saved us from the flood' etc. Which is in my opinion very untrue as they truly are the wolves, and the snakes that have been attacking humanity from day one. To me personally, I would say these teachings are designed for deception, not to help.

The true Elohim are in Oneness with all Life. They are builders of form. They are individualization's of infinity. Elohim are the consciousness that is expressed literally as Suns and galaxies, they are the builders of form (like planets) and to one degree or another, we are all their children.

The Anunaki on the other hand, are fallen angels and beings who as a species were created by even bigger fallen beings to go throughout creation with the object of destroying it.

What's coming is a choice for humanity. Do we choose to remain the slave race under the very vipers that have been attacking and murdering the children of God for hundreds of thousands of years, or, do we connect to the true spiritual hiearchy and connect to our own divine flame within and take back our power and take back dominion over our own planet by letting the infinite within take dominion over us.

There, my understandings
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Default Re: Fourth Kind

Do people out there really believe the Annunaki are wonderful creator gods?

Annunaki = spiritually inept control race
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Default Re: Fourth Kind

some people, yes.

i mean.. there are allot of folks who are into the whole "wingmakers" thing.

me? I dunno. lol

I wont make a decision until I come face to face with one or more of them.
then I will choose the best course of action. lol

But I do wonder...
if a group of beings called the "annunaki" do truly exist..
( if that is even waht they call themselves?)

I wonder if there are some, who are considered as "traitors"
who do not agree with the rest of their people....
and who do want to help?

an entire civilization of all bad people?

I find that semi difficult to believe, myself.

does there not have to be "some good", and "some bad" ?

if no, then where is the balance? lol
how can a race of beings thrive, and survive for soo long being completely malevolent?

for some reason, I feel that is not how the Universe functions. lol
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