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Arrow Aliens. Mothman. Extraterrestrials. Special Agencies. Rogue Groups.

Aliens. Mothman. Extraterrestrials. Special Agencies. Rogue Groups.


Here is an interesting post regarding various intelligence data.

Did any of you see Linda Moulton Howe on that TV documentary called Human Origins, and the part about ...Linda was walked through several security check points, told to sit in a chair, with video cameras recording her actions, then given some cosmic top secret documents explaining the origins of humankind... saying "humans have been genetically modified by one or more types of intelligent extraterrestrials". And that agency has noticed about 64 upgrade points in our DNA history. And that agency didn't want cattle mutilations associated with UFOs.

And remember Dr Steven Greer says he has intel that human and cattle mutilations are done by some rogue black ops group for psychological warfare purposes to make people hate all extraterrestrials.

Interesting story about possible negative multi dimensional beings, and humans possibly dealing with the problem...
The NEXUS Magazine CEO was on C2C with Art Bell (I think it was C2C) talking about a friend of his that is very experienced with OBEs (Out Of Body Experiences) NOTE: OBEs and NDEs and Remote Viewing is real. Anyway, that CEO said to his friend "one day could you OBE into Pine Gap, Australia".
And one day or night that friend did OBE into Pine Gap. And said he couldn't get into some underground areas because of some technology blocking him.
And he said he then saw a military man running towards him looking into some type of hand held device.
The military man then said "stand down, it's just a dreamer".

QUOTES from the internet ... (Google) ...
"For negative multidimensional beings that play a part in the exercise of power in the shadow of human oligarchy, discretion is motivated by their will to keep their existence and seizure unknown. "

and ...

"Most of you ignore that non-human creatures took part in the exercise of those centralizing powers without them being neither suspected nor accessible to your senses. This is so true that they have almost very subtly taken control. They do not necessarily stand on your material plan, and that is precisely what could make them extremely efficient and frightening in the near future. However, be aware that a large number of your representatives are fighting this danger ! Be aware that not all abductions are made against you."

In the book called 'Above Black - Project Preserve Destiny'.
That man was being trained to be able to communicate and relay information any distances, without relying on electricity or technology.
Possibly in case all the electricity was shut down on planet Earth by some rogue group.

Many players are involved in this Human ET UFO situation.
Some want humans to evolve nicely and enjoy the Milky Way Galaxy with love and wisdom and intelligence.
Some would want to shoot lasers at all extraterrestrials, so they can keep selling cigarettes.
eg. ...
Philip Morris also owns 23 brands of cigarettes, 24 brands of beer and over 40 other products.
Including Kool-Aid, Tang, Jell-O, Toblerone, Maxwell House, Sanka, General Foods Int'l Coffees,
Nabob, Chase & Sanborn, Kraft, Nabisco cereals, Post cereals, did I mention KOOL-AID and 23 brands of cigarettes?

NOTE: We are not supposed to be eating "Wheat and Sugar".
I listened to a radio documentary once saying "Wheat and Sugar" is bad for humans for many reasons,
including slowly turning kids into alcoholics.
And New Zealand with a population of 4.5 Million said on the TV News recently that about 800,000 people here are classed as binge drinkers.
As for Big Tobacco ... Please watch one of my all time favorite DVDs called
The Insider - The story of Jeffrey Wigand.

Many people separate the Mothman from ETs and UFOs.
Watch the free excellent documentary that comes with the DVD version of the movie called The Mothman Prophecies. 2002.
That documentary proves that the mothman situation was real.
It was just one of the many species of extraterrestrials in the Milky Way Galaxy.
And possibly could move in and out of several dimensions.

And after studying it all, I realized there is no proof that it was evil or had miss-intentions.
It even predicted accidents. There is no proof that it caused the accidents.

I noticed a member here called 'King Lear' puts Gordon Novel down.
Gordon Novel is the one that wants to write a book titled "Rule By Gangster".
A book about the government. (factions of the government)
Whereas John Lear loves the government and CIA and says there is a soul sucker on the moon and that cattle mutilations are done by all extraterrestrials. ............... So you make your own mind up on that issue.

King Lear and John Lear here is a present for you ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_6dOsAZfZI
(Interview with Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum-1 of 8)

And it is suspicious that the UFO Debunkers are attacking Gordon Novel in the manner and fashion noted on the internet.

QUOTE from the internet ...

"For us, discretion is motivated by the respect of the human free will that people can exercise to manage their own affairs so that they can reach technical and spiritual maturity on their own. Humankind´s entrance into the family of galactic civilizations is greatly expected."

- Decide Whether We Should Show Up.

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aliens, extraterrestrials, mothman, rogue groups, special agencies

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