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Default Meanwhile...on the Moon

When the evidence at the Cydonia region of Mars was building into a quite impressive edifice I began a search for evidence of my own. This led me to a project currently underway at Arizona State University being conducted with cooperation from the Johnson Space Center.
ASU is putting together a comprehensive "map" of all the lunar surface that was imaged from the Apollo missions' lunar orbiters. To do so they required a template of the moon for guidance as to where they should place the images to build the entire mosaic. They are using the Clementine mission imagery for this. It seems that the Clementine imagery being used is unretouched. The source for the Clementine imagery must not have thought it necessary to provide retouched imagery since the Apollo imagery (presumably retouched Apollo imagery) would overlay it.
On the ASU project's website is a feature that allows one to zoom in on the surface outside the areas that have already been overlaid. It is in these outside areas that I have found 3 more than compelling structural entities.
The ASU site is:

Instructions for its use are as follows:
The initial choice with which to view the surface is in "lidar" imaging. On the left of the map you will see the word "Background". Under "background" is that word "lidar". Click on "lidar" and other options will appear. Choose "Color".
The Image Map interface gives coordinates for any area being zoomed in on using the cursor over the map to navigate.
Use the zoom tool to zoom in completely. Then right-click on the image and save it. It will save as the zoomed image which can then be further zoomed in on.

The 3 areas I found to contain definite, easily identifiable structures are at the coordinates

1) 55.6 N/ 102.2 E

2) 22.4 S/279.5 E

3) 36.0 N/102.6 E

On the web I have uploaded these images to several places:



Note the strip of light running lengthwise through the shadow. It shows these are two adjacent structures.


color reversed

More images of the dome-like structure at:

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