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Default Vietnam Veteran Investigations (on Future Threats)

John has a background as a war veteran as well as in special operations, covert operations, psychological operations, undercover operations, surveillance operations, bodyguard for executives and stars like Jane Fonda and Charleton Heston, private investigator, firearms instructor, intelligence analyst and homicide detective. Here's his assessment of the future :

Article by John Moore

If there is no threat, or the threat is too obtuse to understand, why should one engage in expending family resources (time & money) to preparedness?

The ubiquitous threats facing all Americans, all the time are Storms, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Fires and Floods. Storms and earthquakes are the only two commonly known threats that can potentially impact every square foot of North America 24/7.

Despite these well-known and ubiquitous treats 99% of Americans will do little, or nothing, to prepare to deal with either a short-term, or long-term emergency.

This article is for the 1%.

You understand that things can and will go wrong. That bad things happen to good people. That there are no guarantees in life. That said: Here are the other threats:

1.) Economic collapse leading to social disruption and anarchy.
2.) Abrupt climate change and rising ocean levels
3.) Radiological and biological warfare.

One at a time;

#1 Economic Collapse. We are well into the beginning of what some economic prognosticators are calling another Great Depression. Various police agencies are already reporting dramatic increases in shoplifting and property crimes. Some commentators are saying we have 90 to 120 days before the economy falls apart!

2.) Abrupt Climate Change. The U.S. Government Continuity Of Government (COG) contingency planning MUST be complete by December 2009. All people who are part of COG must have their families moved and everyone in place by 12/09. This threat includes severe climate change, rising ocean levels, seismic activity and volcanism.

3.) Biological and radiological warfare. It really does not matter if the attacks are carried out by the followers of Mohammad, or false flag operations. The net results for our fellow citizens is the same, namely death, injuries and social disruption leading to martial law.

I'm going to focus on #2 Abrupt Climate Change.

This will, of necessity, be abbreviated. My live presentation on this matter is three hours. MY DVD on the matter is two hours. My paper on the matter " No Need For Panic" is nineteen pages. There are literally many thousands of pages in books on this matter.

In 2000, I was approached by two friends who are researchers. They told me about the matter of abrupt climate change and rising ocean levels. The story was rather far-fetched, but I listened and paid heed. I first approached a friend who has access to people who would know. He also regarded the whole matter as far-fetched but agreed to look into it for me. A couple of weeks later he got back with me and said: "John, It's exactly what you said, they've known about this and sent the Pioneer 10 Space probe up in 1979 to locate and track it. They've been tracking it since 1979."

"It" is the tenth planet. Although NASA announced they found the 10th Planet (they named it Zena), the Summer of 2006, it's not the 10th planet we are concerned with here.

Global Warming: a very clever cover story

Global Warming as addressed in Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and NASA is a cover story. In the early 1980's the Powers That Be ( PTB) knew that 20 years into the future the weather would be going bonkers. They decided to create a cover story that the bizarre weather changes were a result of global warming from human activity ( and cow flatulence!) creating C02 greenhouse gases.

All the while, NASA has been monitoring the "real" Tenth Planet (Planet X, or PX) as it worked it's way toward our solar system. Here's the deal, every 3,600 years this planetary size object comes thru our solar system. Because of what Professor McCanney calls "action at a distance", it wreaks havoc on Earth.

Along the way, I learned of a group of men who had both received classified briefings on these matters and were willing to talk. These men are veterans of the U.S. Navy Submarine Corps (and quite a few regular Navy veterans as well).

I am a criminal defense investigator. I am very good at what I do, namely finding witnesses and taking statements. I applied these skills to this matter. I have located the witnesses and taken their statements. Another investigative technique is to interview witnesses that don't know each other at different times and places.

I found that all these witnesses told essentially the same story:

1.) The Navy showed them all a map of what North America will look like after the oceans reach their new levels. The map on my DVD Global Warming , What The Government Isn't Telling You is my work product. I took a map to each veteran and had each man help me with revisions until I had the finished map that is in my DVD.

2.) That all coastal areas will suffer damage. That the Great Lakes will merge to become an inland sea stretching to Hudson Bay. All agree that both Wisconsin and Florida will be virtually wiped out.

3.) That one of the known safe areas is the Arkansas/Missouri Ozarks.

Back to Al Gore's film a moment: I encourage people to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" for the following reason. There is science in the film as well as the science fiction. The science fiction is two fold: That human activity is causing this and the time line for abrupt climate change and rising ocean levels. One should be aware that the time line given in the film is the same time line put out by the U.S. Government through NASA. Here it is: In 2016 things will start to get bad and in the middle of the century, around 2050, things will really get bad.

The science, the real science in the film, is what will be happening in the future: Rising Ocean Levels and Abrupt Climate Change.

Finally, here is the real, the highly classified, time line:

All COG preparations MUST be complete by December 2009.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. This is your wake-up call.


John Moore
January 18, 2009"

Here's a link to his background:

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