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Default Free Will Versus Determinism

I am Free...I have Free Will

Free will asks the philosophical question whether, humans have control over their actions, decisions, or choices.

The questions seems loaded to me and the answer seems evident...

The word that stands out there for me is seems.

My Perception of free will at this time feels simple to me..

Claim your power, or give it away.

I have learned through experience that there was a freedom in submitting my power.

This is a hard point of view to let go of.

The dance teacher says, as you stand in front of him, awaiting your first tango lesson, For a Man to lead in the dance, you must give yourself completely to him

The idea of free will can also have religious as well as ethical,implications.


In religion , free will implies that an omnipotent God will not assert its power over our will and choices.

In ethics it implies that all individuals are held morally accountable for their actions and words.

Free will has been a topic of discussion since the beginning of philosophical thought.


I am determined....I have a Cause

Determinism is the belief that every action or thing that happens to you, including human cognition, behavior as well as decision, is determined by an unbroken chain of prior occurrences.

The butterfly effect....

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

- Chaos Theory

Determinism tells one to believe the universe is fully governed by causal laws resulting in only one possible state at any point in time.


I am me...I have my power.

Free will is a responsibility, not a right. I find myself viewing actions in a much different light.

A friend of mine, recently returned from India, showed me a "different way to walk". Slowly...very very very slowly..forget the movements, let my feet rise and fall on their own...

I will continue on that path.

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Default Re: Free Will Versus Determinism

Well put Celine

I have freewill but choices are limited.

Nothing is causing anything to happen thats a dualistic notion.

There is a potential for things to happen and I may contribute to that potential being realized but I cant force or make anything happen out with my personal potential.

If its within my potential to win Wimbledon then that may happen if I put in the work and dedication required.
Im 64 so that is not going to happen as it is not within my potential.

The same action can cause un happiness in one and happiness in another.

A goal is scored by the footballer. One set of supporters happy the opposing teams supporters definitely unhappy. They had freedom of choice as to how to react up to a point.
Support neither team and you can enjoy the game no matter who wins.

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