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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default Why jim mars likes obama

I found this quite catching and decided to put it up here as I am sure that many people feel the same as I do. Yes, we can be fooled some of the time, but not ALL of the time


News From Marrs


Jim Marrs - 2009-04-05


by Jim Marrs

Barack Hussein Obama may yet turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the United States of America.

Obama has been caught in lie after lie. His National Security Advisor has stated he takes his daily orders from Henry Kissinger, the one man widely viewed as the architect of our disastrous Foreign Policy, the policy which has done so much to turn foreign extremists into implacable enemies.

Obama’s cabinet reads like a roster of secretive societies such as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and the international Bilderbergers. His cry of “change” now rings hollow.

Obama’s policy of continuing unrestrained illegal immigration will destroy the last vestiges of national cohesion. Gun-control legislation pending in Congress will eviscerate the Second Amendment. The new “Food Safety Modernization Act” will eventually outlaw private gardens. Soon only the giant multinational corporations will control all food and water.

Obama’s so-called Stimulus Package is widely viewed as throwing non-existent money after bad while rewarding malfeasance.

Obama’s brand of Marxist Socialism will continue to take from the poor and give to the rich, betraying his supporters.

Obama’s form of collectivism has socialized the banking system and now the auto industry. Others will soon follow. More power is being gathered into the federal government than could ever be imagined by his predecessors.

In following a Socialist philosophy which proved so fatal to communism, he has set the nation on a course for disaster.

He has helped further the dissatisfaction and disdain of the Executive Branch engendered by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. It now joins the Legislative Branch which already has an approval rating that dips into the single digits. The Judicial Branch is packed with persons selected by former leaders now viewed as incompetent, if not criminals.

But the activities of Obama and his followers may have finally broken the illusion embraced by many Americans about the United States. They now see the empty political rhetoric for what it as – mere words followed by the inaction, or worse, the opposite of what was promised.

Americans now more clearly see that individuals, working at the local level, can take care of local problems better than a faceless, bloated and entrenched bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. More and more are realizing that citizens must regain their rights as free individuals.

The spirit of individual liberty is once again alive in the land. Many Americans today are putting aside the outdated politically-correct notions of liberal vs. conservative and Democrat vs. Republican. They are beginning to wake up to the fact that a handful of super-wealthy individuals and families, many with foreign entanglements, have long sought to control the free Republic of the United States and bring it to its knees.

Already, legislation to regain state sovereignty is moving in many state capitols. After all, without state’s rights how can there be any individual rights? Many Texans are even considering reclaiming their Republic, a legal move fully justified by the articles which brought it into the Union in the first place.

True freedom is on the move.

This is why I like Barack Hussein Obama.

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Default Re: Why jim mars likes obama

Wow listen to Jim Marrs this is the only reason to like Obama. If this was Obama`s plan to bring about change then I would have to take my hat off to him as this would be brilliant and not of this world. Who would have thought of a better way to wake up the sleeping mass`s not just in America but world wide to the game going on behind the scene`s if this was Obama`s plan then I would have to dine on crow for some time

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Default Re: Why jim mars likes obama

I was beginning to see this come out myself. I am proud that Jim Mars is not afraid to speak his mind. LOL

We do have a reason to be happy he is where he is. The people are very suspicious.

Jeff Rense shows some of the older Hannity video's on you tube if you care to watch. I seen them on Fox news last year but I think alot of people skipped his program back then.

I will eat crow with you
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