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Default How to fix the Depression ?

Dear Avalonians...

Siencentist once tested with monkeys a following test..

They put 5 monkeys to a closed room were a banana was hanging in the ceiling.

Naturally they run for it and one of them got it. Result was that loud noise and cold rainwater was showered in the room.

This was repeated until they give up their passion to banana.

Next phase was to replace one of the monkeys with "fresh"
newcomer and see what happens...

Newbie naturally tried to reach the banana but other monkeys beat him so long that he gave up the idea!

This way they replace little by little all all the monkeys untill all was changed. Allways new one was beated to not touch the banana.

So, result was that they have room full of monkeys who didnt like to touch the banana and they allways teach the new ones to not touch.

What do we learn?

Well, this reminds me about our belifs of the present day monetary system.
Politicians havent give any new idea how to fix situation but hang on present day system and patch to sinking boat.

Why isnt anyone speaking that mayby we need to change
our system?

Why is governments borrowing from anyone?

Why Countrys, companys and privet people have debt up their eyeballs ? Not only that but their unborn children have allready debt...

We are expected to go to work up till 100years old now
and after death we should continue to work for at least two weeks.

Banana syndrom?

Lets stop being monkeys and take some responsibility!
Or do we want that same people who run to show now
will give us new solution?

Her some brave souls speak out...


Check out them and what they are about.

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