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Default YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

April in Wonderland aka Alice in Mirrorland aka Cosmology 101
{The 5D-Universe and its Acceleration aka Panentheism-101 aka Gnosis-101}
Forwarded-full message is at: http://tonyb.freeyellow.com/id20.html

About 100 years ago Albert Einstein conducted certain 'thought experiments' like 'riding on a lightbeam'. Those 'thought experiments' changed the perception of the 'natural philosophers' aka the scientists with respect to the nature of space and time. Those 'imaginations' changed the paradigm of a then mechanistic Descartian- and Newtonian universe into a relativistic one.

100 years ago, unimaginative and puerile minds said: "Huh? You can't ride on a lightbeam"; whilst more receptive and imaginative minds said: "Wow, I can get this, I think!".
Thus the paradigm of the old cosmology became the paradigm of a new cosmology.

April and Brooke and 'accomplices'; ALL are Albert Einstein 'riding the lightbeam' and 'being the total mass of the universe' and so forth in this story.

"May the children of the universe come and find the entrance into the kingdom of wonderland.
They are the children, who are young and pure and innocent in mind and old and wise of heart."
[JS by Matthew18.2-4]

Little April was born one day as a baby daughter to her parents. As little April left the womb of her mother's placenta as her previous place of abode, she became independent on her previous residence in the severing of her umbilical cord and in the taking her first breath.

Big April was born one day as a goddess to her eternity. As big April left the place of her unboundedness, she became forgetful of whence she had come in her stepping into the Mirror of Eternity dividing the unboundedness from the boundedness.
This was because the outside of the Mirror of the Eternity of the unboundedness became a Mirror of the Limits - the Mirror of Infinity on the outside was also a Mirror of the Finity on the inside. It was the twosidedness of the Mirror which allowed this distinction between the infinite and the finite to be made. Without April choosing to explore this twosidedness of the mirror, the mirror would have remained a Onesided Mirror of the Unborn April.

As April entered the Mirror of Oneness; she found herself in a room, which was the size of a cube and which had mirrors all around as faces or walls and which could and seemed to also accomodate a curving away. Wherever April looked, she saw her own reflection in the mirror. This mirror must be a spherical mirror of some sort, April thought.
Then April noticed another strange thing. This room, she was in, was getting bigger.
The room was getting bigger but also seemed to slow down in the rate of expanding.
Then April saw another thing; whenever she looked closer into the mirror in front and all around herself; she saw that there semed to be a partially obscured window in the mirror. It was like the spherical mirror was semitransparent.
In the far distance, there was another mirror and there was space between the expanding room, April was in and that far away mirror. April's room seemed to get bigger in trying to reach the mirror far away, yet visible.
This visible mirror in the far distance seemed to be stationary relative to April's expanding room.

April then realised, that should her room be measured by some ruler or meterstick; then the ruler in her room would be different from a ruler which would measure the distance from her to the far away mirror.
Her room was expanding and so she would need an expanding ruler; but it was perfectly ok to use a fixed ruler to measure the distance from her to the far away mirror, which remained at rest relative to herself.
In particular, should April measure her room to be say 10 meters across; then a 1 unit meter stick applied for the far away mirror would continue to shrink as applied to April's room as the 10 meters would become the distance to the far away mirror upon reaching it. There would be many more 1 meter sticks in this distance than April counted at the beginning of measuring her room.

'Just how did this state of affairs come about', April wondered.
'I find myself in mirrorland and don't know what is going on here; but I shall try to find out.
Perhaps, if I succeed to find out what is going on here in mirrorland; I shall be able to remember where I have come from - this place called wonderland'.

1. April's Growing Room and her Gravity
2. April throws her weight around, builds a house and finds her Cat called Brooke
3. April's 'Arachne de Gaea' and her Eagle 'Mac the Knife'
4. April visits her Galaxy with Cindy her Dolphin from the Stars
5. April meets Grandpa and peeks into the far future in the age of the universe
6. April learns about the Land of the Dragons between the two mirrors
7. April's Beloveds
10. April's Mum and Dad
11. April has a Baby

Introduction and References (basic wiki):

The accelerating universe is the observation that the universe appears to be expanding at an increasing rate. In 1998 observations of Type Ia supernovae suggested that the expansion of the universe is accelerating[1][2] since around redshift of z~0.5[3].

The Supernova Cosmology Project is one of two research teams that determined the likelihood of an accelerating universe and therefore a positive Cosmological constant. This discovery was named "Breakthrough of the Year for 1998" by Science Magazine[1] and, along with the High-z Supernova Search Team, the project team won the Gruber Prize in Cosmology in 2007.[2]
The project uses data from the redshift of Type Ia supernovae.
The project is mainly based at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The international team with 31 members from Australia, Chile, France, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA is headed by Saul Perlmutter

The High-z Supernova Search Team was an international cosmology collaboration which used Type Ia Supernovae to chart the expansion of the Universe. The team was formed in 1994 by Brian P. Schmidt, then a post-doctoral research associate at Harvard University, and Nicholas B. Suntzeff, a staff astronomer at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. The team expanded to roughly 20 astronomers located in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Chile. They used the Victor M. Blanco Telescope of CTIO to discover Type Ia supernovae out to redshifts of z=0.9. The discoveries were verified with spectra taken mostly from the telescopes of the Keck Observatory, and the European Southern Observatory.
In a 1998 study led by Adam Riess, the High-z Team became the first to publish evidence that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating (Riess et al. 1998, AJ, 116, 1009, submitted March 13, 1998, accepted May 1998). The team was managed by Brian P. Schmidt of the Mount Stromlo Observatory, which is part of the Australian National University. The team later spawned Project ESSENCE led by Christopher Stubbs of Harvard University and the Higher-z Team led by Adam Riess of Johns Hopkins University and Space Telescope Science Institute.

In the past few years, these observations have been corroborated by several independent sources: the cosmic microwave backgroundand large scale structure[4], age of the universe[5] , as well as improved measurements of the supernova, [6][7] and X-ray properties of galaxy clusters.

Density drops
An expanding universe means that density drops due to continual space being added between all matter. If acceleration continues, eventually all galaxies beyond our own Local supercluster will redshift so far that it will become hard to detect them, and the distant universe will turn dark.

Explanatory models
Models attempting to explain accelerating expansion include some form of dark energy: cosmological constant, quintessence, or phantom energy, with the latest WMAP data favouring the cosmological constant. The most important property of dark energy is that it has negative pressure which is distributed relatively homogeneously in space.

Divergent expansion
Phantom energy in a scenario known as the Big Rip causes an exponentially increasing divergent expansion, which overcomes the gravitation of the local group and tears apart our Virgo supercluster, it then tears apart the milky way galaxy, our solar system, and finally even atoms. Measurements of acceleration are thought crucial to determining the ultimate fate of the universe, however we should expect the implications of such a major discovery to develop slowly over many years in the same way the big bang model has continued to develop.

Dark energy dominates
As the Universe expands, the density of dark matter declines more quickly than the density of dark energy (see equation of state) and, eventually, the dark energy dominates. Specifically, when the volume of the universe doubles, the density of dark matter is halved but the density of dark energy is nearly unchanged (it is exactly constant for a cosmological constant).

Foreword by John Shadow:

The above references will lead the interested reader into a bewildering kaleidoscope of models and ideas, attempting to 'make sense' of the scientific measurements of the supernovae data collected by the stated research teams.

The final conclusion found in the references and the websearches are however all based on fundamentally flawed physical assumptions.
Whilst the measurements are all validated; the text book and standard expositions of the modern cosmology community are not.
Ultimately all of these valid measurements measured just one thing, namely the light emitted from some object in the universe, separated from the receiver apparatus by a finite distance and a finite time interval to get to the receiver from the emitter and its clocks and rulers measuring time and space respectively.

There are a number of cosmologists, who have realised those "flawed assumptions" and have proposed alternative hypothesises, mainly engaging higher dimensional spacetimes in connection with bubble-universes; ekpyrotic brane collisions and other multiverse scenarios.

What are these "flawed" assumptions? The underpinning "flaw" is the concept of a comoving reference frame (April's expanding room and ruler) creating the space it occupies. Iow, there is no space between the far away mirror and April's room or more fundamentally, this far away mirror does not exist.

April defines the fixed ruler in the constancy of lightspeed c=lightpath X/time t and sets the distance from herself to the far away mirror as lightpath X=Rmax=RHubble=RH=ctAgeofUniverse.
As this distance becomes "fixed" in the lightpath and the constancy of the speed of light; the Age of the Light-Invariant or Electromagnetic Universe also becomes fixed in the time it would take light to travel from the Mirror of Eternity to the Mirror of the Limits.

1. April's Growing Room and her Gravity

April then realises something.
'Hold on, my room is expanding as a kind of subuniverse or nested or fractal selfsimilar universe.
So if my room would travel and expand at lightspeed, then it would take a finite time interval, namely the Age of the Universe, to reach the far away mirror.
But what then? Will my room then bounce back and skrink again or will my room shatter this far away mirror and continue expanding at this lightspeed'?

But then April has an eureka moment. She realises that her expansion is slowing down and so her room, in getting more and more the size of the "greater universe" in the approach of the mirrors, could very well never reach this far away mirror yet approaching it ever more closely in an asymptotic approach.
April, knowing a little mathematics, envisages an expanding series of the form: 0/1+1/2+2/3+3/4+...+n/(n+1)+...99999/1000000+...always getting bigger as a fraction or a decimal but never actually reaching the limit of 1/1=1.
This was April's own beginning as the Mirror of the Infinity in 0/0=∞/∞=1, because 0=0 and ∞=∞ to define the inversion of 1/1=1 in the undefinability of 1/0≡∞ ↔ ∞.0≡1 and limited in the mathematical symbolisation in the physicalisations of limits in 1/∞→0 and 1/0→∞ as the reciprocities of each other by 0/1≡0 and ∞/1≡∞.

April then allows for both possibilities of the lightpath in accomodating two kinds of expansion and as reflected in her observation of the two rulers appropriate for the measurement of distances - the expanding comoving metric of the ruler in her room and the static ruler as defined by the speed of light.
April imagines the lightspeed to not only outrun the asymptotic approach, but also for this lightpath to become reflected back into the path of her expanding room, as well as "breaking through" the far away mirror in a refractive manner of continuation.

'But hold on, there would then have to be a fundamental difference between the reflected lightpath and the refracted lightpath due to the intersection of the returning lightpath with the path of my room's expansionary journey.
Why is my room's expansion slowing down in deceleration relative to the constancy of the lightpath', April thought?

'It must be because of me. If I wouldn't be here, then this room would be as big as the "outer space" and the spherical mirror would be identical to the far away mirror and this slow-down would not be necessary.
What is it about me, that slows the speed of this room down'?
April decides to call this tendency her inertia, related to some measurement of her weight and her mass and she terms the "outside space" the gravity acting on her room concentrated in her mass.
Then April remembered something more about her previous existence in the mirror wonderland of the Mirror of Infinity.
This thing called gravity was actually a "force of attraction" between the mirrors.
There was this self-gravity confined to April's room which was attracted to the self-gravity of the far away mirror.
'If now I could express this self-gravity of my room as being information mapped onto the far away mirror and vice versa having the self-gravity of the far away mirror mapped as information onto this spherical mirror; then in this gravitational interaction, I could find out what this asymptotic approach is in terms of universal gravitation.
Perhaps the self-gravity could then be used in a form of a dimensional intersection of the lightpath and in a gravitational physics of self- and mutual interaction of Black Holes as two-dimensional surfaces or manifolds in view of the surface properties of the approaching- and receding mirrors and the information transfers between them'.

2. April throws her weight around, builds a house and finds her Cat called Brooke

April decided to label her own weight as Big-M-Zero or Mo to allow her to use shortcuts in the description of her discoveries about the cosmos at a later stage and when so appropriate.
'Ok', April thought; 'as I am to only thing here in this empty spherical room; I might as well say that my Mo is the weight of this little universe, which has nothing else within it'.
April looked into her reflection before her eyes and became irritated. 'I am the goddess of this local universe and I am all alone in here. Here I am like a little baby, being born naked from the womb. Look at my hair; it is such a mess!'
Then, as April shook her head, she saw a single hair falling towards the floor of the spherical mirror.
April caught the strand of hair and decided to place it some distance away from her, someplace in her room.
'This strand of hair is a part of me and I might as well begin to talk and think to myself, she uttered'.
Just as April retreated something strange happened to the strand of hair. It began to glow in some self-irradiant essence and then became transparent and disappeared to reappear as a pair of scissors.
'What a magnificent magical transformation', April thought. 'This part of me became another part of me, but rather more useful'.
April resculpted her hair in the style of an Egyptian queen from the Nile and an imaginary scenario which seemed to flash from nowhere into her mind.
April cut a number of strands of hair and then distributed the strands all around her room.
'Perhaps the magic in this room will give some more useful tools and surprises', so she thought.

The magic started with walls, stairways, doors and windows and some strands of hair turned into furniture, ornaments, utilities and computers.

'Wow, all this is part of me and seems to be a redistribution and transformation of part of my total weight Mo.
I shall honour this room of mine, where I did begin my magic tricks as my "Special Room", my sanctuary, where I shall treasure the little circular window through which I can see the far away mirror. This shall become my "Special Place" where I shall try to figure out what is going on in this spherical universe of mine; both qualitatively in the telling of "My Story" and quantitatively in a formal language of science and of mathematics'.

April explored, arranged and defined "her room", which had become "her house" in her "throwing her weight around".
'I'll have to figure this gravity thing out', April pondered; 'but now I know that whatever I am gravitationally, can be partitioned and made into many smaller and interrelated parts'.

April cut another single strand of her hair and looked at it.
'If you just could talk to me; I now have discovered the magic of the universe, but have noone to talk to'.
With these words, the strand of hair became luminous, transparent and then metamorphosed into a ginger cat.
'Meow Omm meow', said Brooke, the cat as she looked at April.
'Part of me has become a cat', April shouted exuberantly; 'now I have another living thing in my universe and now I can gravitationally interact with myself to solve the mysteries'!

'It's better than that April', said Brooke - 'I am a talking cat from wonderland'.

'And I am a goddess too', continued Brooke; 'just like you and just like you I have entered the Mirrorland of the Limits from the outside of the Mirrorland of the Infinity.
I am your cat in this room and simultaneously you are my cat in my room. Yet there is only the one room or should I say this house, which is a town and a city and a continent and a planet and a solar system and a galaxy and a galaxy group and a supercluster all nested in selfsimilarity in the universe, limited however in the little circular window.

There are strands in your hair, which are many many things April. I have learned this from some of my broken fingernails; some turned into things and others changed into crystals, plants, animals and intelligences of all sorts.
Some of those sentiences know about philosophy and science and what the expanding room signifies in the greater order of things.
I have learned some things, but not everything. There is much to explore and to discover and as four eyes see more than two; the selfrelativity between us has engaged this communication.
I have become one brick in your house and you have become one brick in my individuated house'.

'How wonderful', said April. 'I understand you are like a biological somatic cell or a neuron in my body and so am I in yours'.

'Indeed', replied Brooke 'and allow me to inform you about this gravity thing, as far as I myself understand it from the information given by the natural philosophers.
You Big-M-Zero April is the key. As you have seen, you can easily take part of you and transform its energy into other forms. It doesn't matter if you term this the magic of evolution or the magic of technological inventiveness.
The strand of hair of you, which you experience as your cat Brooke is mapped or mirrored in a strand of my hair with the result, that I have a cat called April in my selfrelative universe.

You know the little circular loop in our special rooms; the one which shows us the far away mirror?
Your Mo being here is mapped as my Mo being there and vice versa. We are total reflections of each other on the grandest scale possible; namely the scale between the Inside Mirror here and the Outside Mirror far away.
So only in the partiality of ourselves are we each other's cat. I have found out, that this partiality of distributing our weight around in this spherical universe defines two sorts of gravity.
The one here in our houses is a local gravity, which acts differently to the overall gravity where the weights are not distributed in the planets, stars, galaxies, superclusters and so on.
So in here the laws of physics become locally applied as in the formulations of General Relativity, where the matter curves space and space interacts with the matter in a dynamical way of those things termed the metrics.
But "out there", the spacetime curvature acts nonlocally in treating the mirrors as the only occupants of the "collectrively and holistically integrated" extra-dimensional spacetime.
Our Mo's are so mapped as overall gravities and obey mathematical and physical lwas of nature, which are much simpler than the laws of gravity of the local universe. This is because the local gravity is of a lower dimension, than the encompassing gravity.

You and I are explicitely defined in being made up of minimum masses. These minimum masses mmin are however not the same in the two dimensions , say the spherical inside and the extraspherical or toroidal outside, namely the spacetime from outside the loopey window to the far away mirror.

Ok, April, I'll try to recall something one of the natural philosphers has said and written.

is the formula for the Gravitational Potential Energy between our two Mo's and where N counts how many of those 'smallest possible' weight bits are in the 'higher dimension' of the 'higher dimensional' gravity. I recall the cosmologist saying, that the Rmin is a particular location within this room and which is symmetrically coupled to the Minfinity=M∞ , which is the Big M-Infinity allowing the far away mirror to become gravitational from the higher dimension.
So it is like this in the greater picture. The Mo is a form of energy, which can be expressed in the gravitational potential energy (GPE) as a gravitational self-interaction. This is the idea that things can collapse 'under their own weight'.
Then the GPE expressed in Einstein's mass-energy equation E=mc2 becomes reformulated as 'holes in spacetime' and are called 'Black Holes' with a characteristic size RSchwarzschild=RS=2GoM/c2. This describes a 'curvature of spacetime' and related as to why this house seems to be a spherical enclosure.

The GPE between the Mo's, namely you and I is so different from the GPE between the M∞ and the Mmin, the latter being the particular Big-M, which is smaller than our totality Mo's, and so can be the coupling Big-M to the Big-M-Infinity'.

'Yes, I see the difference', April replied. 'Both of our Mo's are within the smaller spherical universe and being the same, can be mapped onto the far away mirror respectively. But the Minfinity must be coupled to something in this smaller spherical universe, as the Big-M-Infinity is not in the smaller universe. And because the Mo's are taken, the particular Big-M must be smaller than our totals and also therefore this partitioning of Mo becomes possible'.

'Yes, April and now the GPE looks just a little different and relates to something the scientists call the Zero-Point-Energy or ZPE.
You see the mmin's are not mass at all, but become so in the redistribution of the total mass of the spherical universe in our houses.
The mmin's are actually massless superstrings and so both you and I are physically speaking just a collection of superstrings or supermembranes.
The smallest possible supermembrane has this minimum mass equivalent, which can become inertial from a previous noninertial state, namely that of a massless bosonic supermembrane.

This is defined by the physicists as a minimum ZPE-Oscillator:

So now the GPE for the mass partition inside the smaller universe of our houses couples to the Infinity-Mass like:


Putting the GPE's for the gravitational self-coupling and the mutual dimensional coupling together,
then shows that 2M∞Mmin=Mo2.
What this Mmin is and how it helps to solve the gravitational mysteries I don't know as yet. Perhaps we can work on this together. This is one of the reasons I decided to become your talking cat, to allow our two houses as the one Mo to interact across the dimensions'.
'It seems, that gravity is a leaking interaction from those higher dimensions', April replied.

3. April's 'Arachne de Gaea' and her Eagle 'Mac the Knife'

One day, April was in her "special room", which she had named Arachne de Gaea or the "Spider of Gaia". Brooke had run off into another room in April's house to do her own thing; conversing with some of the old philosphers, she had met and for the purpose to find out more about the purposes of the duality between the wonderland and the mirrorland.

April had manifested many more "creatures" as part of herself, including Billy the Terrier, who loved to catch and chase little white balls in one of April's rooms, which had manifested as a big park.
Then one day in her "special room" some part of April magically transformed into a big hairy spider, who then wove a big web in a corner of the "special room" and as it expanded so did this intricately woven spider's web.
April then knew that this was a symbol for her sanctuary, a protector of sorts as Grandma Spider-Woman.
April did not know what her house needed protection from; but she thought it possible that some parts of herself, being alive as themselves, could possibly forget where they had come from, namely from April and could then begin not to like her any more in their forgetfulness.
So Arachne de Gaea was April's own remembrance not to forget, that the parts of herself, which might begin to attack her in some fashion, were truly parts of herself, which had forgotten their origins.

So one day, April peered through the loopey window to see herself in the far away mirror.
'I wonder if Arachne de Gaea is also a remembrance for myself as the goddess', April thought.
'It must be', April realised. 'I entered mirrorland from the opposite direction and the image of the far away mirror is here within this my own sanctuary.
If Brooke is right and the expansion of this place of the spider can never reach the far away mirror because of its asymptotic deceleration, then it would be ultimately futile to engage in whatever journey within mirrorland to reenter wonderland.

As manifested goddess in 3-dimensional mirrorland I can then never hope to rediscover myself as a 4-dimensional goddess in wonderland again'.

'But you can go backwards and where you entered right in this room', said Grandma Spiderwoman.

'Wow', exclaimed April; 'this is the first time this spider talked; but if Brooke the Cat can talk, maybe all living things in my house are enabled to talk in some way.
Yes, Grandma is right', thought April; 'I can never get to my final destination of the far away mirror of this, my expanding house, in going forwards; but in retracing my steps backwards I don't have to go far at all'.

So April walked backwards towards the image of the far away mirror on the wall in her special room - and got stuck.
Try as she might, she could not pass through the wall of the spherical mirror from which she had entered mirrorland from wonderland.

'I am well and truly trapped in my house', April thought. 'Why was it so easy to be born into this place and yet it seems impossible to leave this place'.

'You are required to realise your image in the far away mirror my dear', Grandma Spiderwoman spoke again.
'You are stuck in the 3rd space-dimension for the reason to manifest the boundlessness of wonderland in the limitations of mirrorland.
Though you cannot reach the far away mirror in using the tools of the 3rd dimension, you can do so using the tools of the 4th dimension of space.
Turn around and look into the image of the image of yourself. The goddess April in the inaccessible far away mirror is reflected in the goddess April you can touch on the mirror on the wall.
"Who is the prettiest goddess of them all" - you are, because all goddesses are you as the image in the far away place and yet individuated in the special rooms in the one house'.

'Ah', said April, 'I got it. I am in my special room and Brooke and Billy are in their special rooms; and all of us are looking at our individiuated images within those rooms, but become the "prettiest and most splendid unified image" in the far away mirror.
Then I am stuck in mirrorland, because I am an individuated goddess'.

'You got it my darling daughter', said Grandma Spiderwoman.
'Allow me to introduce to yourself yet another part of you. It is a natural philosopher like the ones Brooke has mentioned to you. Have a look at your right side April'.

April looked to her right and saw a majestic looking eagle appear, sitting on a branch of an old oaken tree, which had materialised simultaneously with the eagle.

April saw sharp talons on the eagle, with whom he clawed the oaken branch.
'How are you eagle', April said. 'You are some fearsome creature of mine and I shall call you Mac the Knife due to your ferocious looking demeanour'.

'Hello my dear', said Mac the Knife; 'yes I have come to share with you some of the wisdom of the natural philosophers. I am an old warrior April. I have been around this house for a long time; even before you entered mirrorland and even before you did discover the magic in this place.

But as soon as Grandma Spiderwoman had woven her web of the protegees; I was enabled to manifest to help you and your familiars on your journeys towards wonderland.
Some of the things I shall share with you might be a little hard to understand at first, but with help of all of your friends, the stories should get clearer and clearer in time.

Being one of the 'Old Wisdom keepers'; I shall give you information in a more technical manner; such as the equations which your cat Brooke has remembered from her philosophy courses.

So this room of yours is a mirrorland room and this room expands towards the far away mirror.
If you now try to measure distances in this room, your rulers will expand in the same way as the room to remain consistent. A displacement of 10 metersticks can only remain 10 metersticks, if the meterstick changes into a 2 meterstick, when the room as expanded to double its size of the time of the 1 meterstick. So using the 1 meterstick as a "metric" will cause you trouble to accurately measure the distance to the far away mirror.

In technical language of the natural philosophers using a 3D perspective then; the metric expansion is thought to "stretch" the metric, causing all sorts of difficulties to determine the distances to cosmological objects in the varying distance scales and its relationship to the postulates of Special Relativity and its lightspeed invariance as the constancy of the speed of light.

For an example: If in 1 billion years the metric stretches to double the size it was when say a star emitted a lighpulse; then the time of the emission of the light 1 billion years later would not infer a distance of 1 billion lightyears but a distance of 2 billion lightyears relative to the observer, measuring the lightpulse after 1 billion years.
This scenario would disallow utility of the Special Relativity formalism, especially the Relativistic Doppler Effect, because the stretching of space could exceed lightspeed.
In your case however; the application of Special Relativity is both sufficient and appropriate, as long as the "light emitters" are measured in the fixed metric of the far away mirror space.
Applying Occam's Razor of the parsimony, crystallizes a preferred cosmological model immediately.

A major understanding for you so is the realisation that you should use a "fixed" meterstick of the lightspeed invariance in measuring the distance between the two mirrors as a reference standard; the one you entered from and the far away one. But you see, you cannot measure anything, because you do not know how distant the far away mirror is'.

'So what do I do', asked April and wondering if Mac the Knife knew the answer to his own disposition'?

'Hehe', Mac the Knife giggled to himself. He knew what April was thinking, being an enlightened part of her; 'I do know the answer my dear. The answer is found in knowing how the far away mirror got there in the first place.

Whilst the universe expands, this expansion in 4-dimensional Euclidean-Minkowski-spacetime does not require to be an expansion into some hitherto undefined realm, then becoming defined as a metric spacetime by that. The assumption here is the physical universe to be a selfcontained entity without any boundary separating the selfcontained universe as observed from within from the necessity of such observation from a without.
The beginning of this expansion is colloquially termed the Quantum Big Bang, followed by an Inflationary Epoch, lasting a minute fraction of a second of about 10-32 seconds and smaller than a defined Planck-Time: tP=h/2πmPc2=√(hGo/2πc5)~6x10-44 seconds by a factor of about a trillion.

The quantum universe is a selfcontained entity without boundary as measurable from within, but the emergence of this entity from its boundless selfstate manifested the entity as a particular boundary as measurable from without by a postulated mirror symmetry.

The Quantum Big Bang did not occur at the Planck-Time, but at the Inflaton-Time tinflaton=fmin.
Then the Inflationary Epoch of the standard model preceded the Quantum Big Bang, instead of following it.
If this presumption is valid, then the inflaton manifests a boundary for the universe from within and as observed from the without.
The without observer is located at the boundless coordinate of the 'NullTime, which is 0 as a "Singularity" and not physically finitizable like the Planck-Time.
The "Singularity" manifests the Planck-Time as the observer from within however and so the metricication of the universal entity becomes defined in physicality initially.

The Null-Time observer can then be defined as a Mirror without the physicality.
This is like the simple analogy of someone trying to enter mirrorland as an Alice in Wonderland.
Iow the boundless observer without the physical universe is Alice who has entered the mirror and is then in mirrorland and becomes renamed as April.
But Alice could then step back into wonderland with April remaining in mirrorland as Alice's Shadow to become a doubled observer within and without the physical universe and in doing so, Alice would be able to look at the mirror she has just come out from on the other side of the universe and which might be just the size of a room at that stage.

The boundary of the universe is a spherical mirror and defines the inside observer aka Inside-April as being also Outside-Alice depending on her choosing to experience the spacetime of the physical universe within as April or the boundlessness outside as Alice.

It is the inflation, which created the inside spacetime of the doublesided mirror.
The minimum spacetime can be associated with the Planck-Spacetime and the maximum with some multiple of this Planck-spacetime.
It is this maximum, which is referenced as the Hubble-Radius RHubble=RH of the observable universe and it is this minimum which is generally assumed to be the Planck-Radius RPlanck=LP=√(hGo/2πc3).
The inflation then manifests the maximum from the minimum in selfsimilarity and the labellings of a holofractal and holographic universe reflected in the quantisation of the minimum spacetime configuration of the Planck-Scale or its string-membrane magnification, say in different string classes obeying particular symmetries.

A particular modification of Membrane-Theory has established the inflation parameters as follows:

De Broglie matterwave speed: RHubble.finflaton=RH.fi =RHc/λinflaton~4.793..x1056 m/s
De Broglie matterwave acceleration: RHubble.finflaton2=RH.fi2 ~1.438x1087 m/s2

The inflation parameters relate to the Planck parameters in the c-invariance c=fiλi=2πLPfP
The inflaton parameters are precisely linked to the gravitational string parameters in coupling to the quantization of mass as indicated in your discourse with your cat Brooke.
But I shall leave a more detailed exposition just what this is for another time'.

'Thank you Mac', said April. 'These descriptions of yours require some processing. I have understood only your outline, but my recording device here has copied your description in the form of alphanumerical symbolisms and my friends and I shall add your information to our collective data base for further and continuing examination.
But having friends like you, shall surely allow us all to figure out this thing called gravity and the distribution of my weight as the Big-M-Zero'.

'Yes April; you will find that the gravity relating the wonderland to the mirrorland is the Quantum Gravity connecting the large macro universe of the General Relativity to the micro universe of the Special Relativity', answered Mac the Knife.

4. April visits her Galaxy with Cindy her Dolphin from the Stars

One day after awakening from a peaceful slumber, April wished to ask Grandma Spiderwoman a question about Grandpa.
As April went to the corner of her room, where Grandma had woven her web, the web was there, but Grandma was not.

'Where are you Grandma Spiderwoman', April shouted?

'Turn around, I am right behind you in the far left corner of your room', Grandma replied.

As April turned about, she saw another big and magnificently woven web-tapestry taking form in the corner of her room adjacent to the older web already spun.

'What are you doing Grandma', asked April?

'I am preparing your room for its transformation April', Grandma replied.
'You already know that everything in this room is part of you and including myself as your Grandma. But as you are creating more and more things and lifeforms in your room; all of these attain a life of their own as individuated consciousness of yourself. I am spinning and weaving webs in all of the corners to eventually encompass your entire room and everything within it. As you are here in your favourite place; the other rooms in your house can become mirrored in this one and I do not weave in every room, just the one which you occupy.

The weaving of the web of life so unifies all the things of you, you have given away to create your environment to live in.
In some way, all the things which are trying to run away from you to be separated from you as their life-giving goddess; cannot do so and become trapped in my encompassing web.
But this serves a deeper purpose too. Your entire room will become a cocoon for your graduation from April, the goddess in mirrorland to April, the goddess in mirrorland and in wonderland simultaneously'.

'But I can never get into wonderland, except going backwards and in trying that I hit my head against the glassy wall of the mirror', April protested.

'I have a surprise for you April', replied Grandma Spiderwoman.
'You know the web I have spun over there in the other corner; go there and look what is there dear one'.

April went to the other older web and peeked through the webby texture.
There from an egglike construct emerged a snout, followed by a fishlike creature.
'Wow', said April; 'I have discovered a dolphin in a segregated place in my own room.
Hi there dolphin; I shall name you Cinderella, Cindy for short; because you have given me new joy after awakening like snowhite from a peaceful slumber'.

'My pleasure to meet you April'; said Cindy the Dolphin. 'Yep, I am indeed another goddess, who has chosen to play with you in your universe. Do you know what my coming out of this cocoon signifies in the magic of things'?

'No, Cindy', said April; 'but Grandma has said, that this entire room will become such a cocoon. But why do you call my room the universe; there are many other rooms in my house as the original room? This is just my special room as part of my house. I know that my house is the universe, Mac the Knife has said so and so has Brooke my Cat'.

'Ah yes April', said Cindy 'and your Grandma is very wise indeed. She really knows what is going on and she is that old wisdom part of yourself, which you have allowed to externalise relative to yourself from deep within, your inner knowings.
You see, the spinning of the web partitions your special room as an inside and an outside. Without the web, your special room is a holographic image of the universe as part of your house. So subdividing your special room partitions your local universe once more, say into the hologram of your special room becoming a planetary environment as within the web and an extraplanetary or galactic environment outside of the web'.

'Ah, I get it', said April; 'and because you have come from behind the web, you have also now come from the extraplanetary environment of the galaxy this planet is a part of'.

'Yes my sister and now you might understand the wisdom of the elders. They know of the galaxies and the partitionings of the holography. April do you wish to visit your own galaxy'?

'Of course Cindy; are you suggesting we can travel to the place in the galaxy from where you came from as a goddess now incarnate in my room'?

'Indeed April, this is what this web implies if spun comprehensively.
As the corner of this room is covered in the form of a triangular prism of four faces and as your room is a spherical mirror containing your room in the geometry of a cube; you can topologically transform the geometries any way you like for a given volume of the space defined by this room.
Then spinning the web more and more and in letting the four corners converge, will define your holographic universe with you being its center, no matter how you have partitioned yourself to create your own environments'.

'What is the geometrical shape of the web before you dear', the sound of Mac the Eagle interrupted? He had suddenly materialized at the left side of April talking to Cindy.

'Ah, wait let me see. It's an equilateral triangle Mac the Knife', April replied.

'Indeed, and the vertices meet at one of the corners of the cubical room to form a triangular pyramid as a trirightangular tetrahedron', Mac the Eagle continued. 'This rightangled tetrahedron, constructed from three rightangled isoceles triangles and one equilateral triangle is closely related to the tetrahedron as a regular tetrahedron of four such equilateral triangles in the minimum spacial configuration to create a 3-dimensional space in the intersection of 4 equidistant points. This is known as the Tetractys of Pythagoras.
Furthermore this tetrahedron is dual to itself in that its mirror projection through its center creates a Stellar Octahedron whose combined 8 vertices become the corners of a Cube. Then the inside of your cube contains a central Octahedron, another Platonic Solid of which there are precisely five as convex regular polyhedra; namely the Tetrahedron, the Cube, the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron. Mother Nature favours the symmetries of those Platonic Solids over all else, due too the mathematical fact that there exists a special geometry based on fivefoldedness, which minimises the expenditure of energy in compressing information as a form of physical consciousness residing in the geometry of space. You can term this the "packing efficiency" of Mother Nature's data. Do you understand this April'?

'Not really Mac', replied April; 'you are using some words I'll have to talk with my friends Brooke the Cat, Billy the Terrier and Cindy the Dolphin about. But yes I see the equilateral form of this web of Grandma Spiderwoman and as Cindy said; configuring the spherical volumes with the cubical volumes will allow to generate such a harmony in the outside communicating with the inside'.

'Yes April and so the entire volume of your universe can be said to be quantized and made up of either vertex-oriented Platonic Tetrahedra in a computational manner or as some sphericity associated with the minimum mass counter N which Brooke has mentioned before as information from her sources - my brothers in the natural philosophers. But I shall exposit on this at a latter time; may I take my leave now dear, I have some business to attend to in regards to another goddess student and her beau, both friends of mine in my universe. You will find them as part of your universe as Caroline the Ibis and Herbert the Yeti'.

'Sure Mac the Knife', said April. 'And I do hope to meet your friends in my universe very soon. This sounds interesting, the concubine of the Yeti as a mythological creature, also known as the abominable snowman is the bird of wisdom of the nile'.

And as he had appeared, Mac the Eagle disappeared and April looked at Cinderella.

'So all we have to do is move behind the spun web in this corner and we will change the planetary environment into a galactic environment', asked April.

'Yes April, so all you need to do is step in and off we go', nodded Cindy.

As April touched the spider's web, there was no resistance. It was like the entry from wonderland of April's birth into mirrorland - effortless.

'How do we choose to travel', asked Cindy? 'We can watch this computer screen here in a kind of simulation or we can use some contraption like a spacecraft to travel in the hologram to my "special room" as the goddess Cinderella on a planet called Akashia orbiting a star named Sirius aka Isis-Sothis'.

5. April meets Grandpa and peeks into the far future in the age of the universe

One morning April decided to ask Grandma about Grandpa. April had wondered about Grandma Spiderwoman's partner, but the last time April wished to ask Grandma, Grandma had begun to weave the second web in another corner of April's room and leading to the meeting with Cinderella, the Dolphin.

'Grandma, where is Grandpa', asked April, musing over the ever increasing complexity appearing in Grandma Spiderwoman's second spun tapestry?

'Oh, April, your Grandpa is rather engaged at the present time. He is preparing your house for transformation from the outside, just as I am preparing the renovations from the inside.
I am afraid, you will not be able to see Grandpa for a while; but you might be able to converse with him over the conduit to the outside, the little window in your special room through which you can see the far away mirror'.

'Wow', said April. 'I thought the entire universe is mirrored in my house, just as I represent all the matter within it. So in sharing my weight, this my house became redesigned in a distribution of my material beingness. This has to do with those galactic seeds, Brooke my cat has spoken about.
How then can Grandpa be outside of my house? You as my Grandma are part of me, as you yourself have said'.

'Well my dear, this is part of the greatest mysteries of them all and you will receive the answers in due time. But knowing Grandpa, as I do, he would, should you be able to talk to him, be able to perhaps give you some hints in a way you can understand now on the path of your life into a deeper comprehension of the partnership between wonderland outside and mirrorland inside.
But I can tell you, that Grandpa is as much a part of you as I am; we are your grandparents after all and so in some way we gave life to you, but you also gave life to us. One day you will understand this in a unique kind of wisdom, which can only be found in mirrorland'.

'Hmm, so my reason and purpose for being in mirrorland is to connect mirrorland to wonderland.
This would account for your separation from Grandpa on the inside with me here in mirrorland and his being on the outside in wonderland'.

'Yes April, this is true, but Grandpa himself, whilst being outside of mirrorland is not in wonderland. He also is in mirrorland, but not like we and your friends are. But he should explain this to you, as he has a different perspective on the situation from where he is. Should you try to discern yourself in the far away mirror, Grandpa might show up. He requires concentration on the selfperception to be able to communicate to the inside from the outside'.

'This is very intriguing Grandma and I shall try to talk to Grandpa about it'. April took her leave and proceeded to the little loopey window in her sanctuary to again discern the far away mirror and her image reflected there.

The more she attempted to discern her image in the distant mirror, the more mentally tired April became. 'I am getting a headache', April thought, 'and Grandpa must be busy. He doesn't seem to notice my concentration and intent'.

April decided to give it a break and have some Italian coffee to wake herself back up.
April had learned to manipulate her environment and to engage with herself and her many friends in some experiential manner.
To keep herself occupied, April had developed interactions with things and living beings; engaged in talking to herself and to the things and friends in whatever way seemed appropriate and instilled in April a sense of fun, learning and the gathering of experiences through her imaginative creativities.

'Hah, I have become my own data collector', April often mused. 'I want to find out what this life of mine is all about as an individuated goddess from wonderland, where all the goddesses are as One'.

Stimulated by the caffeine of her Italian coffee; April returned to the loopey window as her doorway into another world, the outside world into the greater universe as the space between the far away mirror and the mirror in April's house, the one through which she had entered mirrorland from wonderland.

'Make yourself comfortable April'; a firm, yet gentle voice suddenly entered April's mind.
'I have heard you before, my princess, but I would prefer you to talk to me in comfort and not under stress and tension or in suffering duress in just conversing with me.
You shall not be able to see me, but my nature of being outside of your universe does allow us to speak to each other from a secondary mode of communication, that of the sunbconsciousness'.

'Oh, I am so happy I can talk to you Grandpa', April laughed. A great weight had fallen from her shoulders, now that contact with Grandpa had been made.
'So you can talk to me and I can hear you because we are on some subconscious level'?

'Yes April. The way you talk to Grandma is the tertiary level of the waking consciousness. There is a primary mode of the superconsciousness and it is that mode, which directly connects wonderland to mirrorland'.

'Grandma said, that you are not in wonderland, but in mirrorland. How can that be, as you are communicating in the secondary mode', asked April?

'The far away mirror is the doorway or portal into wonderland April', replied Grandpa.
'I am literally located in between those two mirrors, yet in the same dimension of that in which you are experiencing within your house. Then the entire universe as your house is mirrored relative to itself as from within, but also relative to itself as from without.
Remember that your friend Mac the Eagle has hinted as to the importance of the creation of this far away mirror to discover the measurement of distances in the expansion of your universe.
I know, that Mac the Knife has the detailed information for you to understand the size and age of the universe and the scale relationships of those metersticks, the metrics.

But I can tell you, that this far away mirror limits your 3-dimensional universe just like an acorn or a mustard seed does.
A little seed is planted and then breaks open to disperse the, say genetic information, contained within. This genetic information, say of the acorn, then builds the shoot of an oaken tree and which then evolves over a suitable period of time into a majestic oaken tree on whom then wise owls my ponder the stars and upon whose branches nightingales may then sing their songs to the moon.

The oaken tree is your house April. But is there not a sky above the oaken tree and a ground beneath, even its far reaching roots?
Now my dear, can you imagine the oaken tree all unto itself; there is no sky above and no soil below?
You cannot do so because you know of the sky and the earth; but if you return to the seed before it sprouted; you can envison the whole tree in its acorn'.

'Oh, I see Grandpa', said April. 'The existence of the oaken tree is a kind of time travel. It is born from a preprogrammed genetic information; which knows how to build the tree.
So the oak is born from the preprogrammed information to gather the experience of the being, the environmental interaction and then after some time; the oak gets too old to support its preprogrammed structure and it withers and falls, recycling its material essence'.

'Well realised Apri'l, said Grandpa. 'Then the collected life-experience becomes a new seed, for a new acorn, despite the earlier material of the body of the oaken tree dispersing.

Well, dear I shall allow you a little peek into the far far away future. You will have to gather much more background information to understand what I shall outline to you. Mac the Eagle will give you more information about the cosmology, the lightpath and the distances and the timescales of the universe. Your other friends of the natural philosophy will also share ideas and data with you and you with them; and then you might remember some of the things I told you and then this somewhat hard to process information might crystallize in your understandings.

The 3-dimensional universe you live in is not only multidimensional, but extra 3-dimensional. This means that the 3rd dimension is both limited and unlimited. It is limited as a seed for higher dimensions and unlimited in intersecting the 3rd dimension in multidimensionality.
The energy for the birth of your universe is similarly limited and unlimited in the seeds and the seeds of the seeds.
This is called the Arrow of Entropy and the Arrow of Time by the natural philosophers. Some of the 3-dimensional scientist think that those arrows are onedirectional, but they are only in the individual seeds. As soon as a seed's energy has dispersed to a certain degree in a time period of about 4,000 billion years, the old seed sprouts a new seed, which builds upon the dispersed seed as a new seed.
The far away mirror is just the limiting parameter for the first and initial seed to begin its dispersion. This limiting parameter is about 17 billion years and so it takes about 236 "heartbeats" or "breathing cycles" for the 3-dimensional universe of your house to sprout its newness from its oldness.
This does not mean, that this, your house will disperse into nothingness. This your universe will remain as the seed of the 3rd spacial dimension for the seed of the 4th spacial dimension.
Whatever is seeded beyond this far away mirror is also reflected back into the primordial seedling, this your house.
In this way the limitation becomes delimited and the boundedness becomes unbounded in another greater or higher dimensional boundedness and so on.

But in 4 trillion years, the energy in your universe will have dispersed to require a recharging from wonderland. You April, will have given so much of your weight away and you will have gained so many friends; that you simply have to build a bigger house to experience it all.

The energy of the mirrorland derives from wonderland and the cosmological terms describe this in the duality between the Oneness of the Universal Goddess and the Manyness of the Individuated Goddesses.
The technical term is temperature and where this temperature is not the parameter of the kinematics and the inertia, but a temperature of noninertia, also labelled as the gravita of monadic superstrings.
For energy to exist in whatever form, say that of the thermodynamic universe of expansion and of entropy as the dispersion of energy; the antistate for this energy must also exist.
In due course you will understand, that the antienergy resides in wonderland as Alice, the Shadow April and mirrors the energy of April, the Shadow Alice in mirrorland.
The antienergy in wonderland is precisely equal to the energy in mirrorland, but only from wonderland can the energy in mirroland become supplemented. Many natural philosphers know this as the closed system of your house and attempt to reduce everything in your closed system to some elementary beginning or starting point. They have encountered a lot of problems in doing so and some have invented ever more elaborate models to explain mathematical singularities of the beginnings, the Big Bangs and brane collisions and so on.
The simple solution is not to forget wonderland, as with wonderland, the "many worlds" and the multiverses are naturally contained within the greater universe. There are many mansions in mirrorland, April, as you surely will find out for yourself one day, if you have not already done so.

You may meet another friend of yours one day on your journeys. This friend is a part of your weight and he is Johnny Lately the Mathematician; who knows about the special Gaussian Wavefunction descriptive of your house. This wavefunction descibes the connection between the finiteness in mirrorland and the infiniteness in wonderland, finitely reflected in the Riemann-Zeta Bound of the "frozen spacetimes".

The loopey window you are looking through is the metric of the gravita and it also is the metric of the far away mirror.
When your house had reached halfway the distance to the far away mirror in the expansion of its metersticks so 2.2 billion years ago; then the limiting parameter of the 3-dimensional seed was activated.
When your universe was born, it was the monadic noninertial temperature, which created your house as the boundary for you to later throw your weight around in the distribution of inertia.

You may ask certain questions, like "How old am I as the Universe" and this is a very good question at the core of all cosmology.
You will find, that your house has four different metrics and so there are four ages and four sizes for your universe and depending on your viewoint of observation.
Your house as measured from within has the volume of a sphere, but measured from my location, this volume transforms into a special toroidal shape, like a doughnut without as hole.
This then gives the volume V10+=2π2Rmax3[n/(n+1)]3 for an inertial doughnut age of 8.96 billion years or a 15.03 billion year spherical age. These are the Actual Inertial Ages for your universe as envelopes or upper bounds and these are not the ages as measured by your natural philosophers.
The transformation factor between the "doughnut without a hole" and the sphere is the upper bounded Chaos Constant known as the Feigenbaum-Delta: σFmax=3π/2.

Should you measure your universe from the position of wonderland however, the volume increases due to the 4-dimensional seed activated by the 3-dimensional seed.
Technically the surface on which the far away mirror exists becomes a 3-dimensional mirror just as the location of your loopey window is located on the inside of a spherical 2-dimensional mirror.
Then the outside of your loopey-window surface changes from a spherical surface to a doughnut surface, remaining however 2-dimensional, albeit in transition to 3D, obtained at the far away mirror, not asymptotically, but gravitationally through the monadic gravita.

Outside the far away mirror then the surface topology is 4-dimensional as the orthogonal vector nRmax in the expression dV11+=S.dR=2π2Rmax3dR from V4=½π2R4 and dV4/dR=2π2R3

The extra-3D-volume so becomes: V11+=n32π2Rmax3 and is measured relative to your inside as an age of 32.04 billion years, but relative to my outside as 19.11 billion years. These are the Actual Electromagnetic Ages for your universe.

The Measured Ages for your universe are however lower, than the Actual Ages, because of the intersection of the 3rd dimension with the 4th dimension.

If the critical volume is defined as Vcritical=2π2Rmax3, then the extra 3D volume expanding as a 4D volume seed will be V11-= n.Vcritical and as reduced from V11+=n3.Vcritical
The Measured Electromagnetic Age for your universe then is 17.62 billion doughnut years and 29.53 billion sphere years.

The following expressions must hold and define the multivolumes in labels, which can then become reinterpreted in the form of 'missing energy' and 'missing mass'. Many cosmologists in your universe term this the search for 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' respectively.

Multidimension Factor: DIM = V11+/V10+ = V11-/V10-
Dark Matter Factor: DIMDM = V11- /V10+=(n+1)3/n2~7.561
Dark Energy Factor: DIMDE = V11+/V10-=(n+1)3.n2~12.434

You so must have a reduced 3-dimensional inertial volume V10-, which is given by
V10-=(n/[n+1]3)2π2Rmax3 and provides a doughnut age of 8.26 billion years and the age measured by the astrophysicist in your house, namely 13.85 billion years as the Measured Inertial Ages for your universe.

Comprehensively then, April, your present universe is undergoing an ongoing transformation. You might term it the seeds are sprouting for the harvest and the harvest are the seeds from the seeds and the harvester is you in Oneness and in Manyness'.

'So this is why Grandma is weaving those webs', interjected April. 'She mentioned this preparing of some cocoon'.

'Do you think you are a beautiful goddess, April', asked Grandpa?

'Well, yes, Grandma also said that the far away mirror shows the most beautiful as the oneness of all the individuations', replied April.

'This transformation of the blossoming new seed from the old seed will render you even more beautiful, than you are now', giggled Grandpa.
'Compare yourself to your companion and friend Scott the Caterpillar, April. Like you he will become cocooned in his house and the one you share and like you, he will one day remember wonderland and in an appropriate utilization of the far away mirror; both of you shall metamorphose into the Butterflies of Dragonia as the Butterflies of Serpentina of the extra 3-dimensional reality and much closer to wonderland than mirrorland, yet still part of it.

I say, this is enough information for one day and I shall leave you to your comforts now, concluded Grandpa'.

'Thanks for this information Grandpa', said April. 'Yes, I certainly have something to think about and to discuss with my friends. So Scott the Caterpillar and his house is also in transmutation and his house is my house through our partnership with each other; I'll get this.
But Grandpa; I know that Grandma is engaged in my special room of the planet Gaia and that Grandma is like an ambassadora for my sanctuary Arachne de Gaea' Do you have a name and a "special place" too'?

'Yes, my dear granddaughter, I do have a name and my abode is the outside of the inside of Arachne de Gaea.
It is called Draco de Uraeus and my name is Grandpa Serpent-Man.
I am a fiery dragon from Plato's Land, flying about just outside your Cave of the Shadows.

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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Please can you not post such long posts and contain yourself to a summary and a link that references the original work.

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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

sorry, but the rules around here are so......strange.

Anchor, why do you pick on this poster, who has posted some very very interesting material.....yea, I know its long.....but I ask you, why do you ignore certain other posters who on a regular basis post outside posts that run for pages and pages...........not a word said.......is this some kind of "favoritism" that is going on here. Why is the same rule not applied to all? Someone else brought up this point before, & now I can see why.
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

if you want to learn, unfortunately, reading is a requirement
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Thanks for posting, very interesting!
"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

'Angel Heart'
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland


I read your post and am trying to understand what you wish to convey. Would it be this:

We are April and Draco is the mirror (or the counterpart of our creations) that you speak about in the story?

If I understood the story April (was or is) an expanding universe which has a mirrored image universe (Alice? or Draco?) outside of Aprils' universe that is able to see her.

Isn't the Draco constellations within our universe?

Or is it a black hole through which a worm hole expands into our counter universe? Lol I'm not sure what I'm asking... haha!

Hard for me to to follow you sir.

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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post
...Hard for me to to follow you sir...
I think it is a lady...

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Originally Posted by James Casbolt View Post
Thanks for posting, very interesting!
You are welcome James. I am glad you could understand this story about yourself.

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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Hm! Abrax now why was i thinking the same thing!
although a little deep i see the concept of it all thank you for sharing this.
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post

I read your post and am trying to understand what you wish to convey. Would it be this:

We are April and Draco is the mirror (or the counterpart of our creations) that you speak about in the story?

If I understood the story April (was or is) an expanding universe which has a mirrored image universe (Alice? or Draco?) outside of Aprils' universe that is able to see her.

Isn't the Draco constellations within our universe?

Or is it a black hole through which a worm hole expands into our counter universe? Lol I'm not sure what I'm asking... haha!

Hard for me to to follow you sir.

Hi bigmo!

It is even simpler than this bigmo. You are April, or say the 'April' in you is your feminine shadow-self.
{Technically, you could have been born a girl if your biological father's Xo-chromosome would have fused with your biological mother's X1or2 chromosome, isstead of your father's Y chromosome}.

You, bigmo, say before being conceived and born as 'Little bigmo' as one of many many babies throughout history in space and time -PREEXISTED as 'Big bigmo' (you can term this All That Is or God or 'The Collective' or what have you).

So your individual life becomes an adventure to EXPERIENCE yourself - the 'Big bigmo' in SEPARATION, as just one of many many mirror images of yourself.

The Story then says, that part of your life's adventure is to REDISCOVER the unity and oneness of all things and in this way to ALLOW the 'Big bigmo' to exist as one of many 'Little bigmos' growing up and remebering from whence he came.

Technically, your 'Little bigmo' body so holographically represents the total mass of the universe, as a miniature photo of it say.
So you 'throw your weight around', which technically defines the expanding thermodynamical universe and then you can model this cosmology as an expansion of a lowerD volume into a higherD volume.

Then Draco, the constellation is within the lowerD, as you have said; BUT is also IMAGED by the Boundary of the lowerD universe (your body as a hologram) onto the boundary of the higherD universe.

From this then the technicalities emerge, but become simplified by you looking into the lowerD mirror (in your room, being your body in the bathroom say) but there is a 'hole' or 'window' in your bathroom mirror, which allows you to look into another mirror (the higherD one towards the universe is expanding towards to).

Looking through the window in your bathroom mirror then allows you to see 'a glimpse' however vague of the 'Big bigmo' before he was born.

Thanks for your pertinent question and to give me the opportunity to elucidate.

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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Originally Posted by Steven View Post
I think it is a lady...

Namaste, Steven
Indeed her name is Stefania!

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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
Hm! Abrax now why was i thinking the same thing!
although a little deep i see the concept of it all thank you for sharing this.
Hi Jacqui!

Hopefully my answer to bigmo has made it a little simpler to understand.

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Jacqui D
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

I think you may have mis interpreted my answer i should have quoted your answer i was refering to James when i said Hm! now why did i think that. This has been a very interesting thread Abrax thank you once again
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Indeed her name is Stefania!

That's a beautiful name, meaning "crown". Same as mine, lol.

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland


Thank you for your response to my last inquiry. If you would indulge me another question...

You mentioned James of the Wingmakers in another thread.

James was very clear that any channeled material was still under the influence of the HMS (human mind system) since the programming for the HMS extended beyond our 3 dimensions. (not sure how many more it encompassed, up to the 5th or 6th?)

Are any of the foundational material upon which you have build your explanations and premises channeled information?

He also states, as you have, that we are all one and further suggest that the quickest way to remembering who we are is to raise the vibrational level of our local universe by adapting a heart centered perspective, which can be achieved by practicing the 6 heart virtues.

Would you say that the information you are sharing would harmonize, within an acceptable range, the current Lyricus or Event Temple teachings and discourses?

I have to admit that there is something in what you are saying that is drawing me in (one of my weaknesses is for intellectualism ) but I can't put my finger on it yet.

If indeed you believe you are in harmony with the Wingmakers material... please tell me where I may learn more.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.


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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post

Thank you for your response to my last inquiry. If you would indulge me another question...

You mentioned James of the Wingmakers in another thread.

James was very clear that any channeled material was still under the influence of the HMS (human mind system) since the programming for the HMS extended beyond our 3 dimensions. (not sure how many more it encompassed, up to the 5th or 6th?)

Are any of the foundational material upon which you have build your explanations and premises channeled information?

He also states, as you have, that we are all one and further suggest that the quickest way to remembering who we are is to raise the vibrational level of our local universe by adapting a heart centered perspective, which can be achieved by practicing the 6 heart virtues.

Would you say that the information you are sharing would harmonize, within an acceptable range, the current Lyricus or Event Temple teachings and discourses?

I have to admit that there is something in what you are saying that is drawing me in (one of my weaknesses is for intellectualism ) but I can't put my finger on it yet.

If indeed you believe you are in harmony with the Wingmakers material... please tell me where I may learn more.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Another excellent observation and question bigmo!

Indeed James is correct about the channelled material.
Channelling is simply the subduction of waking consciousness to 'tap' the subconscious - the collective subconscious of Carl Gustav Jung say.
So to then 'overcome' the waking intellect, ego and rationality; the 'medium' 'goes into a trance' for the purpose to become a 'clear channel'.

What James refers to is that the subconscious itself is part of the 'human conditioning'; so channelling from the subconscious will open a 'Pandora's Box' of entitities, energies and influences.
Iow the Noosphere of Verdansky and Teilhard de Chardin will be tapped in the 'Akashic Records' that is the 'collective' human experience in memory, thought forms and experiences.

The wingmakers material is in full harmony with the material from Thuban and there is a common source provided in a most misinterpreted little book as part of the Nag Hammadi Codex, found in Egypt just after WWII.

It is called 'The Gospel of Thomas Dydimos' and is older than any of the canons of what is termed today 'The New Testament'.

The GoT has nothing to do with dogmatic religion, but incorporates and describes the cosmogenesis or cosmogony (as ontology for cosmology) in a most cohesive and selfconsistent fashion.
Iow the archetypes both the wingmakers and the Thuban material address are also found in the GoT.
Now because if the confiscation of this material by religious AND academic interests; the emphasis was placed on historicity; who wrote what and when; instead of analysis of the words and what they might mean in the cosmogenetic contexts.

There are many translations; here is one: http://www.geocities.com/mwgrondin/5thGospl.htm

Now I can perhaps entice you to see that that James of the wingmakers has as its ultimate terrestrial source the GoT; and so has Thuban.
We term it 'The Master's Handbook' - the 'mastery' referring not to some 'better than thou' attribute, but the surpassing of the dead alive -living dead dichotomy of quantum mechanics and the related physical consequences for this.

James of the wingmakers works from the Thuban perspective. The physical universe (of 10D=4D colocal) becomes a mirror and the 3+9=12 also becomes the mirror for the mirror to reflect in.
The 10D mirror has an inside-outside' BEING TWOSIDED; but the 12D mirror is Onesided - this makes all the difference.

The space between 10D and the 12D (of the two mirrors) is like 11D. It is from there the wingmakers come in their timetravel capacity.
Because the 11D then reflects in the 12D mirror into the 13D the wingmakers are reflected Thubanites.
Only 'beyond' 10D will the human mind system be rendered 'overpowered' by a greater and more encompassing perspective.

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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

Thank you kindly for your response Abraxas.

Peace to you.
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Default Re: YOU as April in Wonderland and as Alice in Mirrorland

It's an old and gold story just that with time here it's getting exponentially complicate , wonder how the same story may sound after 1000 + years ?

No matter in how many universes it's being re-told to kids and in how many versions, the simple count sais that there is only one dimension in each universe where it's also being real.

To continue..


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