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Uriel Andros
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Lightbulb Vision of a Crystal

In 1981 I began to experience a remarkable series of visions concerning a rather amazing crystal. Over the course of many meditations I was shown that it was present in the ancient civilization of Mu/Lemuria before being transported to Atlantis. And I was shown something of how incredibly powerful this enormous crystal was. For a very long time I told no one of these visions, being unsure of how seriously I should take them. Finally, I decided to tell a friend who was a very talented psychic. He not only verified what I had seen but gave me a great deal more information about it. That session ended with a mind-blowing synchronistic experience that left no doubt in my mind that this was all very real.

We also learned of the presence of other similar crystals that function together as a unit. In Atlantis the crystals served as a focal point for spiritual undertakings until negative forces overwhelmed the society and destruction of the continent became inevitable. As the time of destruction approached, one of the high priests, together with a small group of followers who had remained faithful to the principles of Light, secreted these crystals from the Temple and hid them in their present locations. They knew that many thousands of years would pass before the crystals could be used again, but that it was vitally important that they survive and be available when that time arrived.

The main crystal apparently functions as a "transformer" sensitive to certain brainwave patterns and is capable of greatly magnifying the mental images projected into it. Acting with its companions, these crystals seems to have a direct connection to powerful forces and are capable of having a profound effect on the planet and its inhabitants. I had long hoped that it would be possible to use these crystals to ameliorate the effects of the coming crust shift. But I've been told in very clear terms that judment has been passed on this current civilization and it must be terminated. All that can be done now is to use them to help restore the remnants to a better form of society so that humanity can proceed toward it's spiritual unfoldment.

All this implies, of course, that the time is close when the crystals can be retrieved and put to use once again. By themselves they can be the instrument for changing the world as we know it back into the paradise it once was. How might this be accomplished? The first thing that comes to mind is eliminating the entire stockpile of nuclear weapons so they will never again present a danger to humanity. There are other worthwhile things that could be undertaken such as correcting the tilt of the planet, thereby eliminating extreme seasons and restoring the mythic "golden age" to the planet. Just that one change would have enormous long-range effects as people around the world no longer were forced to deal with extremes of cold. (I once asked a couple psychics about this and they agreed it could be done, but were terrified of the implications.)

Other possibilities are just as extreme and almost without limit. And it is because of the enormity of what can be done that it has always seemed desirable to have a group doing this work rather than just one person, but I know that if I have to do it by myself that is a responsibility I must be willing to assume.

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