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Default Making or breaking AVALON forum (your constant choice)

This is more serious than you may believe. It's possible that what you immediately do right after reading this post, could make or break this forum. Maybe not now, today, tomorrow or next year, but "something" is bound to happen concerning it all. It always is and always does.

"What is so important about forums like Avalon and it's members?" No, I already personally understand just how important Avalon is and I believe it's also important for my own whole being growth. I want YOU to tell me just how important Avalon is to you, our world or more. That's basically what the rest of this post concerns (various eye opening perspectives), so don't bother reading it if you don't want to.

It's nice to be involved with any forum that claims open minded awareness as a whole (for all involved). Maybe most forum owners and even possibly it's moderators are like minded in that way as well?

Should all forums continually advertise themselves "being more open" to all it's members & the world? If this is not accomplished via different examples through the forum owners, all it's moderators (by the ways they all act, what they type while posting and replying in their forums) then it's like what politicians do to the public, which is nothing but "all talk" and no action. That's not a bad thing but it shows that such forums acting in those ways also need much more time to grow as a whole and we're all still growing.

What's interesting are the members of such forums as Avalon. They are the ones who seem to make or break the forums they join. This is something that almost everyone, from the forum owners, moderators, members and guests can easily take for granted at anytime or even all the time.

Some still don't seem to realize that every single word, sentence and paragraph they post or reply to also leaves a very important and various impressions on all involved. Especially the guests of such forums and the ones who are thinking about joining as new members. To post or reply in any forum is like being on live global TV. If you feel that it's not then maybe you treat forums differently. If so then there are probably more folks reading your posts/replies than you may ever realize or even care to realize.

Language in any form is nothing but the excess residue of thought or conscious energy. So it's your emotions or feelings that especially make or break any forum your part of in anyway. Whether your "on or offline" from any forums your always "online" via our oneness connection with those forums and all reality. Do you really see how important you are concerning the constant life and change of anything that you involve yourself with in anyway? Especially any forums that your an active member of? Okay, maybe too deep to talk about here.

Does a more healthy forum have more members who allow all (or some?) of it's members being more open and free? Especially without name calling from themselves and/or any of it's members? Does it mean that we all need to "constantly" look at ourselves more deeply, like who we really are and just how much more responsible we must be for ourselves & our world? Does it mean that forum members should be encouraged to immediately dis-believe other forum members experiences for what ever reason(s)? It's "ok" to dis-believe, it's just when ever a forum allows anyone to "put down" anyone for what ever they believe in.

For me it just shows how some do not believe that change is all around and we are all change as well. I believe that everyone, no matter who they are can change for the better or worst. This is part of my oneness belief... no, my oneness instinct. Everyone can chose being this as well.

Agree to disagree and seeing eye to eye is never an ending to any involvement you have with anyone or all reality for that matter. It's beyond that and you could chose to explore and evolve such knowledge for yourself. Of course hanging on to any energy of non-forgiveness, hate, fear, anger, ignorance by not reforming it into something more positive balance as a whole is your choice as well. But why should any forum allow or continue such ways (via it's members, mods, owners and etc.) without also & immediately providing or promoting more possible positive solutions as a whole?

Should all involved in the avalon forum understand that every single word they type into any avalon post/reply also represents the avalon forum as well? Promoting this by example, not just words alone is the key here. Doing so without any or very little force is another major aspect as well. Because if a forum has rules or disclaimers that say they are not responsible for all their members, then that forum is correct in some ways at least. Still, my point is that what ever all forum members post is also what makes or breaks that forum. Because forums are like leaders and most people will follow them through great lengths.

It's all about learning, experiencing and evolving into a more optimum species of beings. If we're all not in it together then we're all resisting each other. Either way go with who you are and evolve more and more into a whole being of self realization and never stop your whole being evolution! Continue offering your help to others and those who help our world, but don't beat yourself up because everyone is learning/experiencing in their own ways.

For example, many Avalon forum members (like me) easily & deeply sense various perspectives (especially those not explained by anyone) from every post and reply that they involved themselves with. Those who counter react any low frequency from other members do so without promoting more low frequency and instead promote more oneness or high frequency.

Well... there goes my Sunday afternoon, lol. If you felt I was preaching then so be it. Instead of complaining why not evolve it all for all involved and do so for more oneness or higher frequency concerning this post and everyone?

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Default Re: Making or breaking AVALON forum (your constant choice)

Dude no offence, but you are way over thinking things. It is just a place for people to share ideas. THE END
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Default Re: Making or breaking AVALON forum (your constant choice)

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
Dude no offence, but you are way over thinking things. It is just a place for people to share ideas. THE END
It's also a place for people to make a difference.
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Default Re: Making or breaking AVALON forum (your constant choice)

Thank you kevin *claps* what you are saying is so spot on and I agree wholeheartedly.
Light a candle in the darkness folks, light the way for all to see.
M x
better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace

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Arrow Re: Making or breaking AVALON forum (your constant choice)

yes I see you put a lot of thought into this, but sometimes it is better

not to over analyze things and let them just flow. I respect your opinion and will

tell you why I am here and summarize it as best as possible. To experience and

learn. Avalon contributes to this in many ways. I experience spiritual like minded

beings here in a way I couldn't other places and learn from them. It is part of my

journey to seek knowledge and observe this reality from different angles. Some

people do not need to be here and so they choose not to, that we can respect.

There is no one telling us we need to be here we just choose to be because

this site resonates with us.
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