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Default Mass Jabs To Stop Measles Deaths U.K.


Mass vaccination; which way will they get you?
A measles outbreak is threatening lives, prompting a mass vaccination programme in one of the country's worst-hit areas.

Cases of the disease are soaring across England and Wales

Doctors are preparing to immunise residents in a small corner of east Cheshire around Crewe, where almost 70 cases have been reported this year.

The alarming figures are worse than anywhere in England and Wales outside London.

Dr Ayo Oyinolye, from Cheshire Health Protection Unit, told Sky News: "The outbreak here is not showing any signs of tailing off.

"If we don't respond the infection will grow, and in the worst case scenario, we will see one or two deaths and many children suffering serious side effects from the disease."

Teams of nurses will vaccinate up to 10,500 children in 177 primary schools and 33 secondary schools. The jab will also be offered to young staff members.

Measles cases are soaring across England and Wales with 1,049 confirmed cases so far this year, surpassing last year's total of 990.

Dr Rosemary McCann, from the Health Protection Agency, said: "Britain is on the cusp of a measles epidemic because a large cohort of children and teenagers missed out on MMR vaccination over the past five to 10 years."

In 2006, a 13-year old boy from north west England became the first person in the UK to die of the virus in 14 years.

Last August the Chief Medical Officer announced an MMR catch-up programme, urging Primary Care Trusts and GPs to identify individuals not yet vaccinated.

As a result of the recent outbreak in Cheshire, the local Health Protection Unit has written to parents seeking urgent consent for their children to be immunised.

Dr Oyinolye said: "This is a big step but it's a nasty disease which is avoidable.

"So long as MMR uptake is low, we have a large number of children who are not immune…the virus can easily spread across the country."

This is ten miles from my abode!!??
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Default Re: Mass Jabs To Stop Measles Deaths U.K.

yes, it is always "sad" when they have a big store of date expiring vaccines...i wonder if these ****heds ever get tired of hitting innocent children with their ignorance in injected form.....and it is sooooooo strange how these wellworking vaccines dont take off for big socalled "pandemic crices"....i guess u have almost 90% covering in england, so how can it spread like fire???? it is impossible if it is supposed to work, and beside that....what about all the people that is not immune anymore, vaccineimmunity lives for max 10 years......so why dont everyone need this shot.....they are sooooo far out...and i envy them their lack of normal brainpower.....so easy living!!!!
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