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Default Time Magazine Exposed

Ever looked at Time magazine - I mean really objectively?

I picked up the latest copy to see not just what they print, but how they print it. I went through it and here is what I noticed:

Front Cover: Washington frozen in an ice-cube.

Interesting depiction because it has a double meaning: (1) The so-called discontent with government; and, (2) The freezing weather that hit 50 U.S States and is highly suspected of being man-made using HAARP technology. A feeble attempt by the Dark Ones to divert attention away from themselves and delay their demise - it will not work.

Inside Front Cover: A car advert

We have been a slave to the gasoline powered motor vehicle for over 60 years. It keeps the oil companies and corrupt government officials in the lifestyle to which they wish to become more accustomed and is part of the long chain that keeps the world's people in a cycle of slavery, debt and poverty.

p2. Inbox

-A letter about the Haiti disaster

Disaster's feature heavily in Time's articles. Articles featuring war, crime and disaster suppress our spiritual development - unless you can see that is what is going on!

-Two letter's about the failing education system

It is a well held view that the education system is dumbing down our children and this is a view I agree with having experience with it.

-A letter regarding Avatar and a link to Japanese animation movies with leftist views

I am not surprised they would feature an article attacking this movie. The movie is basically about Pandora's indigenous population called the Na'vi; sentient inhabitants that are in touch with their spiritual side and oneness of all life, and the humans who invade their world for usual reason: Greed. Sound familiar?

Not unexpectedly the negative elite embarked on a campaign of slagging the movie before its release in an attempt to put people off seeing it: It didn't work!

-A letter touching on the crime and poverty in South Africa

-A letter about the troubles in Israel
-Another car advert

p4. Postcard: Seoul - A feature article on the famine and suffering in North Korea

p5. Briefing: An article on the Vancouver Olympic Games. Not what you would think; this article focuses on the difficulties the Canadians are having staging the games. A basically negative article.

  • An article on the return to nuclear power
  • U.S criticism of Iran
  • The Brussels train disaster
  • Egypt: King Tut's Curse: Malaria
  • Cheating in Georgia state schools
  • West Bank Israeli separatism. Interestingly enough the villagers featured were protesting dressed as members of the Na'vi tribe from the move Avatar
  • Syria: The 5 year diplomatic freeze
  • The surprise retirement of Democratic Senator Evan Bayh. A Pro-abortion advocate - this may or may not have been his undoing.
  • Haiti: Missionaries released, but still negative
  • Dubai: The 11 suspects in the killing of the Hamas leader

Plus an article about the banning of alcohol in Papua New Guinea and gas pipeline squabbles

p8. Soldiers and the fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This is just the first 8 pages. Starting to see the pattern now?


p25. Somalia. Say no more!

p31. China's aims at returning tigers to the wild. Written in a negative vein.

p34. This is really interesting: A full feature article on Kathryn Bigelow, director of "The Hurt locker". Yes another war movie. Remember wars are good for business and the Negative Elite love wars. They don't care who gets killed; only for the money and power they obtain!

Time reported, in part: "A near-perfect movie about men in war, men at work. Through sturdy imagery and violent action, it says that even Hell needs heroes."

In fact all major newspapers and magazines, which are nearly all controlled by the Dark Ones, give this movie a 10-star kick-ass report - but for those of you "awake", are you surprised??

The article goes all out in praising her and her excellent movie. I'll bet if she was the one who did Avatar, she would be "shot down in flames" - no pun intended. The Dark Ones will be supporting her to the fullest in beating out Avatar at the Academy Awards. Watch this space because we'll see how just how much influence they (still) have.

The choice is:

A war movie depicting oppression, killing, destruction and man's indifference to death and with an overall mood that is deeply dispiriting Vs. A movie the enlightens, empowers, and teaches us to get in touch with our spiritual side. The choice is obvious - isn't it?

p41. Arts: An article on Martin Scorsese and his "Psycho killers".

This is typical of Time's content. The vast majority of stories are dark and negative; the images are flat and lifeless and depict death, disaster, poverty and destruction. Not convinced? Compare imagery and content in Time to imagery and content in National Geographic, the images of which are full of life and the articles that inspire people to get in touch with themselves and their planet. The two are, literally, world's apart.

As if this isn't enough, take a look at some of the Negative influenced people Time voted as Person of the Year:

2009: Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve)
2004: George Bush
2003: The American Soldier
2000: George W. Bush
1992: Bill Clinton
1991: Ted Turner (media)
1990: George Bush
1989: Mikhail Gorbachev
1987: Mikhail Gorbachev
1983: Ronald Reagan/Yuri Andropov
1980: Ronald Reagan
1976: Jimmy Carter
1974: King Faisal (The Saudi that led OPEC price hikes)
1972: Nixon/Kissinger
1971: Richard Nixon
1967: Lyndon Johnson
1965: Gen. W. Westmoreland
1964: Lyndon Johnson
1957: Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet mass-murderer)
1954: John Foster Dulles (The U.S Secretary of State that brought "brinksmanship" to cold war lexicon)
1948: Harry S. Truman
1945: Harry Truman
1943: Gen. George Marshall
1942: Joseph Stalin (Soviet mass-murderer)
1938: Adolf Hitler (German mass-murderer)

There are some notable exceptions - but come on - Hitler, Stalin, Bush & Bernanke!


This is all designed to suppress your spirituality - don't let it. Remember who you are - the spark of the Creator - and that what you think, is what you manifest. Become focused and clear on what it is you want to create, have, be and do.

We are on the brink of great change. "Stay true to yourselves and let all your decisions be made from the area of your heart space. You will know that this is the right way for you to go by the feeling of lightness and rightness that you experience and feel. Your Higher Self is always guiding you to make the right choices in Divine timing."

Wake up People!
Wake up People!
Wake up People!


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