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Default I want you!


where are the great thinkers hiding?

has money and greed consumed all those who dare to dream?

a world where many choose to follow the beat of the same drum.

where are all the great leaders?

challenging our thoughts to provoke a higher knowledge?

all I see are role MODELS

showing us how, why and what to thinkÖ

as long as it LOOKS good,

as long as it FEELS good,

then it MUST be good.

self absorbed, self consumed

robots just asking to be controlled.

target audience even directly marketed under the guise of ďselfĒ

brilliant for them,

sad for those who subscribe.

this race is infested with those who, by choice,
have let themselves become content

while at the same time technology has evolved into race all of itís own,

and those whoíve succumbed to contentment

have submissively handed over control to the machines.

weíve become a product of a product.

the laziness and lack of free thinking

that is now built into our dna,

enables the powerful to herd us like sheep.

unfortunately, most of the powers that are in control

got there through money, greed and shameful acts in the name of self promotion

not for unselfishly promoting the greater good of mankind.

gandhi was far out numbered by the likes of stalin, hitler, mao, saddam, even bush.

they are a breed all their own,

on a dark mission to keep the light of love away


hurry on kids and get that tattooed on u somewhere.

new world order is the new black.

itíll be a staple in all of our lives,

unless you start thinking for yourself.


does not really exist!

fear not and believe in yourself.

your only limited by your own perceptions.

why let the everyday krap of living prevent you from living a dream?

you think you are not capable?

weíre generally a doubting, disbelieving breed.

most of us were raised that way.

we have to make up whatever thoughts we can to keep us from

doing the work of our dreams.

If you allow fear or insecurity to dominate your perception,

then you could end up undermining your own potential.

conquer that fear of the unknown.

jump into a new life!

do not give life to what does not exist, its senseless.

why let resistance, fears, misperceptions

and basic disbelief in yourself dictate who you are?

if itís because you feel you canít make a difference,

well then youíre wrong,
your making a difference whether you realize it or not.

why not make it a positive one?


unite through love.

we may not all share the same religion

or political views.

our personal preferences will all differ.

we donít need to have the same color skin
 or dress alike.

we are all our own unique blueprint,

thatís what makes us all special.

but we are also, however distantly, all connected.

this world is evolving into a state of despair.

if you desire a better quality of life,

YOU must make the difference.

it is the responsibility we ALL share.

it is up to us, as a whole.

have you forgotten that you make your own choices?

you do have say in your own destiny,

even if your stuck in the most undesirable set of circumstances.

love is the foundation of unity and also of happiness.

tug on your string in Tokyo

and you can feel it in NYC.


who can you trust with your love?

start with yourself.

If youíre a survivor of child abuse or come from a dysfunctional family,

you may still be waiting for a parent to give you the love and

acceptance you never got as a child.

but the kind of love you need

isnít going to come from a parent who abused you

or who looked the other way while you were being abused.

but, it can come from yourself.

it can be hard to give it to yourself at first

after all, if you didnít receive love as a child,

or if some of that love was torn away from you by violence,

self-hate may have built up inside you.

but you have the courage and strength to love yourself,

if youíve survived this long.
and you do deserve it!

donít let all the hurt and betrayal imposed on you
 be passed on.

again, a choice that YOU make.

love is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.


donít ever become content with all that you know

always strive to know more,

in doing so allows you the opportunity for a greater understanding.

know the difference between lesser knowledge and higher knowledge.

out of scientific knowledge and progress in technology,

the entire world is gripped with fear, anxiety, in a state of acute anxiety neurosis,

a state of uncertainty about the future and insecurity in the present.

that means that due to this knowledge and its utilization,

humanity has become sick.

humanity is ill, suffering from the maladies of fear,

uncertainty and insecurity.

if over emphasis is laid upon the lesser knowledge,

it leads to knowledge about things and ignorance about oneself,

ignorance about life and the laws that prevail in the universe,

the laws that govern life.

whereas, if the emphasis is laid upon the higher knowledge,

that higher knowledge liberates one from ignorance,

liberates one from all that is narrow, limited, that which separates.

It makes one divine by granting the knowledge that bestows
the vision of the universal oneness of all life.

being able to recite every bone in the body or

quoting someone elseís great thought

doesnít constitute a higher knowledge.

those who know only the lesser knowledge,

are very advanced in knowledge, but they lack wisdom.

they know about everything else, but they do not know about themselves.

therefore they fall a prey to egoism, to selfishness, to megalomania.

they fall a prey to small goals dictated by the selfish view of things.

they do not see divinity in humanity.

they do not know about the law of love that prevails

for the happiness and benefit of all mankind.

they only see in a narrow way; their vision is fragmented;

their experience is not universal.

never underestimate the power of thought.


it starts with YOU!
open your mind

be the best you can be

dare to dream

live life

give love

have compassion

stop violence

spread the knowledge

share your wealth

think for yourself

make a positive impact on those around you

spend less time complaining

and more time finding a solution

promote the greater good of mankind.

why not CHOOSE to do this

before your chance to choose is gone!

** disclaimer **

this is just an opinion and has been an attempt to inspire - NO purchase necessary!
do what ever you want with it - NO copyright laws apply!
most importantly - have a GREAT day!

~ love rules ~
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