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Default Help figuring out who visted me


I had a weird experience at night last year. I am trying to figure out who/what it might have been. Will start by saying when I was young I left my body at night many times trying to get high into the sky. Almost like it was imperative I reach the stars. Every time "something" made me go back in my body. Except for once I stayed around my house but when I myself tried to get back in my body I could not and it scared me. I did get back in obviously. The reason I mention this mild story first is because of the "place" I went on these occasions. Life kicks in. I grow up and can not go to this place any more.
Then one night last year I hear this sound best described as "wooosh" and there is a small being that looked to me like static from a television channel with no reception. He has his hands in my stomach area and is doing something. I then leave my body sit right up and grabbed this being by the wrists and with such anger that I have never felt before I said F you. Then he went poof... gone.
So when this happened I realized it was the same outer body place I stepped into as a child.

Who/what was it?
Did I react accordingly or do I owe an apology?
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