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Martian Tigress
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Default Re: Should I turn off my computer, too?

Like Clydebuilt, I stopped watching TV totally four years ago. I got rid of my cable subscription, and the only thing I occasionally do is watch a Tai Chi or Yoga DVD or two. I keep my Internet connection because if I need info on the weather or the Moon-phase (I skywatch), I can look it up quickly. I also correspond with several people via email. The one thing I really do not do while on the Internet is watch videos. Mostly I read or do research.

Stepping back from TV allowed me to really do some serious thinking about it, to figure out just exactly what it is I do not like about it. Once I thought things through, I realized the core issue for me was about exercising personal sovereignty: if I do not let Jehovah's Witnesses and stucco salesmen in my front door, and if I screen my phone calls to eliminate telephone solicitation, why should I let obnoxious sales tactics have free access to me in my own living room via the tube?

I came to see that the entirety of TV is one big sales-pitch: fear and titillation are pitched in TV shows as hooks to keep people coming back so that the repetitive programming of commercials can be rammed into people's heads. In short, the primary function of TV is not entertainment. It is to function as an audience-delivery device, so that a bunch of hucksters and propagandists can have access to one's attention 24/7.


Martian Tigress
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