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Default Should I turn off my computer, too?

I have almost said good-bye to what my tv has to offer. I'm addicted to what my tv tells me, but I know it is a type of drug. I have stopped watching all forms of drama and comedy on my tv, but I am still viewing some sports, and some news and documentaries.

The sports are only a diversion, and the news and documentaries are clearly biased. I believe that a portion of the news and documentaries is worth watching, but the rest is a waste of time.

I'm almost ready to pull the plug on my remaining tv content.

The question I am asking is whether I should cancel my internet?

I've learned a lot by exploring the internet "truth" sites, but it's kind of depressing dwelling on the negative scenarios described on these sites.

By reading these sites, I have come to the conclusion that evil, powerful people are cooperating with selfish ETs in a plan that doesn't feature the liberation of the human species.

I'm definitely alert to these evil plans, but should I continue to visit internet sites that speculate about the latest moves of the evil ones?

I think I have discerned the array of possible threats. Continuing to hear people express what is about to go wrong places me in an anxious mood.

Should I turn off my computer, too?
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