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Default About solfeggio tones.

I have been interested for a while in the concept of certain frequencies having specific effects on our body and specially, on our mind. I've been reading about binaural beats, isochronic tones, brain waves, solfeggio frequencies, etc.

It is a scientific fact our brains work on different overall frequencies while in different states (awake, deep sleep, etc). Also some rhythms appear to have hypnotic qualities. And of course music can be deeply emotional. I believe certain frequencies 'resonate' on our minds and are able to help us.

The problem with some of the frequencies I've found, like solfeggio frequencies is that they give numbers in herzs and claim they come from ancient texts. A herz is the inverse of a second (one cycle per second). I doubt the definition of 'second' has been constant along history, in part because they were not able to measure it. I've read in the wikipedia the Babylonians divided the day in 60 parts, and each part on 60 parts and so. That way their 'second' would be 2/5 of ours (their 'hour' would be shorter than ours, 24/60). But that is not important since they would not be able to measure it anyway.

But then I've found references to old gongs which induced strange effects when played (healing, link to spiritual worlds...), and the same is probably claimed about many other instruments.

What methods did they use to tune their instruments? Nowadays it is possible to build objects that emit any desired tone, and use them to tune musical instruments. But what did the ancient cultures used to tune their instruments? Probably they just adjusted one to another. Assuming they (maybe just some priests, not any musician) had knowledge about the effects of certain tones I guess they might be able to use their knowledge of astronomy and geometry to build artifacts with that frequencies. So I am looking for frequencies found in nature (or in space). The best candidates I've found are Schumann resonances but apparently they are not constant.

I think in case these miracle ancient instruments did in fact exist they may very well have survived to our times (or at least identical copies), and they might be stored in the vaults of the PTBs but I do not think we should fall to arbitrary frequencies like 'solfeggio' without further proof than that their values in a modern unit like the herz can be found in the bible.

Please correct me if I am wrong. I want the knowledge, not the glory
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