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Default Re: nderf.org (near death experience research foundation)

http://nderf.org/ I posted a short topic a couple days ago about this. I wanted to provide the hyperlink, and expound upon why I love the information (updated regularly) at this website. Dr Seuss wrote a childrens book titled "Oh the Places You'll Go" Well, .... the places we go are simply astounding, amazing, and awe inpiring. I like the fact that nderf even has a "skeptics corner" for those neurologists/neuroscientists etc who dont beleive that we exist beyond the "meat"..lol. Some of the nde stories are brief and not extensive i.e. "I felt myself float up above the operating table, it was peaceful, then i was back in my body" variety. Other acounts are much more extensive and elaborate about a variety of other dimensions, infinate creativity, meeting up with friends and family from other lifetimes/incartations as well as the present earthly ones. Some common themes/experiences of the more extensive nde's accounts are: no time exists(all possobilities happen simultaneous) , communication is telepathic, worlds(anything) appears from thought intentions imedeately, bliss/love beyond description, not being attached at all to the body they just left, unmittigated joy etc. Most people say that there are no words they can use to adequately describe the experience (but try they do !) I do service work in peoples homes for income (drain cleaning/plumbing) and pass on to as many people as are receptive the adress nderf.org. There are hundreds of accounts of peoples experiences to explore and the list continues to grow. Occasionally some nde's are pretty dang scary per the peoples acounts. Mostly they are ineffably joyful/loving/blissful. If you get a chance to visit nderf.org and want to get right to the meat of the more extensive experiences, go to the hyperlink titled "exceptional nde's" Love to you all.
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Default Re: nderf.org (near death experience research foundation)

When I was about 14 or so my mother was passed out on the sofa ( she was an alcaholic ). I suddenly noticed that she was not breathing!. I shook her and slapped her and did all sorts of things, I was frantic ( remember I was 14 ). At this stage her lips were going a kinda blue/ purple colour. In my panic I turned her over so her head was hanging off the sofa and nearly touching the floor. She then kinda coughed up a load of vomit / liquid stuff all over the floor and started to breath. After a bit she told me she had been in a room with my grandad, grandma, uncles whom I never knew and all sorts of other folks, all dead. She said that suddenly a kinda vortex opened in the floor and she was told by grandad that she had to go back that she had things to do yet. Now, I had not told my mother what had happened only 20 mins earlier, about her choking on her vomit etc... I am now 40 years old and have a beautifull sister who was not born at that time, makes you think eh?
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