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Edward Alexander
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Exclamation Can the real Obama please stand up?

David J. Smith of Newswatch Magazine investigates the guiding philosophy behind Barack Hussein Obama and discusses the socialist and revolutionary influence of Sol Linsky and his book “Rules for Radicals”.


What do you people think about this guys investigation and interpretations?

Personally I can only say like Bill and Kerry that I hope for the best with this guy, though he seem dubious considering his connections with the NWO guys as mentioned on the front page of Project Camelot.

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Default Re: Can the real Obama please stand up?

He is just a man who has had many experiences and much education. I think he will surprise most people. I expect him to use this arsenal of experiences to develop a new understanding and approach to age old problems. Not saying he is necessarily going to solve them or not make them worse, but he will have a new approach to them which will be an advantage initially in these trying times.

My belief is that intentional or not, he is buying us the time we need.
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Default Re: Can the real Obama please stand up?

I posted this in another thread and i am reposting it here.

I also want to ad that my teacher has had world leaders literally cry and sob in her arms because of the things they have had to do and the people they have had to associate with in order to get the power to make the change. The reason that men like Nader are ineffective is that they refuse to compromise their ideals to gain power in a completely corrupt system.. On a soul level, that is not good or bad. It's just their choice.


My meditation group spent time today giving gratitude to the outgoing administration. You see, for those who do not have the ability to look at souls, I will tell you that Obama is an enlightened soul. He's not the first enlightened president. Jimmy Carter also falls into that category. Even Bush reached first initiation when he dealt with his cocaine issue.

Anyways, in order for an enlightened leader to emerge, density has to exist. The Bush administration has created that density and played their role in the shift. I know some of you MUST have felt a huge shift last Tuesday. It was an ascension turning point for the whole world. No, that does not mean that things will be hunky dory from now on. It also does not mean that Obama will not make mistakes.

I see a lot of hating going on regarding Obama. Lots of fear. I personally don't care who he is as a person. I've looked at his soul and he's the right man for the job at this time. McCain also has a great soul light, but he is a Piscean. He would have led us as if we were in the last century. He would have made a great 20th century president. Obama is an Aquarian leader and that is what we need right now.

The group I am with has not been focused on getting Obama into office. We don't have an attachment to the person. We have been steadily directing energy to bring forth an enlightened leader, whoever it is. We are now trying to get other enlighened leaders, including local leaders, to step forward now.

As far as all the anti-Obama propaganda and conspiracies, please remember that you create your reality with your thoughts. You hold the keys to love and fear. Your choice not only matters, it is everything.

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Default Re: Can the real Obama please stand up?

thanx for the link Eddie,

Wasn't Barack born not of Us citizen but some where else? can anyone confirm this?
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Default Re: Can the real Obama please stand up?

So is Obama creating youth brigades? I'm not trying to hype any doom and gloom but this sounds nuts.

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Default Re: Can the real Obama please stand up?

As interesting this is, I will move it to Off Topic nonetheless..


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elections 2008, politics, presidency

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