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Default Can anyone relate?

Hello, I feel a little awkward about posting this because I usually don't talk about this to many people. It is a personal part of me that I have chosen not to share with just anybody until now. I had a dream when I was about 19 years old that has stuck with me. I felt it always had significance for my life but just kept it in the back of my mind. Atleast up until the last several months and now I think about it often, and with a sense of urgency to its meaning. The dream happened after a friend of mine spoke with me about reincarnation. I never really considered the subject being raised in a Southern Baptist church. A couple of nights later I dreamed that I was standing alone looking around me. Everything had been destroyed. The only thing left standing was some trees that looked burned and broken. It was dark, not because it was night time but for some other reason. It was like a battle had happened. All of a sudden I was grabbed by a man and I had to break myself away from him. It was a negative feeling when he touched me. When I got loose I was on a train with my mom and great grandmother. My grandmother had passed away when I was young so I don't remember a lot about her. There was no doubt it was her, like I just knew. I only saw her backside, and she glowed white, her clothes were white, everything a bright glow. The train stopped and the door opened. It looked like a desert and people were blocking the door for us to get out. They looked dirty, sweaty, and starving. They were begging for food and saying "Feed me Feed me." My grandmother stepped off the train and we followed her. People were selling trinkets and bartering for things. My feeling at the time was to survive, almost desparate. A short distance away was one building several stories high. My grandmother took us there and we walked in, and to the elevator.The door opened, we walked in, and the door closed. I looked at the back of my grandma and she was just so bright. The door opened, and we walked into a room with men dressed in suits sitting around a huge table praying. They were praying with intensity, a sense of purpose, urgency, and focus. A man taller than I took my grandmother's jacket while she sat down at the table. I asked the man if she was happy here, and he said, "Yes, she is very happy here." I then woke up. I have always felt that dream was a message of help for the future. I then stumbled onto this group and Project Camelot after really searching for truth. I have had many other dreams but am a little nervous about sharing. So can anyone relate to this feeling or had similiar dreams. Maybe I am just crazy but I just felt I had to post this. Can anyone relate to this?
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