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Default Iran War a 'done deal'?

As far as we know the Iran War has been a 'done deal' in the minds of those pushing it for years now. Their plan has always been there.
Fortunately they have been thwarted at every attempt so far, most recently it seems by the Russian invasion of Georgia to stop Israeli use of Georgian airfields for an Iran strike.
The latest PC post shows that they are still desperate to start this thing. Let's all try and have some confidence that even though their desire for this war is a 'done deal' that they will be thwarted by those 'white knights' we hear about, as they have every time so far.

I notice on Rense there is some University group meeting to charge the Bush administration with warcrimes. Some of the 'prosecution's' members have been involved in war crimes cases in the Balkans, etc. which makes this look like a very serious deal. So something like this could stop the hawks (if it isn't part of what's driving their desperation...)

Basically though, I feel there is still hope, which I haven't felt until recently.
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Default Re: Iran War a 'done deal'?

Yeah, the Iran war has been planned since a long time ago, and I'm sure a lot before than the Iraz and Afganistan wars; they both served to win positions and try to seize them. I also hope there's something that stops them, but I feel that October event is the Iran war. It fits perfectly on all the predictions that we see here.
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Default Re: Iran War a 'done deal'?

yes, regretfully im hearing so. Check around in foreign nation news sources & youll find a few mentions i believe. Oh & russia told neighboring countries to "choose sides". I'm under the impress if america or israeli hit iran that china & russia would back IRAN where as america would most likely get sucked into it since they armed & trained most of israeli's army. Also, it seems the "finical claps" all red news bulletins in american news were to distract from the finalizing of the attacking. Georgia's being armed & the fighting their is suppose to be over which is leading many to speculate since that IS the place isreali or america would attack iran from. I read somthign about a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction" system iran has in place encase it gets attacked which would shower 40,000-110,000 unguided rockets & guided missiles. As an human being who happens to be living in "America" i strongly disapprove.
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