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Smile We are now Surfing the CREST! 13 Centers for Peaceful Planetary Renewal


From what I have gathered, the purpose of Project Avalon is to assist in the development of radiant zones, 'safe places' and to serve the connectivity of such communities in preparation for the paradigm shift we are experiencing on Planet Earth. I offer this post for all who are genuinely interested in the manifestation of these zones.

About four years ago I became aware of the existence of the Galactic Research Institute's envisioned Centers for the Restitution, Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind (CREST13), through reading a document written by the GRI Director of Research called the Planetary Engineering Project. I was deeply inspired by the scope of the vision presented by the project which plans to develop 13 centers spread around the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet. These centers are intended to establish a planetary telepathic grid and they are synchronised by the harmonically unifying timing standard of 13 Moons of 28 Days.

Click on the link above to find out more about the premise of the project. What I share with you in this post is my own interpretation of why the CREST13 centers are suitable as an effective application of the principles of HD Plasma Physics, or Cosmic Science.

There is currently no shortage of human technologies that can be employed to reduce the impact of our species & to realign our behavior to be in balance with the Biosphere. What it seems is most required is the willingness of the humans to do so. Modern civilisation has brought about the exponential immersion in artificial mechanisation, and adherence to the maxim Time = Money, which has led to the exploitation of Nature as a human resource. The product of this artificial timing frequency is what is known as the Technosphere, the build up of an unnatural human environment produced for economic consideration in favor of aesthetics or sustainability.

Through the manifestation of a network of autonomous, interconnected nodes coordinated by the 13 Moon timing frequency - the natural alternative to the artificial 12 Month Calendar and mechanistic 12 Hour Clock, there is a evolutionary movement occurring. This movement is taking place across the entire planet as more and more people acknowledge within themselves a higher purpose of Planetary Service. The very fact that now so many humans show such a growing concern for the well-being of the natural environment and the greater good for humanity demonstrates the evolutionary stage we are currently undergoing, what has been termed the Biosphere to Noosphere Transition.

Noosphere is the term for the Planetary sphere of Mind, or sheath of knowing. It is the advent of the Noosphere that is described by many concepts such as 2012, paradigm shift, the Aquarian age, galactic alignment, critical mass, cosmic/christ consciousness, and unity consciousness. The very medium used for transmitting this message, the Cybersphere, is one of the prerequisites to the Noospheric transition, whereby an electronic network similar to a neural nervous system is bringing the speed or velocity of world-wide communications closer to an instantaneous zero-point.

The premise of the Noosphere II Project which features the development of the CREST13 centers is to experiment in and implement the telepathic and supermental technologies which will engineer a mental phase shift and triggering of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge- "the stabilizing conductor of telepathic consciousness transference and transmission".

"Ideal requirements of what is preferable for the thirteen facilities: lots of wilderness, underground water, undeveloped land, off the grid, and capable of garden and orchard cultivation for self-sustainability.

Within this setting the following development pattern for each of the thirteen sites is envisioned:

* The setting up of three larger geodesic domes, plus thirteen microdomes. Of the larger domes, either 36, 44 or 60 foot diameter, one would house seminar, library, study, yoga and laboratory facilities; another would be a utility dome, housing the kitchen and group dining as well as showers and storage facilities. A third dome would be the housing facility for the caretaker(s) in residence and/or as special retreat residence of the Chief Director of Research and Chief Research Assistant. Close by to the central facility would be the garden and orchards and the solar panels. Several composting toilets would be appropriately located around the entire grounds.

* Grouped around this central facility but sufficiently scattered as to be remote from each other would be the thirteen 16-foot diameter microdomes. These microdomes will house the rotating shifts of in-residence meditator/researchers and facilitate the 28-day meditation retreats that will be the foundation practice of the researcher-noospheric neuronauts participating in the Noosphere II Planetary Engineering Project.

* The full activation of the thirteen centers will create a coordinated bio-electromagnetic telepathic network and planetary field of resonance, a key objective of the Planetary Engineering Project."
See Projects of the Galactic Research Institure - Noosphere II

From my own understanding of the principal of sympathetic resonance, each individual's physical and energetic body is equipped with resonant equivalence to the entire planetary body, and by effecting changes within one's own holographic matrix structure an equivalent effect can be registered at the vaster scale. Therefore it seems sensible to me that by the coordinated effort of a network of individuals measurable results of such efforts may be realised.

I am interested in constructing a prototype microdome on a suitable site already secured to demonstrate the simple and sustainable building techniques I have been researching and to then produce a multimedia presentation on the construction process. If you are in a position to assist in the funding procedures of this project please contact me through the forum messages or make a donation to the CREST13 project by contacing crest13@lawoftime.org.

Visit the Jardin de Paz website to see a CREST13 center being constructed in Mexico! There is also an article about visiting this center in the Hidden Powers episode of the Second Creation online magazine.

Offered in the spirit of Planetary Service, Love and Peace!

By Another Yourself
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