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Edward Alexander
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Exclamation Argentina - Genereal information / Informacion general

(Será traducido al español proximamente).

Good day fellow people of Argentina, or anyone who plan to move to Argentina!

I am working with areas in Argentina, and establishing various groups around here.

No areas will be mentioned by any names or coordinates for security reason.

Such will only be discussed in person and after evaluating the people whom we consider good candidates for such and decide to meet in person for further information and getting to know each other better etc.

All inquires will be taken seriously and responded to, and everyone will be assumed to be honest and truthful people with good intentions, but necessary steps are obviously needed to be taken to make sure this really is the case.

Thus we may seem a bit strict with the selection procedure, but as said that is something we have to be and its only for the best of intention for anyone involved - after all we are dealing with a serious event here.

So basically, the plan is to establish various contact persons around in different places in Argentina - whom in turn will be in charge of these groups as they grow. From this a network between the different "bases" will be created, so that the groups can stay in touch with eachother and update eachother on various issues.

These groups, which will be part of the larger Community itself which exist in the form of the mentioned network, and it will be a community based on, among other things, but most importantly the following:

*Spiritual development and practice
*Be true brothers and sisters of Love, Life and Light
*Natural resources as a way of life
*Peace and harmony - A pacifist approach
*Involvement with and contribution to the well being of the community
*Personal skills that can be useful for the community
*Truth, honesty and trust in eachother
*Everyone working for the best interest of eachother and their groups
*Respect and dignity towards your fellow men and women
*Working for the best towards the new age we are approaching, both as a community and on a global level
*Helping to spread the truth about the world and the lies it has been corrupted with, in an effort to let the good prevail and make the evil powers that currently are running this planet finally fall

Some things to keep in mind:

1 - These communities should obviously not be mentioned in public as there will be people who would like to know about these communities (and not the kind of people you would want knowing about it, to put it like that)

2 - The Size of the communities should be rather small as large communities will easily be detected, it is better with many small groups spread around and any detectable equipment should be avoided (radios, phones, and any other transmitters / receivers that can be located by unwanted people)

3 - Open areas should also be avoided, for obvious reasons it's better to be situated in woods/jungles/mountain areas than flatlands with little vegetation - also, higher lands would be recommended as lower lands could experience flooding among other things which some signs are indicating.

4 - Great care should be taken when it comes to considering and selecting people to be part of these groups - the best advice would be to only have people whom you'd trust with your life so to speak

In addition to that, other possible dangers such as areas that are prone to catastrophic events like earthquakes, hurricanes, unfavorable living conditions like too hot or too cold along with little food resources must also be evaluated when deciding your location in my opinion. Fertile places with little to none population and isolated from close cities and towns should be prioritized.

So there above you have an summary of what this community project will consist of and how it will work and its basic principles etc.

If you are sincerely interested in taking part of this Community and the groups connecting it, feel free to contact me personally at americanatlantis@gmail.com for further correspondence or send me a private message here.

Best wishes to everyone, and may we walk this path together into this new age and show the world leaders that goodness can and will always win in the end!

-Edward Alexander
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