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Default Angelic Earth Harp

Imagine, a vibratory music experience, where you sit under and within the Earth Harp ... sensory delight and transformative.



Musical Samples (Select Store - CD - Next until at Acoustics and Light):


The Earth Harp

The Earth Harp is a large-scale, architectural stringed instrument. The Earth Harp can be set up in a multitude of environments, directly incorporating the surrounding architecture and environment.

In a theater, the resonating chamber of the instrument rests on stage and the strings go out over the audience and attach to the architecture of the theater.

In an outdoor plaza, the strings of the Earth Harp travel from the ground level and attach to the roofline and architecture of the surrounding buildings. At the Prudential Building in Boston the strings went from the plaza, 700 ft to the top of the building.

The Earth Harp and other Closesound instruments are played using rosin covered, cotton gloves. The performers run their fingertips along the strings to generate a longitudinal vibration that literally pushes the music through the molecules of the string. This action is similar to running your fingers around the end of a crystal glass and creates beautiful cello-like tones.

More at link ...

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