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Whistleblower Testimony Post anonymous messages of truth or reveal what you know.

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Default Re: Barry King British Whistleblower testimony

According to Laura Knight's channelling material there is an "army of psychic projectors" who send out information to those in the creative arts.

It's referred to as Project Awaken.

Apparently these psychic projectors are the descendants ( and hybrids ) of a race of Beings who were brought to this planet many millenia ago. They reportedly have supreme psychic abiilites.

Their agenda is to awaken people to the thought pattern that ETs/Aliens are real.

Indoctrination as you say. This info correlates to your info regarding mind programming and indoctrination.

Apparently there are two opposing hierarchial groups participating in this project, those with good intent and those without. That's probably why there is so much confusion here as to who truly has the human races' best interests at heart and who do not.

When everyone is dishing out the dirt on the other and setting up scenarios to leave false impressions, no wonder confusion reigns here.

In reference to CE3K I thought it was interesting that Light and Sound were used as a precurser to the "Light ship" appearing.

Light and Sound have been used for millenia in programming.

Barry do you know of the "army of psychic projectors" I've referenced above?

All the Best
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