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Default Meditation Experience

Hi All,
The other night I had a very interesting experience. Without getting into so many details, a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I were talking about getting engaged and having kids and what kids we would have.

I'm a fan of Neale Donald Walsch's work, I'm not 100% sold on it. Like everything I take a certain amount of discernment. In this case, I figured what the heck, and so I asked the creator (or God if you like) what children would we have? I just asked, silently to myself. Well days went by... then a couple of weeks. Then the other night happened.

I'm laying in bed and I shut my eyes (my tv was on so I knew I wasn't sleeping) images formed like a movie screen and when it came to some sort of clarity I could see 2 children, one girl who seemed to be about 3 years old and one boy who seemed to be about 1 year old or so. The detail that I could make out basically blew my mind. I could see the girl wearing a dress and the boy wore some type of pants and a shirt, possibly also suspenders (corny I know). The whole image looked as if it was taken when cameras took those photos that had that sepia tone look to them. The final image that I was shown had the girl sitting behind the boy (because it appeared that she was taller) and the boy in front. That ended and I haven't had an experience like it since.

So I have a couple of questions because i am still really new at all of this. Do you feel my experience was legit? Are images shown in meditation the way I describe here? Any thoughts or guidance on this would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Meditation Experience

Nice thing about meditation and spiritual experiences is that there are NO RULES. It's different for everybody. Meditation to me just means moving into the Now, Being conscious. What are we being shown? Our breath? Our thoughts? A vision perhaps? Whatever it is, being conscious Now is meditation for me.

Sure this sounds legit, a vision, a prophecy perhaps. However, know that no prophecy is set in stone. Free Will is the key ingredient, not just yours, but where the game goes in general too from what I understand.

So if you were shown a prophecy, it would be a 'likely' outcome, but not a for sure one... things can change... so it's up to you I guess to stay on your life plan and that will probably be the outcome.. if it's a prophecy...

Nothing is written in stone... old beliefs and ideas are replaced by higher ones, newer ones, attachments to beliefs and ideas cause suffering, so for me, it's just about going with the flow, the River of Life...

Keep up the great work, you have a talent ~ Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall BE given, those who multiply their talents will have their talents multiplied, explore your gifts!
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Default Re: Meditation Experience

Originally Posted by fitzy3400 View Post

So I have a couple of questions because i am still really new at all of this. Do you feel my experience was legit? Are images shown in meditation the way I describe here? Any thoughts or guidance on this would be appreciated.
Hi fitzy,

Yes absolutely they are legit......in the beginning God sends you visions etc.. to encourage you when you become a sincere spiritual seeker. He/she ( not really but words are limiting) may come to you as your deepest desires, light, peace or a spiritual master that you feel close to. However, don't get caught up in visions because as a wise man once said: "The spiritual path is not a circus"


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Default Re: Meditation Experience

Thats interesting
Ive only recently started meditating so I'm probably not the foremost authority on the subject. The way you described it though sounds like it would be almost more unlikely that it didn't have any meaning than if it did. I mean you say you've been talking and thinking about having kids lately. Then you receive this vision in bed of two kids which you immediately identify with. Unless you normally receive this vision it would be highly unlikely that you weren't tapping into something. You say you prayed as well, in my experience prayer is very real and does work.

From what I understand one of the ways you receive intuitive communications, images et cetera when meditating is because mediation raises your vibration. You've probably been reading and learning more spiritual things and/or growing alot spiritually lately (we all have) which would result in a raise in vibration and hence this intuitive communication about children. Id recommend paying attention to it and maybe meditating on it or even lucid dreaming about it. Thanks for sharing I hope everything works out well for you.

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