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Default Pineal Gland Awakening: Star Nations Teachings

This is dedicated to the Creator
and our connection to the Creator

Mitakuye Oyasin

- A little bit about me, I am of Cherokee descent and gone to learn from my Elders and our healers, one who would never call themselves medicine people. Those teaching saved my life, as the story unfolds you will see what I mean.

I had had an accident and was laying in my bed, slowly dying. I had something like amnesia, but worse as one would have to repeat it often to me. My brain was very sensitive and my body was very sore all over. I had a spinal injury and could not feel my legs, although I could walk.

Someone I knew had flower essences and would send me by intent the essence that I needed.

I prayed without ceasing, fasting, feeling pains in the chest area and knew my heart was going to give out. By my soul, I automatically went to the teachings of fasting, or vision quest. Traditionally, this is meant as death and spiritual rebirth on a true fast. Although I could not recall the teachings due to my injury, my soul knew what to do.

The third day of my fast, I awoke to a vision, and saw myself 5 years in the future - I had not recovered from my injury and was in a nursing home for the injured. I could not recall my family or life. Again from my soul came the automatic response of NOOO. As soon as I did so, the vision ended and then I had the deep gut feeling that I had something to do.

I began to teach myself how to put sentences together, spell, and went through a period of seeing a small blue light in the middle of my head which seemed on a very deep level. I felt a charge of electricity go through my body and could tell that i was being rewired. this went on for several days. Then this blue light deep in my brain and mind began to get bigger and the light stronger, like a small blue white star. As it grew in my head/mind, a bigger blue white star appeared in front of me.

At this point the blue white star in front of me began teaching me, conveying that it was my Creator and the Creator of all souls, I watched the universe being created, the earth and sun and watched the souls of men/women being born from the Creator star, I watched them going to the earth and saw mankinds first relation with nature and traditions and why it was so. I was in the Northern lights and danced with the ancestors, then was with the sun earth and northern lights and learned about solar flares sunspots and the communications of all.

I was bedridden all this time and found myself standing up but lying in the bed at the same time. the rainbow colors were amazing and the electricity was amazing. I then sat down on a chair and watched from inside me and outside of me as the Creator took all my history and thoughts out of my head/mind and saw that our gift from the Creator to think

When my mind had been emptied I saw the Creators principals for the foundation of thought, senses, dimensional perceptions and so much more.

Then the Creator was with me for months afterwards as I was taught about the ocean of consciousness, the keepers of teachings from all four races and parts of the world.

The Creator taught me a great deal about the false teachings of psychology and its detriment to man/woman and child.

I learned from the Creator the true meaning of Christ and why He was sent.

I learned of the history of consciousness of man, brain function, spiritual history, and the reality of how our dna was manipulated.

I rewove myself back together with the Creator and at the same time saw that legends of native people was in fact truthful although their original meaning had been lost to most, this does not mean that they are just stories

After all of this, on the 12th month, on the 12th day at 12:12 pm I left my body and went through a rainbow tunnel, where I met the Creator again but He showed himself in a different form as the giver of all true knowledge and wisdom. I was told I didnt have to come back, all I wanted was to be one with Him and although I was in awe and could not speak, my heart was seen and I came back down the rainbow tunnel and was in my body....

When the blue white light star in my head I found myself incredibly sensitive and the veil had been lifted and could see what had been hidden before

I had seen the Creator in yet another form of purity a pure white and gold and silver and bright colors i had not seen before as the Source of all goodness talent etc. this incredible light could heal a world I thought and it vanished, then I was shown the golden light in my head and shining just outside my head at the same time.

- I was sent back and by the love of the Creator I was able to overcome the conditioning and dumbing down of this world and learn how to live with what the Creator had shown me.

I had learned from the Creator a truth, this truth is that we are gifted with a bond or connection to the Creator. This is our journey, our Life, our Peace. In this knowledge is Unity.

Its been 5 years now since this happened and I realized yesterday morning what it is that i have to do.

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