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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

" a lot of older people are leaving this earth...
they do NOT want to go through this shift"

Carol / Earth Angel

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Five Proven Brain-Manipulating Technologies

Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse is about a secret organization
that supplies mind-wiped sex ninjas to the rich. It's not set in
the future because neuromanipulated technoslaves could exist
today. Here's proof.

1. We can erase people's memories.

Back in October a study was published in Neuron that proved an
enzyme called CaMKII can erase bad memories while you recall
them. In Dollhouse, the "actives" have their own memories erased
first, and then new memories implanted. The brain-erasure
technology is actually the cornerstone of the operation, as it's
what turns the actives into blank slates ready to be
reprogrammed. Right now, with the cooperation of desperate
people, scientists could be using CaMKII to erase their old
lives. Then they'll just need to implant new personalities and

2. We can regulate people's moods with microchips.

Right now, there are a series of implantable microchips on the
market that send out electrical impulses over your nerves that
can soothe a depressed person or reduce seizures. Some call them
neurological pacemakers, and we are discovering new things about
them every day - such as the fact that some can cause instant
orgasm. Wipe somebody's brain, then install these brain
pacemakers, and you might start shaping a whole new person by
controlling what gives them pleasure and what makes them

3. We can use brain implants to steer animals left and right.

Several years ago, neuroscientists invented a little rat-sized
brain implant that sent directional signals to the rodent's
brain. Using a handheld remote, scientists sent electrical
signals to the parts of the rats' brains connected to right and
left whisker sensations - and could induce the rats to turn
right or left at the press of a button. Dubbed the "robo-rat,"
the creatures could be used for complicated search and rescueefforts that require crawling into small places. Or they could
be the beta version for a more nefarious technology implanted
into humans' brains that would allow a corporation like the
Dollhouse to remote-control an active's every move, right down
to which street they turn on.

4. Infrared brain scans can predict what people want.

As we reported last week, researchers have discovered that a
simple infrared brain scan can reveal patterns in brain activity
that show simple preferences. Ask a person whether they'd rather
have a dog or a cat, and this scan will give you the answer.
This is the first step towards knowing how to shape people's
preferences. If scientists could trigger a reaction in your
brain that reversed the pattern, they might be able to turn a
cat person into a dog person and vice versa.

5. Human-computer interfaces link human brains directly to

You may have heard of BrainGate, a technology that uses
electrodes sunk into your gray matter to convert electrical
impulses from your brain into computer commands. It is currently
used by people who are profoundly paralyzed to communicate by
moving a cursor around. If we can open up communication between
brain and computer like that, it stands to reason that the
communication might be two-way. Who is to say there is no secret
organization using a BrainGate-esque technology to reprogram
people's thoughts?

Source: io9
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

The Canadian government has sanctioned access to approximately 9,500 UFO files through a governmental archives website http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/ufo/index-e.html may add a vital item to the discussion agenda: The global economic and environmental imperative to address the presence of UFO craft in increasing numbers worldwide in a clear and transparent manner.

The substantial compilation of UFO documents in Canada's archives represents the single largest disclosure of UFO files to date by a G8 nation. Canada joins England <http://edition. cnn.com/2008/ WORLD/europe/ 05/14/britain. ufos/, France <http://www.washingt onpost.com/ wp-dyn/content/ article/2007/ 03/22/AR20070322 02132.html, Brazil <http://www.cohenufo .org/BrazilianUF ODocumentsReleas ed.htm, Mexico <http://www.prweb. com/releases/ 2004/05/prweb125 722.htm and most recently Denmark <http://www.cphpost. dk/news/article/ national/ 44602-secret- ufo-archives- opened.html in dropping the pretense of denial and opening their UFO/ET files to the public.

The Canadian move serves as an example by America's biggest trading partner that the civilian population can 'handle the truth'. More importantly it is another step down a path Exopolitics observers say will inevitably lead to U.S. admission that some UFOs in fact represent alien craft operating in Earth's biosphere.
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

- did Terence McKenna use a pseudonym ???
(and, he was really -- John Deere, the great grandson of the Deere corp ???)

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt1


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt2


(will we add them in)

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt3


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt4


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt5


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt6


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt7


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt8


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt9



Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt10


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt11


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt12


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt13


Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt14

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt15

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt16

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt17

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt18

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt19

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt20

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt21

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt22

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt23

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt24

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt25

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt26

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt27

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt28

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt29

Terence McKenna Earth Trust Pt30
+ xxxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

52,000 rich americans about to get caught ???


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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Today 2-20/2009
it's a 22/11 type of day -- A master number, and, a gateway 1-1
which is another master number, so, its a double master number day.

The Moon is sitting in Capricorn,
so, it brings to us, the common sense of the sea_goat,
so, we can anchor & ground our thoughts,
into the earth reality...
and, eXpress things.
The Sea-Goat is a climber, and, as such,
it climbs, without us, having to just let our imaginations,
be the thing, that runs away...
this moon in capricorn lights the way,
and, helps us to navigate, and, manifest our dreams.

We also, have several planets in Aquarius,
which is a sign of air, NOT water, and,
it opens up pathways, to cleansing, and, to getting clear,
very clear, on what it is, you wish to dream into your own reality,
so, if you have something to say,
it is time, to blow your wind,
shout it out, to the world,
they are likely to be in the mode of listening...
and, if you, are one, who is sitting, and, waiting, to hear a message,
if you will listen carefully, mercury the messenger, is there to deliver it,
and, you are very likely to hear that message,
blowing in the wind...
there is plenty of good stuff, many real truths,
currently circulating, and, blowing around in the air

Also Mercury the Messenger is here,
to stimulate us, and, push us forward,
and, he prevents us, from goofing off, or slacking off,
he is there, and, he has got messages for you,
so, talk up a storm, or, get quiet, and, really listen
the ethers, are full of good stuff.

Uranus, also has come to dance,
and, this has formed a very high energetic semi square
with his electric energy, and, this ought to light up the day,
with plenty of amasing stuff.

it is always, and, in all ways your choice !!!

Remember, every choice you make
brings you to another set of consequences
if you do NOT love your consequences
simply, change your choices !!!
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

When we laugh, natural killer cells which destroy tumors and viruses increase, along with Gamma-interferon (a disease-fighting protein), T-cells (important for our immune system) and B-cells (which make disease-fighting antibodies). As well as lowering blood pressure, laughter increases oxygen in the blood, which also encourages healing.”
“Science of Laughter” Discovery Health Website

“Without humor one’s thought processes are likely to become stuck and narrowly focused leading to increased distress.”
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor

“Laughter is very powerful medicine. It can lower stress, dissolve anger and unite families in their resolve to overcome troubled times.”
University of Nebraska.
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

wow...this is good

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror trailer

+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


852 HZ - Awakening Intuition
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


741 HZ - Consciousness Expansion
+ [xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


528 HZ - Miracle

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


417 HZ - Transmutation

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


639 HZ - Integrating Structures

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


396 HZ - Liberation from Fear

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


174 HZ - Foundation
+ [xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


Style: Broadcaster
Joined: November 15, 2006
Last Sign In: 6 days ago
Videos Watched: 2,722
Subscribers: 2,173
Channel Views: 24,687
Explorations of the mystical, and the esoteric through art, music, meditation, humor and spiritual teachings.
Name: Asa
Source Vibrations is a multidimensional audio-visual project that utilizes numerology, sacred geometry, sonic vibrational healing, solfeggio harmonics, binaural beat frequencies and esoteric symbology to activate the subtleties of the awareness of the nature of being. Through the language of art and music these vibratory data streams, point to the inherent, inter-connected, inter-dependent nature of consciousness and its foundation in Source Intelligence. Riding on the frequency waves of light and sound, are transmissions of Love communicated to the electromagnetic field of the emotional body, depolarizing the duality of separation within the psyche of the human instrument. The call to the unification of opposites pervades these data streams, dissolving the emotional blocks of the unconscious content, in to the waters of the primordial substance of creation.

Breathing...being...beyond believing...what seems,
Seeing...freeing...beyond the deceiving...of dreams.

SV Blog: http://sourcevibrations.blogsp ot.com
City: Milkyway
Hometown: Andromeda
Country: United States
Occupation: Symbol Giver - Vibratory Transmi...
Companies: Source Vibrations
Interests and Hobbies: Alchemy, Qabalah, Gematria, Music Composition, Digital Art, Hypnosis and NLP, quantum physics, sound healing, sustainable living and zero point technologies. http://sourcevibrations.blogspot.com/
Website: http://www.sourcevibrations.com


check out the video - on the above link
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

a world where anything is possible


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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Are Your Supermarket Plums Genetically Modified? Here's How to Find Out!

• A five-digit number beginning with 8 means it's GM

The little stickers on fruits and vegetables have digits that let you know whether they're conventionally grown or organic, and if they're genetically modified (GM). There are many benefits to knowing this information:

• The health risks -- GM foods have been in stores only since the 1990s, so the long-term health risks are unknown
• The environmental risks -- Scientists are concerned that GMOs will reduce biodiversity
• The taste benefits -- People all over the world agree that the range of possible flavors is greater without a few GM foods crowding out the many natural varieties

Here’s what you should look for:

• A four-digit number means the produce is conventionally grown
• A five-digit number beginning with 9 means it's organic
• A five-digit number beginning with 8 means it's GM

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

The GMO giants have been very effective in eliminating legislation that would require them to clearly label GM products and, as a result, most grocery stores in the United States do not post signs next to produce to let you know it’s been genetically modified. So checking the number on the sticker is a simple way to know for sure.

So here is the way you can do it:

If you see a five-digit number that begins with an 8, take a big pass, as that produce is GM. Of course, this tip works not only for plums but for just about any fruit or vegetable in the fresh produce section.

Why Should You Care if Your Produce is GM?

Genetically modified foods are, from my perception, one of the largest threats against the very sustainability of the human race.

Not only are they threatening to contaminate non-GM crops, even those that are labeled organic, so that one day soon ALL crops may be laced with GM elements, but their health risks are only beginning to be uncovered.

And what’s been revealed so far is enough to raise some major red flags.

Just last year, a long-term feeding study commissioned by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety confirmed GM corn seriously affects reproductive health in mice. The results were so worrisome that GM opponents called for an immediate ban of all GM foods and GM crops in order to protect the health of humankind and the fertility of women around the world.

So far, at least 65 serious health risks related to GM foods have been documented by GM expert Jeffrey Smith. Among them:

• Offspring of rats fed GM soy showed a five-fold increase in mortality, lower birth weights, and the inability to reproduce
• Male mice fed GM soy had damaged young sperm cells
• The embryo offspring of GM soy-fed mice had altered DNA functioning
• Several US farmers reported sterility or fertility problems among pigs and cows fed GM corn varieties
• Investigators in India have documented fertility problems, abortions, premature births, and other serious health issues, including deaths, among buffaloes fed GM cottonseed products

Further, GM foods are known to be highly allergenic, and according to Smith’s research, between 1994 and 2001 -- the same time that GMO’s flooded the market -- food related illnesses DOUBLED.

There is also compelling evidence available that GM potatoes may cause cancer in rats. This research, conducted by Dr. Arpad Pusztai, was suppressed for nearly 10 years because industry backers were questioning his results.

Well, in 2007 a Russian study confirmed the link, and Dr. Pusztai was, in short order, suspended from his job, ordered to hand over all his data, and threatened with legal action if he spoke to anyone on the subject.

As time goes on, it is becoming abundantly clear that the safety of GM foods has never been proven. And if you choose to eat them, you are joining one of the largest, most unethical experiments of all time: seeing what happens when people eat GM foods for a lifetime.

In the United States, introducing GM foods into our diet was done quietly and without the mandatory labeling that is required in most other industrialized countries. Without knowing what impact GM foods might have on human health, or letting people know which foods contain GM ingredients, the biotech industry is gambling with your health for their profit.

Which Foods are Most Likely to be Genetically Modified … and How Can You Avoid Them?

Nearly all of these foods are GM so it is wise to avoid them:

• Soy
• Corn
• Cottonseed
• Canola

It would also be wise to limit products made from these ingredients, such as vegetable oils, maltodextrin and high-fructose corn syrup. In fact, because corn and soy are so widely used in processed foods, at least 70 percent of the processed foods at your supermarket contain GM ingredients.

That’s seven out of every 10 products!

Just another strong reason to avoid eating processed foods.

Other GMO products include:

• Some varieties of zucchini, crookneck squash, and papayas from Hawaii
• Milk containing rbGH
• Rennet (containing genetically modified enzymes) used to make hard cheeses
• Aspartame (NutraSweet)

Avoiding all of the products listed above, unless they are certified organic, is one way to cut down on your intake of GM foods. Buying products that are certified organic or that say non-GMO are two other ways to limit your family‘s risk from GM foods, as organic foods are not allowed to contain GM ingredients.

And remember, anytime you’re buying produce a five-digit number beginning with 8 on the product sticker means it's GM. If you are shopping at a farmer’s market or food coop that does not have stickers on the produce, ask the farmer directly whether or not it’s GM.

Particularly in the United States, where GM products are not required to be labeled, it can be difficult to eat a GM-free diet. But I feel strongly that it is one of the more important things you can do for your health, and to help protect the environment.

You Can Vote With Your Pocketbook

If more of us begin to refuse GM foods, food manufacturers will have no choice but to listen. If you’re new to this topic or haven’t yet taken the time to watch The Future of Food, please do so now. It is perhaps one of the most important videos on this subject, and one that everyone in America should watch and pass on to others.
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Seeing the Magic Newsletter
by Kerrie O'Connor
Becoming the Magician

Abra Cadabra! We can all use a little magic and fun right now.

We are becoming more enLIGHTened beings, creating Heaven on Earth, by shifting our perception on how we view the world. What we are doing is Re-surrection, entering the "New Age". We have all the wisdom, knowledge and love we need to reclaim our wholeness/Holiness. But we can get stuck in the process and feel this letting go process as 9 deaths. Getting through those patterns can make us feel stuck, scared and alone.

The past 30+ years have brought us many healing modalities that we can use to clear ourselves from old belief patterns, releasing from cellular post traumatic memories deeply embedded within our energy field, allowing us more access to the amazing gifts that are also within our energy field. We all have the Divine Child within, the innocent, loving and happy part of us, the one who knows we are magical beings. This magic is the creative life force that surrounds us and is within us. When we tap into that magic we can unlock doors, release trapped fears and open up pathways within to create more magic in our lives. Remember when you were a child, and you believed in magic? Remember how happy you were waiting for Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny? Bringing in the energy of "The Wonder of it All", allows you more wonderment, amazement and lasting peace. This will help you go through the letting go process more naturally, with grace and ease. Join me and together we will re-open the door to our Divine Child, unlocking the magic that comes with re- connecting to our Divine Essence, our Angel-Self.


Sunday 2-22-2009 5-7pm EST
Manifesting Magic Tele-Class
Do you remember when you were a child and you believed in magic? Did you ever watch Bewitch, I Dream of Jeannie or Samantha the Teenage Witch and thought I want to touch my nose and magical things will instantly happen. Kerrie will unlock and tap into the "magic" that is within each of our energy fields. The keys are how to access this field of dreams and desires. We will be working with the energies of the New Moon, which will enhance our abilities to unlock the mystical, magic doorways that are waiting to be opened.

This workshop includes a booklet with instructions.

Sign up today for this Tele-class by emailing Kerrie at

This class will be recorded and will be available for the following 30 days for repeat listening.
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

url]www.astro.com[/url] to see where the planets are

by The eXchanger

today is 2/22/2009 - uk time

it's 2 x 22 - which is like double lucky-master numbers

and, it's also 2009 = 2+9= 11 which is another master number-that follows up all year long

PAY ATTENTION 3/8-2009 is an 11/11

Well, we have 7 aspects/planets in Aquarius
The moon/Mercury/Mars/jupiter/neptune
as well as the North Node, and, chiron

and a new sun in Pisces, and, Uranus in Pisces
Chiron at 22 degrees, a master number in Aquarius
Uranus at 22 degrees, a master number in Pisces

Venus is at Lucky 13 degrees.
in the sign of Aries- The Ram
with the ability to really help you push through,
and, get your messages across--put those thoughts out into the ethers,
and, let them spread like a wild-free,
and, Pluto has almost moved in 3 degrees of Capricorn
which, is the sign of the unstoppable sea-goat who can climb!!!

Pisces comes in, to signal a unity
with all the planets in Aquarius,
there is plenty of good stuff, blowing in the wind,
time to blow your wind -- it is a good time to do, just that !!!

Also, it is a good time to blow out cobwebs,
and, to ask for an alignment,
between your higher and lower pieces,
that makeup, everything that you are.

With the sun in pisces,
it can really make you shine,
get ready, and, start to acquire all the knowledge you can,
for it, that knowledge, will be pwoer to you

Also, lots of expansion is taking place --
and, it is time, to expand your emotional / and, intellectual bodies
and, balance that, through your physical body.

Take advantage of all that air, and, breathe in deeply...
take in all the extra breaths, you can,
and, consciously ask to pull into you, all the colours of the rainbow,
that sit, within the ethers...
and, eXhale, anything that is black, and, repeat the process...
it is time, to really add some colour to your palette
and, with seven planets in Aquarius
it is an amasing time, as, the air, feeds the fire,
and, the fire, it needs that air...

Make a decision, set yourself on fire, with desire.
With the Sun in Pisces, it is all about ancient knowledge,
ask to start to remember, and, do that, before you go to sleep at night,
ignite, your ability to really tap into your conscious/and, subconscious,
and, also into the universal consciousness, while you sleep
right NOW, you really can push way beyond, and, really open up
your intellectual/and, mental bodies ...
Pisces is a water sign, and, water holds consciousness...
and, you truly can, create into it -- wish into that water, and,
ask to manifest a whole new you...
Much of the old stuff, the old crappy stuff, is blowing aroud in the air,
and, people, are starting to pay attention, some of them,
are really going to wake up...and, it is really a wonderful time to be on earth,
you came here, to do something, and, the time, to tap into all that you really are, is NOW

Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is sitting at 24 degrees,
Chiron, the wounded warrior, is sitting at 22 degrees, a master number
and, with that said, it's time to heal, and, it is time to rise, and, to shine
time to left all the old illusions go, and, time to paint a bright new tomorrow.

Take time, to really command, and, demand, your personal force, and, your personal power
to flow back to you, it is time also, for a real spiritual wakeup call

it's up to you -- Will it to be, so, it will be

Get ready...get set...and, just go !!!

You do, to be, you be, to do !!!
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

WORK FROM HOME ... it works !!!

Seven Surprising Stay-Home Salaries
by Lila Daniels
Seven Surprising Stay-Home Salaries

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that at last count, 13.7 million Americans were telecommuting. Only one in four had a formal agreement in place with their employers. The vast majority simply arrange with a supervisor to spend a day or two a week out of the office.
In Pursuit of a Telecommute

Highly educated workers were the most likely to telecommute, according to the BLS study. If telecommuting is your goal, career training can be a good first step. Online degree programs are also a great way to see if you've got motivation and discipline it takes to work independently.

The BLS advises telecommuting hopefuls to seek out employers with established telework programs. Certain jobs and industries are more prone to this arrangement, and some of them pay really well. Here are seven stay-home jobs with standout salaries.
Sales Representatives

More than ever, big companies are farming out their sales forces. But instead of jobs going overseas, they're going to the suburbs. According to the BLS, one in five sales reps telecommute. The highest paying sales jobs usually involve technical and scientific products. These sales jobs are more likely to require a bachelor's degree. Studying marketing, business, or communications can be excellent preparation for this line of work.
Stay-Home Salary: $68,270
Financial Analysts

Financial analysts help large companies and non-profit organizations figure out how, when, and where to invest their money. Often employed by investment banks, mutual funds, and insurance companies, the independent nature of the work lends itself to working from the home office. You'll need a bachelor's degree in finance, business administration, economics, or accounting to get in on the ground floor.
Stay-Home Salary: $70,400
Personal Financial Advisors

This is another high finance, home-office profession. Instead of working with large endowments, personal financial advisors help individuals manage their money, protect their assets, and plan for retirement. Financial advisors work for financial services firms or investment and planning firms. A minimum of a bachelor's degree in finance, business administration, or accounting is required.
Stay-Home Salary: $67,660
Web Designers

Two career paths that are particularly well suited to telecommuting are graphic design and computing. These career paths intersect for the job of Web developers, also called Web designers. These creative techies craft a Web site's look and make sure it functions. Most employers are looking for a bachelor's degree, and many schools offer programs specifically in Web site design.
Stay-Home Salary: $47,000 to $71,500
Software Developers

These tech-savvy telecommuters design and develop commuter applications. Therefore, they need to be well versed in programming languages as well as operating systems. A bachelor's degree in computer science or software engineering is required, but your education is likely to pay off. The BLS predicts 38 percent growth through 2016, making this one of the nation's fastest growing occupations.
Stay-Home Salary: $83,130

Accounting is all about keeping the fiscal house in order--paying taxes, reporting earnings, analyzing budgets, and guiding investments. The individual nature of the work allows many accountants to routinely work from home. Certification and a degree in accounting are typical job requirements.
Stay-Home Salary: $57,060
Marketing Manager

Managers (in any department) are more likely to regularly work from home. Marketing managers may find creativity blooms with the freedom of the home office. Increasingly, a master's degree in business administration is becoming the norm for marketing managers, though a good track record and a bachelor's degree may suffice.
Stay-Home Salary: $104,400
The Truth Behind the Telecommute

Technically, to be considered a telecommuter you must regularly works eight or more paid hours at home each week. Telecommuting can cut down on a killer commute or carve out more time for the kids. It can help you find a better work-life balance. But let's be clear--there are a few things telecommuting is not designed for.

1. It is not a substitute for child care. Imagine trying to hold a conference call while entertaining your two-year-old.
2. It is not for the recluse. The key to successful telecommuting is communication, particularly with your supervisors.
3. It is not entry-level workers. According to the BLS Occupational Outlook Quarterly, it is far more effective for employees to make a case for telecommuting after proving their value.

Working at home can help you save on skyrocketing gas prices, but it makes financial sense for your employer, too. A study done for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas showed telecommuters earning $44,000 a year saved their company an average of $10,000. And, telecommuting options improve morale, productivity, and worker retention.

i also work from home (part-time) (it allowed me to semi-retire at 28/29-approx 23 years ago)

www.workingwonders.awarenesshealth.com (usa + canada) approx 15 yrs

www.ineways.com/workingwonders (worldwide) approx 24 years

www.rgarden.net/workingwonders (worldwide) approx 15 years

www.workingwonders.matol.com (canada/usa) approx 26 years

www.pyrabang.com/go/workingwonders approx 1 year

+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

- The Universal Life Stream, the Song of the Universe

Mary Sutherland Copyright 2009

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1. Here it is definitely stated that something which is called Word is identical with our Creator. The Word of God is everywhere…not just within four walls...or one holy book...or one religion. The Vedas tell us that this is the Abstract sound called “Anahad”, meaning unlimited sound. When one quiets his soul so that he can hear the Divine Voice, he is relieved from all worries, anxieties, sorrow, fear and disease. The soul of the listener becomes the all pervading consciousness. Some train themselves to hear the Word by finding solitude at the seashore, riverbank, woods or being alone in the mountains or deserts. Some concentrate on just playing a musical instrument

What is relatively new to the Western World is the concept of the “Audible Life Stream”, The Living Word of God. In this concept, we are all part of a 'collective consciousness' and the 'body of God', with the Word being our 'direct line' to the Supreme Being, the Universal Consciousness. The Living Word of God can be explained like that of electromagnetic radio waves that fill all space of the cosmic universe. These waves are being transmitted to us. All we need to do is learn how to tune our receiver into them. The East calls this cosmic sound, “Bani”, the music of God. It has been said that once you are able to tune yourself into Bani and hear it, you will be filled with a great joy that is beyond compare. Bani is what the West refers to as the 'Music of the Angels'. Moses heard this very sound on Mount Sinai and Christ told of hearing it when our Heavenly Father manifested himself to Christ in the wilderness. The bells in the church steeple are meant to suggest the same sacred sound, calling man to God. The sounds of the Bani are found through the sounds of nature ie. thunder, the roaring of the sea, the jingling of the bells , the sound of running water, the buzzing of bees, the twittering of the birds, the Vida, the whistle, or the sound of “Shankha”, until it finally becomes the “Hu”, which is the most sacred of all sounds. The word Hu is the spirit of all sounds and words. It belongs to no language but all language belongs to it. This alone is the true name of God, a Name that no people and no religion can claim as their own. It is The Name that cannot be Spoken, but is uttered by every man and living creature. It is hidden in the spiritual body of all words ad sounds., All things and beings exclaim this name of God; for every activity of life expresses distinctly this very sound. The Greeks called it “Logos”, meaning the Divine Word. It is the Divine Current or Wave going forth from God himself and flowing throughout the universe. The very word itself, “Uni-verse”, is defined as 'one song', with uni meaning one and verse meaning song. It is not only an emanation from God, but it is God himself. When any man speaks in this world, he simply sets in motion atmospheric vibrations, but he himself moves in and through those vibrations. It is God himself that vibrates…thus the Living Word in Genesis. It is written that the Word existed before the Light came into the world.

The Light Genesis refers to is Life and both are Electricity, from which springs Matter and Spirit. The Ancients taught us that Light was a form of matter, which is supported today through the radiometer. Scientists are now able to weigh Light through this meter, showing us that not only is Light matter, but it has a force of its own. Today we now are able to physically harness light, using it to transmit and receive audio and video waves. Another use of harnessed light is laser beams and x-rays.

There are those walking among us that have learned to harness and control this very force through their own will of thought. We all have this capability, but few of us have learned how to put it into practice. The key is in understanding the Laws of our Creator. We also need to forget what we have been taught about what is impossible and renew our old beliefs, having absolute faith that everything is possible. Remember...we have been created, dual natured, with a (Divine) Heritage. Our spiritual body is made up of subtle fluids (Aether) and light (Matter and Force). It is also one with the Universal Light which is also made of matter and force.

By overcoming your dependency on physical surroundings and your five sense, you can align yourself to your Higher Self which is also aligned to the Universal Force. Through the use of your Higher (Spiritual) senses, the dimensional veils are lifted and the limitations of time and space vanquish. You will learn how to use your spiritual eyes to see past, present and future events. An Adept can shoot through space and communicate with another physical person, as if that person was in the same room. I use the Adepts as an example, but Jesus Christ told us that we all have these powers. All we need is the knowledge and the faith of a 'mustard seed'. Christ told us that even the 'least' among us are the beloved of God, deserving all the joy that Creation has to offer, and are capable of experiencing and 'performing' miracles, just as he did. The only person or thing that stands in your way is you. You and your old beliefs are your worst nemesis.

Through study and understanding you will find your 'true' path. It is the path less taken, but the rewards are boundless. At the cores of all religion there is one true path. It is here that you find true religion; you find that 'something' that binds the soul to God. We must let go of Ego and put our trust in God's Wisdom and Christ's Promise. When you become anxious, frightened or stressed because of a particular occurrence in your life, separate yourself from that reality. Remind yourself that everything is in accordance with God's Plan. Everything happens as it should and there are no accidents. We are exactly where we suppose to be at that particular time and place.

With no exception, the entire universe works through the Eternal Life Stream. It is omnipresent and omnipotent, awaiting the proper conditions to express itself as a dynamic force in one form or another. There is not a living creature that is without this power. Within this Stream lies the great power of Love, which is affirmed through the words of Christ, "God is Love".

Quantum Physics confirms the presence of the Word, or Eternal Life Stream.. The descriptive words may differ, but the principles are the same. Science states that the essence of our universe is composed of a systematic and synchronized pattern of which we are all part of. It submits that we are a subatomic particle, existing both here and some place else, at the very same time...all connected within the same pattern or reality. Quantum Physics shows us that an observer cannot observe without altering what he sees. Through the Conscious Will of Thought, we can use invisible vibrating energies or waves, consisting of subatomic particles, to create our desires to manifest into the physical world.

Carl Jung coined the term of which we call 'coincidence', as 'synchronicity'. He stood by his belief that synchronicity showed that there was no such thing as a random act or coincidence. Here we see more confirmation of the Eternal Life Stream. Jung reported that synchronicity consists of the universal energies, invisible vibrating waves, similar to radio waves. Through the Audible Life Stream, we not only can pick up on cosmic and universal events, but can physically transmit and receive messages and emotions of others. We can also, through our thought patterns, create events. Everyone, at some time, has experienced this phenomenon. Examples could be explained as being at the right place at the right time. You were thinking of someone and the telephone rings, and it is them on the other phone. Examples of synchronization are endless. God created us (when properly instructed and guided) to be able to have a conscious communication with the entire universe. Most of us cannot imagine the extent of our divine heritage. Upon accepting synchronization in your life, you will learn how to go with the 'flow'. The flow is a natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us towards wholeness and harmony. When we are in the 'flow', occurrences line up, events fall into place and obstacles melt away. It is a time when we feel we are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things. To have the flow work for you, you must learn to read the guide signs that have been posted for you along your 'life path' and allow them to direct you in your life. Let your mind be open to the signs. Signs could be as insignificant as a bird flying in front of you, a book being dropped in front of a store or a leaf falling and landing in your lap. Flow works according to our beliefs, behaviors and actions. When you are open, willing and trusting, you will experience flow as fulfillment and joy, with a frequent occurrence of synchronicity. If you are fearful, doubtful and controlling, the flow diminishes and your life path becomes full of obstacles and frustration, with a cease of synchronicity. The key here is that what you give of yourself, comes back to you. Your belief system also dictates what you attribute synchronicity to. When it occurs, some of us may thank our luck, or fate, destiny, karma, or an angel. I like to use the saying "Synchronicity happens when God wishes to remain anonymous."

No one or thing is separate of each other within God's design. We all exist as cells within the entire body of the Cosmos, harmoniously working together as one single unit. We are what is called a microcosm, meaning 'small world'. We are a replica of the entire universe, in a smaller version. We have been put together, organized and adjusted to share and correspond to everything within this universe. By understanding the working mechanics of your body, you will then become closer to understanding the mechanics of the Cosmic Intelligence. Because of our construction, we are able to communicate our thoughts throughout the universe as well as use these thoughts to co-create miracles. Through the Ages, most of us have lost the knowledge of how this is done, but this knowledge can be restored. To regain this knowledge, 'ask' from within, through your Christos. See yourself as a living cell of the Divine Intelligence and then 'trust' that your requests will be answered. As the physical brain is in touch with all parts of your body, through its nervous system, the Divine Intelligence is in touch with all it's living souls through the Christos, or Holy Spirit.

Between synchronization and intuition lies a fine line. Although they are two separate phenomena, they almost seem to be two of the same. In comparing the two, keep in mind that synchronicity happens 'out there' against the odds. It is external. Something in the universe seems to swing into place to answer an inner need we have. Intuition, however, is internal. It is our 'inner' knowing. It is our ability to tune into knowledge in a non-rational and nonlinear way. We know something, but just don't know how we know it. But in both cases, it shows us just how much our lives are interwoven with everything within the Cosmic Intelligence and that we live in a world more intricately and holistically organized than we have ever imagined.

Today's science now shows us that all atoms, cells, molecules, plants, animals and humans participate in a flowing web of information. Physicists have shown that if two photons are separated, no matter by how far, a change in one creates a simultaneous change in the other. Through this observance, it would also indicate that one individual's thoughts and actions, being one living cell with the universal body, would have a direct influence on the whole. In the book, 'The Hundredth Monkey', by Ken Keyes, the theory was presented on how each of us affected the whole unit of man. It tells of a group of monkeys that were being studied in Japan. One monkey within the group began washing a sweet potato in a particular way in the salt water there. Soon all of the monkeys began mimicking this deed. That observance in itself was not to be claimed as unusual, but after a certain number of these monkeys continued to act out this washing pattern, the same behavioral pattern developed in another group of monkeys hundreds of miles away. Science has labeled this as 'the critical mass within the species'. They theorize that once a critical mass number is reached, the same behavior begins to appear in all of the other members of that same species. Physicists describe it as a 'phase transition', theorizing that when the molecules of atoms align in a certain way and a critical mass number is reached, the rest of the atoms spontaneously line up the same way. This invisible force does not only apply to the animal kingdom, but plants, insects and everything in the cosmos. Scientists have reported that when liquid matter crystallizes on one part of the planet, the same process occurs almost simultaneously in another, without informational or physical contact.

The next time you feel that your thoughts have no importance, bear in mind that one monkey washing his sweet potato. Close your eyes and allow time and space to fall away, as you become one with the Eternal Life Stream. Set aside your feelings of hate, fear, judgment, vanity and the rest of these deadly passions, as you connect with your universal brothers and sisters. Know that you are not alone in this world. Know that you are unique, but yet you are the same, for you are all one with the Divine Light, The IAM. As a Child of God,, you carry the full potential of your Creator and contain the essence of everything that ever was and ever will be. Through the Divine Laws of Manifestation, you are given the ability, through thought, to create miracles. The greatest miracles are created through the power of Love. If you use this power and join it with others, we have the capabilities to divert wars, hunger, poverty, bigotry, disease and destruction of nature.

Mary Sutherland
+ xxx

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Overcoming Darkness

The Universal Principal of Energy

Mary Sutherland Copyright 2009

Fear is brought on by ignorance and ignorance projects darkness.

Take away the ignorance of the object you fear and the emotion of fear ceases to be.

What most of us fear is EVIL and it's DEMONS.

By recognizing what evil is and its demons the fear will cease and the demons will vanish …”Know they Enemy”

The Chinese describe emotion as the wind within

By studying the root of the word you will realize that the word E-Motion = E (Energy) M (Motion) = Energy in Motion

EVIL is nothing but ENERGY flowing backwards rather than forward.

Spell your LIVE backwards and you have the word EVIL. The etymology of this word is not accidental.

All life is a question of ENERGY. You are an ENERGY FLOW.

If you allow any resistance to the flow of energy, you create a POLARITY.



Understanding this Universal Principal open your resistance and allow your energy to flow back to the light source. By doing so, you will 'Immediately' become protected because you now in the FLOW OF THE LIFESTREAM.

Think of a DEMON something like this:
The flow of energy ends up getting blocked because of negative emotions being brought on by your personal environment. When this constant flow of energy becomes obstructed it cannot move forward. It builds up and the BACK FLOW builds larger and denser...until it finally becomes an entity of its own (DEMON). To understand this I use the analogy of a stream that has become obstructed. This obstruction blocks the constant flow of the water moving forward. When this happens the water backs up and builds itself into a lake. But if you remove the obstruction that blocks the flow of water, the lake dissipates and allows the water to go back into the stream, flowing forwards once again. If you remove your obstruction of negativity, your demon will also dissipate and you will find yourself once again in the flow of life.

When you are in the flow of life, the universe works for you. All good things abound. If you are still having conflict, then you must work to de-polarize your negative energies. This is done through Love and Forgiveness. Only Light can overcome the Darkness

Mary Sutherland
+ xxx

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Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright we are going to begin with what I want to call “Uprising” and it literally is the energies rising up in the form of Earth coming upward to greet the Heavens. Now in this era, we often work with the energies of the heavenly flow coming downwards to greet the earth. But what we need now is to elevate the Earth energies and bring them heavenwards. So I am calling it “Uprising”.

When these energies are strongly present, it makes for a few things in the personal development. One of those would be change, sometimes rather erratic change or constant change like you change one thing and then you go on to change the next thing, and then the next thing. It brings about rapid movement and change that is aligning one more with their divine intent, and that part is very good of course.

Then what it does economically, socially, politically, even to weather patterns, is create also a likewise stirring of those energies.

Now we will come upon, fairly soon here, the Tibetan New Year. Now it is also called Losar. The calculations for those who are wondering about it, is when you have your January 1 New Year, your next new moon is your Chinese New Year and the new moon after that is Tibetan New Year. So that is how it is calculated on an annual basis. You can look it up in the calendars.

If you take a moment to search Tibetan New Year 2009 and you get maybe an independent news agency or something reporting what is going on, you will see that the Tibetans in this uprising of energy are not celebrating Tibetan New Year, not only inside Tibet but also refugees.

So we will be doing a very special call on February 24 to help balance those energies. But that sense that “we are not going to tolerate the old, it is no longer working”, will be seen there. It will also be seen in maybe just the way you relate to how much money is in the bank account or not in the bank account, or how much that stock portfolio is or is not worth these days, or spending habits. It will certainly affect all of the economies around the globe.

So this uprising energy, you will see it working now. I would add quite a bit of the transmuting violet flame to help make that energy softened. I would also put in quite a bit of a pink light, a kind of soft pink. If you are familiar with gemstones, I would go with kunzite [k-u-n-z-i-t-e] or a pink tourmaline color. Either of those two particular shades would be beneficial with the vibration.

The pink tourmaline often comes inside lepidolite, which is a substance to calm the body. There is a drug made from it to sedate or calm the mood a little bit. If there is a need to sort of tone things down to a more peaceful center, the pink tourmaline is more appropriate. If you are working to have more heart chakra presence and expansion, then the kunzite is more appropriate.

So just see this uprising energy coming up from the Earth to greet the Heavens and you can even feel it sweep up through your body. At the same time, there will be waves of it consistently for a couple of weeks now.

Alright. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

Channeled Teachings for Everyday Spirituality
Training for Modern Mystics

2009 All Rights Reserved – Terri Newlon, Inc.

for info on The Tibet New Year

Monday, February 23, 2009 is Gutor -- averting the negativity of the old year.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 you should give your house a good cleaning.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 is New Year, or Losar -- Year 2136, the Earth Ox.

here's a great blog on it:

and, if you want to do an advanced chart
to see where your stars are
but in your natal info on www.astro.com
and, then, set the date for 2/26/2009--& you'll get a combined natal/and, advanced chart

your natal chart advances approx 1 degree per year

so, around the age of 50, you original midheaven - is where you rise
+ xxx

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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

david wilcock and sheldan nidle
latest interviews they just had on rumormill radio
both of them have most profound knowlegde and experiences
around edgar cayce subject, our star sisters and brothers
both of them have direct experiences....
and many fascinating and important things are being talked too
six hours of free sharing
interviewers are truly amazing too....
sheldan nidle was interviewed on thursday twelth of february 2009
david wilcock the day after, friday the thirteenth of february

feb 2009
3 hrs with david wilcock

New York Conference -- and Three Free Hours of New Audio!
Friday 2 / 20 / 09

Check out the details of David’s first all-weekend conference — and download another wonderful three-hour radio program, for FREE!



By David Wilcock


The radio show linked below is one of our very best, the audience is saying… we truly covered a dazzling array of subjects. In fact, the host of the radio network told Rayelan he felt it was the best show he’d ever heard her do… and that was quite an astonishing compliment!

Before we get there, we have the news so many of you have been waiting for! We have had an unceasing amount of interest in doing a major East Coast event, and we’ve finally gotten it together!

Our New York Convergence conference will be held the weekend of May 22nd-24th at the Sheraton JFK Airport Hotel in New York. Never before have we done such a comprehensive, far-reaching weekend intensive as this!

Our conference room can hold a maximum capacity of 200 participants, no exceptions — so if you want to go, you probably don’t want to wait very long!

This is going to be something very special indeed. It will be my world debut in front of an audience as the lead singer on Wanderer Awakening, and we will perform many of the greatest pieces from the upcoming album for the very first time — which will feature live vocals, as well as live guitar and live keyboards!

There will be an unprecedented amount of lecture / performance time — fully sixteen hours of shared group experience, loaded with image-rich Power Point presentations, over the Memorial Day Weekend!

I never usually want to ‘commit’ to a lecture overview in advance, but because I will have so much more time than usual in this case — 16 hours as opposed to the typical maximum of 1 to 3 — I will lay it all out right now…


Friday, 7-10 PM: Introduction:

Meet David Wilcock, Larry Seyer, David’s mother (15 mins. ea.)

David’s personal story — Edgar Cayce connection, dreams and synchronicities, psychic readings, current breakthroughs, background on Wanderers (1 hr.)

First set of songs from Wanderer Awakening performed live — David’s world debut as a lead singer!

(You will hear the music as well as behind-the-scenes production notes from David and Larry regarding the story behind each song, and how it fits into the overall archetypal story of the Wanderer.)

Saturday, 10A-12 PM: Atlantean Science Revisited:

Edgar Cayce Readings on Atlantis / Ra-Ta

Law of One Series on Ra’s involvement with Egypt and Atlantis

Worldwide evidence of ancient civilizations — pyramids, ruins, artifacts, written legends

The Global Grid — how all these ancient sites are interconnected in a living energy grid that shapes the Earth, and has multi-dimensional properties

Carl Munck’s Code — worldwide ancient structures refer to their positions on a global set of coordinates with the Prime Meridian in Egypt

Pyramid technology — including breakthrough modern Russian discoveries — healing, consciousness enhancement, weather modification, stabilizing against Earth Changes

Secret societies’ ancient Atlantean knowledge — Illuminati, Freemasons, Founding Fathers of the United States, Great Seal on the dollar bill, et cetera

Stargate technology, Time travel, Looking Glass devices — and their connection to 2012!

Great Pyramid Timeline — what does the future hold?

Saturday, 2-5 PM: The "Source Field":

Exploration of the "time field" — time as a three-dimensional domain

Proof for the existence of a fluid-like ‘aether’ flowing into our reality through the time field

Hans Jenny’s ‘Cymatics’ — sacred geometry in the time field, how it applies to quantum mechanics

What’s the Matter — Comprehensive new investigation of properties of physical matter, how transmutation is possible

Consciousness science — laboratory evidence that our thoughts are united in the Source Field

DNA as a Wave — examination of biology as an emergent Source Field phenomenon

DNA Reshuffling — how DNA from one species can be re-arranged to build another

Saturday, 7-10 PM: The 2012 Enigma Part I … and the 2nd Wanderer Awakening performance:

Interplanetary Climate Change — how our entire Solar System is energetically transforming

A New View of Earth Changes — studies of Earth Changes unrelated to fossil fuel emissions

Cycles of Spontaneous Evolution in the fossil record — how it works and why it is happening again

Galactic Energy Fields — why we’re moving into a new zone of energy in the galaxy and what it will do

Connection between galactic energy fields, DNA and spontaneous evolution

Indigo children phenomenon as sign of change

Proof of human evolution already undergoing rapid changes at this time

Solid scientific link between our position in the galaxy and concomitant effects upon our consciousness

Second set of songs from Wanderer Awakening performed live on-stage!

Sunday, 10-12 PM: The 2012 Enigma Part II / Group Meditation & Visionary Experience:

Ancient religious and spiritual prophecies regarding a Shift of the Ages

Roswell and the Dawn of the Modern UFO Phenomenon

1950s Contactee Testimonies and Prophecies of 2012 and Interplanetary Climate Change

A new look at Biblical prophecies supporting the Spontaneous Event Hypothesis

Comprehensive analysis of Law of One prophecies regarding 2012 — what is expected to happen?

Dreams and visions of a world beyond 2012 — using dreams for spiritual guidance, activating your personal connection with your Higher Self

Group meditation / reading, shared visionary experience, ecstatic ‘toning’

Sunday, 2-5 PM: Audience Q&A, Final Wanderer Awakening Performance:

Questions and answers from audience members (1 hr.)

Final Wanderer Awakening performance / discussion (1 hr.)

Audience interaction and networking, Meet the Speakers (1 hr.)

feb 2009
3 hrs with david wilcock

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