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Whistleblower Testimony Post anonymous messages of truth or reveal what you know.

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Default Where you can find my work from now on

I wanted to let everybody know that I am a contributor now over at AstroVera, and Michael (many of you who know him as Arcora) has just started publishing my articles on his website, the first being "America's Stonehenge" which I posted the first draft here on Avalon.

As my presence here is going to probably slowly trickle away as I really want to stay, and engage with everyone openly in a positive atmosphere and continue contributing without any restrictions, my beliefs are very strong with me on the notion of freedom of speech and [access to] information. My ultimate decision is still up in the air (ideology versus helping others) as it is an extremely tough one to make.

However, I wanted to share with all of you my own forum [category] over at AstroVera dedicated to the sharing and discussion of my work, and where the rough drafts of some of my articles may appear before being published to the main page. My book "If Time is an Illusion..." can also be found there along with my most recent piece on "Protecting yourself from Psychic Vampires" which I really recommend everyone checks out as I feel many of us are currently being targeted by. Also to note, I think the [entire] forum at AstroVera started out pretty rough, but it's heading in a much more positive direction I feel now.

AstroVera Contributer Forum for Gregor Arturo

My website, troubledeye.com is also back online as of today thanks to ucan, a fellow Avalon member who volunteered his server for it. The website is my old Flash website and isn't technically fully running (so it really ain't worth visiting besides seeing some cool ass Flash animation I made). I plan to redo the site to incorporate all my writings, research articles, and artwork into it. I am thinking about setting up a donation thing for my website so anyone can send me books. Send me an email if there's a book you really think I should read or want to get to me.

I plan to also start experimenting on some concepts real soon depending on time and money. I thought about getting donations for experimenting but I am really going to try to avoid it at all costs. My main idea with the favor and parents thread was to get my parents to invest in some experiments. I have a feeling my upcoming presentation should take care of that. Christmas vacation I plan to crank out Calculus on my own (dropped it twice, and also taught myself statistics and classical physics), so I can hop into some hardcore quantum theory.

My e-mail is also gregorarturo@gmail.com if you wish to ever get a hold of me personally. And thank you to everyone who has ever sent any form of encouragement or expressions of gratitude. The three months on Avalon I felt I have gotten more respect for my work and ideas than in my entire life combined. Even though I do not agree with their current direction, I want to give a special thank you to Bill and Kerry.

And this is by no means a good bye. Namaste.

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