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Default So, what can we do about it?...

This is the BIG question: What can we do about what is going on in the world right now? I have been trying to think of ways to open people's eyes to the truth about the current events going on in the world. I wanted to do it locally and see what impact I could have. Of course, I don't want to draw attention to myself or to "the cause". I simply want to inform.

So here is what I came up with recently (and definitely want input from you all!!!):

In order to avoid any potential chaos around my neighborhood during a potential economic crash, I wanted to create packets of information and hand them out to my neighbors and fellow members of my community. My goal with this packet is not to make people immediately discard it as conspiracy theory, but to point on what is really going on based on what the "public" currently believes to be true.

This packet would include:

-A letter explaining the packet’s purpose, where it’s coming from, and why.
-A run-down on the current economy and why it’s not actually doing that great
-An “in case of emergency” scenario guide that would remove panic/rioting reactions in case we do have a problem with our economy. Such as meeting places, basic survival guide, emphasizing that it is important not to panic and try to maintain peace!
-Some information on the current events and how it affects “you”. Talking about water fluoridation, Codex Alimentarious, and other local issues that would hopefully inspire them to do their research.
-Links to websites that are informative. I don’t want to scare them with UFO/Alien/or too much government conspiracy stuff. I’m hoping that they will stumble on that on their own.
-Contacts to their local governments so that they can contact them and encourage change.

So what do you all think? I not only want to hear your opinions about the idea, but I want to hear warnings as to possible dangers this may cause. I also would love well-read volunteers to write some of the material to go into the packets.

Maybe we can do this everywhere! Start with our neighborhoods and watch it spread like a wildfire! The packet must be well constructed and laid out. After I have it all together I will upload it and we can print out our own packets. How does this sound? I would also like to have a link and an email address for people that are reading these packets can go. Here maybe? We need to hear them and guide them once they have this information.

It must be done delicately and with love.

Love you all!

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