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Wink Astral Plane - A Reflection of Parallel Universes and Experiences

We are all connected. And those experiences we share and our creative thoughts manifest into another reality called the astral realm.

I have had many obes. I have seen our Human race in massive ships in other galaxies. The void is filled with screams of lost souls. The higher density realms are full of planets full of life. I even had an experience of being on a planet where high technological Humans live with the Dinosaurs. And the Chinese develop interstellar space travel.

Many blueprints of realities cross this reality. It is a really cool universe full of life and pain. But then there is the fact that we are all one soul living different experiences into separate camera angles.

Where am I going with this? Good question. I often wonder why I have been so involved in this feeling of being anxious about something. Maybe it is a feeling that something wonderful is going to happen. Maybe it is a mixture of fear and curiousity?

I believe that we are entering a new age of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual truth. This may cause Chaos on our planet. You would think that we have enough problems already. But in the end, things will get good for all of us.

Many of our possible futures and answers are already available to us in the Astral Realms. And the ones that are connecting are having more vivid astral experiences with cosmic information. This information is becoming a reality on Earth. The blueprint of astral information is creating the high technology and wisdom that is developing today.

I always try to look at the positive aspect on things. However, there is a struggle within ourselves between good and evil. It is a pendulum of choices. I only hope we make the good choices. For we are now reaching a critiical moment in our human evolution to have a spiritual revolution.
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