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Default Robert Miles contactee.

Link to coast to coast interview with Robert miles a contactee who went to Jupiter after a humanoid E.T. materialised in the cabin of his yacht at sunrise one morning-he was taken aboard the ship on jupiter and revelations were relayed to him!Interesting story!

Part1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGH2c...eature=related
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Default Re: Robert Miles contactee.

Thank you for sharing this. For so long all I did was stumble upon the most negative. And suddenly case after case of the human visitors and positive, though not necessarily good news concerning the state of our planet, yet still a message of hope, concern and love. His case is very interesting. And I have decided to believe this. My family is far beyond questioning et existence, as we are experiencers. In the long search for answers as to the agendas, I have read so many experiences, and my favorites aren't the military, black op or credentialed disclosures and contacts. I know many need this to add credibility.
I don't trust anyone connected to the establishment. I have to look at motive.
Witnesses and the testimony of human beings is worth its weight in gold, its is the intrinsic aspect of being human. We have been taught to dismiss the experiences of others, trained to seek the approval of corrupt leaders. My favorite cases are the grass roots experiences that ordinary people have. They have far more credibility to me. On that note, I have read some very interesting accounts, including testimony of contact on other forums by that were so involved, so insightful. The one I'm thinking of involved a situation like mine somewhat (asking for help from pleiadians out of desperation at being forced to deal with greys). In his case, help started to come through very involved contact dreams where he met pleiadians, and humans from the procyon star system. He remembered his past life on procyon fighting in the wars there against a takeover. Then things changed, and he realized he was being tested. Earth was a prison planet, and he had been sent here. I won't go into a lot more, but when accounts I initially shelved because they were too difficult, starts to align with other information from unrelated resources, I start to pay attention.
I believe its very possible one of two things may be happening. One, the account is as given, which means we are gradually being reformed on a prison planet where injustices are right in our faces, until we can respond with intelligence and love, rather than react, to bad situations and work to overcome them, and learn to share everything. Or, these intelligent people who see so much good in such a primitive, though promising race, came up with a very good story to jump start some action on our part. If they can see us cooperating and showing the goodness they know we have inside, (ie. overcoming apathy to help) then they have some cases to bring before their supervisors that may allow more active help. So I see it as either the truth, or a story told for a good reason. In any case, they are hoping to draw out the goodness they know we possess. We need to prove we're not the primitives the federations believe.
This does not negate that there are various bad agendas also happening, and some people experience less than the positive. But I'm on a search for these hopeful messages.

Edit to add: When I called out for help, I woke up with a strong feeling of connection to "a federation, of all things" that was positive. That it was check mate on all the bad and that help was here. I had images of a beautiful blond haired man flash in my head. Every time I ignored the feeling, I would instantly find the exact messages being reinforced online, and led to case after case that demonstrated advanced human beings, including finding some excellent threads like that. In any case, the feelings come strongly off and on. I am not the most trusting of all the agendas, so I wonder if this, perhaps like some of the positive stories, is not just a pacification program to prepare people for a less positive experience. But in the end, for one thing, staying positive is healthy. So until I must face danger, I need to keep hope up. And for another thing, what is the true point behind telling us something along the lines that we have come from various corners of the galaxy and have memories of such (yes, I do and I read something about the new energies brining this up in people, memories have been returning since last spring), and lie with nefarious plans, because that wont change anything. Getting a group who think good guys are showing up, though its really a takeover makes sense, but saying that there are people on our side and encouraging us to help make changes without that cult status doesn't make sense just as a pacification program. So I think its likely to be the truth.

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