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Default Outside our own invented realities.

Supposedly, we cannot know a thing that´s outside what we invent as our reality. Yes, i think all of our realities are inventions.

That is usually seen by two different ways:

-Everything is an illusion then.

-Any reality you create is as real as everything considered real.

Nihilists first, and powerpeople second, both are individuals that choose to live inside their own invented realities, created inside another invented realities. Bubble after bubble, there seems to be no beginning, or end to this.

What is real and what is not?, it doesn´t matter, really, because it depends on what you decide. Your responsability to choose.

For me, everything is real, because..... it is real. Is up to yourself.

Any person that comes near you to tell you that whatever you are experiencing is something not real, is simply trying to censor a part of yourself, no matter how insane; yours is the responsability to live with it, to handle it in a good way, or even to fall prey to the abyss, losing your mind first, and finally your life before "natural death" ocurrs.
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