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Default Obama is a Marxist!

Obama has stated many times, even in his own autobiogeography with page after page with Marx's ideals. Hillary Clinton frequently makes references to Marxism. As an American I'm deeply concerned with politicians spreading an ideology where the government dictates a person every move. National health care is one such tool that they, Obama, Biden and H. Clinton would use to control us all. Leaving us with little or no choice with concerns of ours own well being. The UK and the Canadian health care system is a joke. Example after example of socalist bureaucracy rationing health care while people wait for medical procedures that are needed immediately. I won't get into any specific examples but they are easy to find on the internet.

I'm a Continuationist to the core. I believe the Bill of Rights is one of the greatest documents man has ever written. No word or the meaning of the words should ever be changed. It certainly isn't a living document that changes with the current political whim of the time. It protects us from our elected/career politicians who care only about being reelected and not for the people who elected them to office on their behalf. This country was not and is not a democracy.

Dictionary.com Unabridged: Democracy -
government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

This is not the true meaning of this term. In a democracy the majority rules. Our founding fathers of this country recognized that there were pros and cons to this form of government. A republic would be formed using a democratic system on electing state and local officals. A system called the electoral college is used to decide the presidental race. I get a little bent out of shape when I hear a politician say that the United States of America is a democracy. I believe that this is some kind of mind control on their part. This is deliberate on their part to confuse the people into believeing that they are one in the same. Even modern dictionary such as Dictionary.com defined them as being interchangable terms. This is wrong. I believe this is an attempt to condition people into believeing a person should conform to the majority opinion. I believe in personal freedom. I do not need the Federal government for anything other than to protect my rights as described in the Bill of Rights and to protect the sovereignty of this country. I do not need them for shelter, food or how to tell me how to raise my children.

I have worked hard for what I have and I can not and will not support any canidate for any office of government that wants to take for me and give to someone else that hasn't worked to earn what I have. Obama plans and addmits that he will introduce bills to congress to raise taxes on people who he feels has more than they need. This is bullsh*t. This is vote buying with other people's money. This has been the democrats game for decays. Obama is the first canidate for president in many respects, but the arrogant spouting of Marxism is appauling. The mainstream media and members of this forum support of this man is also appauling. Look past the histortical point of Obama being the first colored man, I use this term because he is neither African-American or a Black-American, to run for president of the USA. I'm not a racist as it is defined today. The job of the President of the free world is not for a person who has ties with a known terrorist, William Ayers. A member of a church where the pastor openly curses the United States of America and call all white people racists for 20+ years. Obama only parts ways with this pastor when he sees that his campaign is in trouble. I just feel that Obama has nothing to offer the American people. He has no experience. He has had no position of responsibly where he has had to make truely difficult decisions. If the events of 2012 are to be, I for one do not want a man such as him in the office of the presidacy. I do not believe he shares my interests or concerns nor the American peoples'.

I'm not trying to tell anyone who to vote for as president. I would like for you to consider that maybe there is a canidate that is a true patriot. A person with honor. A person who doesn't befriend known terrorist, one who doesn't sit idly by in a church for 20 years with a pastor who spews vile contempt for the United States of America.

Let the flames begin

Life is hard, Life is harder when you are stupid
John Wayne
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